10 Most Reliable LED Screen Companies in the Philippines

LED Screen Manufacturers in Philippines

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LED screens are a popular means of commercial Ads. Such displays add an extra shine to your events or businesses. Now, it is a modern way of grabbing the viewer’s attention. Most of the people around us use this technology for entertainment purposes also.
But there is a problem here. Customers don’t buy the right LED for the proper purpose. Then, it becomes a huge struggle to use it. Sometimes, customers buy LED displays from average, mediocre companies. Thus, they are unable to achieve the proper benefit. And as a result, they lose interest and trust in it. 
I am of opinion buying a product from a notable trustworthy company is crucial. And again, it is a huge struggle to find such a company. But I have solved this problem for you. I have come up with the most well-known LED companies in your region. 
This article revolves around one question. How to find the ideal LED screen company in the Philippines? Down below is the list of the top 10 LED screen companies in the Philippines. After a lot of research, I can present you with this. And no doubt, I can guarantee that you won’t regret buying an LED product from these companies. I have gathered all the facts and figures and then came up with these results. Now, that’s enough of talking. Let us move to the first company on our list.
GLOBALTRONICS is a trustworthy name in the LED display market of the Philippines. It is one of Southeast Asia’s leading digital DOOH and place-based media companies. It takes pride in pioneering electronic LED displays in the Philippines. 
It provides excellent LED manufacturing and supplying services. Due to this, it has established a name for itself. Various brands use this company’s products to create digital monuments. It also provides customizable LED solutions according to your needs. 
I have concluded from my research that this company is a leader in digital LED innovations. I believe it is one of the best in business in the Philippines and worldwide.
LED Screen Companies in the Philippines
It has set a benchmark for others in the LED display industry. It has changed the course of the LED display in the Philippines. Among other stars in its cap, it has also done the following famous projects:
  • Philippine Global Telecom
  • Philippine Solar Casino Resort Hotel
  • Indonesia FWD Life
This company focuses on digital display, hospitality, and in-store solutions. But, it provides a wide range of LED products in the true sense. There is nothing that you can’t find here relating to the digital display field.
LED Screen Companies in the Philippines
Are you looking for an indoor and outdoor LED screen company in the Philippines? Well, you won’t get any lucky than this. Luce Acustico is here to help you. It is one of the leading indoor and outdoor LED screen companies in the Philippines. 
Located in Quezon City of the Philippines, it offers various LED products, including:
  • Outdoor advertising LED displays
  • Outdoor LED billboards
  • Indoor advertising LED displays
  • Rental LED displays
  • Showcase display screens
  • LED video walls
It also sells good-quality traffic signs and video walls. And let me tell you the best thing about buying an LED screen from this company. It is the excellent services that come with buying their product.
LED Screen Companies in the Philippines
It is a proud Filipino company specializing in custom LED displays. BloomLED claims to have installed 70+ LED walls and screens in the Philippines. It is a trusted LED wall and LED display supplier in the Philippines. In my view, it is a fast emerging LED screen supplier.
It strives to improve its technology. And on top of this, it makes a great effort to provide the best maintenance services. No doubt, it is an option worth considering for LED screens.
LED Screen Companies in the Philippines
It is another leading LED screen company in the Philippines. It is a leader in the LED billboard market in the Philippines. I can assure you that you can trust its LED products. No doubt, it has created some respect for itself in the market. 
It also offers innovative LED solutions and LED sign products. In addition, it provides top-notch display screens. 
It also focuses on providing the best customer care services. So if you are using Pitchworks Incorporated’s products, you can install them and use an LED screen. It has set the standards higher in the LED display industry.
LED Screen Companies in the Philippines
ETICKLES Media is a famous name in the LED screen world of the Philippines. It is a well-known LED display supplier. It provides top-notch screens around the nation. 
It is one of the leading billboard suppliers in the Philippines. Its billboards are pretty famous. Other than this, it also offers the following products:
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Rental LED displays
  • LED billboards
  • LED curtains
It is one of the key LED display companies in the Philippines. It has vast experience in manufacturing and supplying LED screens. And it delivers them with top-notch quality. It is basically an expert in outdoor advertising. 
It allows brands to promote their business. It has a motto of unlimited creativity and passion. And it is working day in and day out to achieve more. It offers a wide range of products, including:
  • LED displays
  • LED billboards
  • LED stickers
  • LED video boards
  • LED projection lighting
It is another famous digital signage solutions company located in the Philippines. These solutions include:
  • Out-of-home advertising installations
  • Indoor installations
  • Outdoor installations
It has a unique LED manufacturing design. Avolution Inc aims to provide a truly amazing digital experience to its customers. You can put your trust in the performance and quality of its products. It has a passion for excellence. As a result, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products.
LED Screen Companies in the Philippines
It is a renowned digital signage company. You can find a whole range of products relating to this. It has built a name for itself in the Philippines. 
It has a team of highly trained and skillful professionals. They work hard to develop new technologies such as:
  • Cutting edge solutions
  • OOH advertising solutions
  • Digital signage solutions
NYXSYS means Next Year’s System Technology. It aims to become an icon in this field.
LED Screen Companies in the Philippines
It is a privately held LED solution company. It specializes in the advertising field. It is the Philippines’ pioneer and largest OOH media company. For decades, it has been providing quality billboards. 
It helps brands to grow through its LED solutions. These solutions include:
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • OOH advertising solutions
  • LED Billboards
  • Digital LED Boards

LED Screen Companies in the Philippines

Bottom Line:

Now I will talk about what we have concluded from this post. First, you should always get an appliance from a reliable supplier. You will get the best product available in the market. 
Customer care services are also essential. Big brands also install the products along with manufacturing them. 
The same is the case with an LED screen product. There is no law guiding us to buy an exemplary display screen. You have to keep a few things in mind. Always for a reliable, trusted company. Apart from getting a good quality product, you should also check post-care services. And in the end, always buy a product that satisfies your heart.
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