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It involves many aspects of church LED screens.

Here we prepare a lot of relevant information for you to delve into on this page.

General Applications for Church LED Screens

You can use the church LED display indoors or outdoor. They are mostly fixed installations.

Besides, you can use it outdoor and indoors at the same time, and it is with the same feature as the rental LED screen.

Church LED Screen Application


Church LED Screen Application


Church LED Screen Application

Outdoor and Indoor


Now, contact us and custom-tailor your church LED screen!

It is not a problem even if you don’t have any experience with LED screens. We can offer a free design service for you.

We are your partner, as well as your guidance.

LED Screen Customization

Screen Size

We could make multiple screen sizes based on your requirement.

For example, no matter whether the size is 6×4 ft or 6×4 meters, we can manufacture it.

We will work out the complete solution for you during the entire process and meet your budget plan with a perfect church LED screen.


Church LED screens could be with front or back maintenance.

Small outdoor church LED displays work as road signs. You can see such screens in a country like the USA. They are with front maintenance generally. While there is a front or back service for indoor projects, depending on the installation place. It is the back maintenance solution for the type with outdoor and indoor screens.

You can contact us for your next church LED screen project.

LED Screen Customization


We strictly follow the standard package methods to protect church LED screens from damage during transportation.

You will find our package is hassle-free.

LED Screen Package

We pack fixed installation church LED screens with plywood boxes.

Our plywood cases meet the export requirement and non-fumigation.

During the package, we put drying agents inside the box and EPE foam and disposable stretch film to protect the screens from damage.

Flight Case for LED Screen

We generally use flight cases to pack church LED screens for outdoor and indoor use.

They are easy to transport, and clients could use them many times.

One flight case could store eight pcs LED panels with each 500x500mm, or four pcs panels of 500x1000mm.

We put drying agents inside and add disposable stretch film to cover the whole case and better protect it during transportation.


We test the current and power consumption of every church LED screen during production.

With more than 13 years of experience in the LED screen field, we know the power requirements for different countries very well.

LED Screen Electricity

For outdoor church LED screens, the maximum power consumption is 800~1,200 W/m2. It means the power is 800 Watt per hour for one square meter LED screen. It is under the condition of all white color. During the operation, the average power consumption is about 400~800 Watt per square meter.

The power of indoor church LED screens is lower, about 600 W/m2 maximum.


Here are several procedures for us to offer you a stable quality church LED screen:

Step 1. Design the Solution

First, our sales team receives inquiries from clients.

After communicating with the client, we will know the required LED screen size, installation place, and more details.

Now, we propose suitable types for you until you can find a well-content solution.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 2. Make A Contract

Our sales representative will send you a proforma invoice or contract after the negotiation.

In the contract, we would note all details of your church LED screen project, including the size, composition, spare parts, etc. Besides, it also includes our bank account, payment terms, and warranty terms.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 3. Make A Deposit

Once the contract or proforma invoice is confirmed, you can pay a 30% deposit for us to arrange the production.

When making the payment, it is important to pay us correctly. If anything about our account changed, we would inform you by phone and fax with our company chop.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 4. Manufacture

The production of the whole church LED screen typically takes about 25 days. It includes at least three days of aging.

We will send you photos and videos during the production to inform you about the procedure.

After aging, testing, and inspecting everything, we would pack the church LED screen.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 5. Deliver

You can pay the 70% balance after our package.

Then, you or we arrange the shipping by sea or air. And we would send you a bill of lading or tracking number to track the shipment.

Besides, we would provide relevant documents to assist you with the customs clearance. You can consult us if there is any question during this whole period.

LED Screen Order Process


We provide excellent service to our clients during the whole process. 

And you would feel satisfied after cooperating with us.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Pre-Sales Service

We offer specific solutions according to your church LED screen project requirements during pre-sales via email or phone. And we would solve any of your questions in 12 hours or a shorter time.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Sales Service

During the manufacturing, we will send you photos and videos of your project so you can know where we go. Besides, we can offer you CAD drawings of steel structures for free charge if you have a need.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

After-Sales Service

We offer no less than 12 month warranty for our church LED screens. If any questions during the operation, we will help you solve them in one day, mainly via remote control. Our engineers can guide you at the local if needed.


We make your LED screen installation a hassle-free job.

You will get to know some installation methods for church LED screens here.

LED Screen Installation

Embedded Wall Installation

It is available for outdoor church LED screens, although it is not as commonly seen as the wall-mounted installation. As there is no maintenance space at the rear, we adopt a front maintenance solution for this installation.

LED Screen Installation

Wall-Mounted Installation

We use this installation frequently for outdoor or indoor church LED screens because most installation places have no service room at the back. So it is also with front maintenance. And you can maintain it without trouble.

LED Screen Installation

Hanging Type

This hanging type installation is suitable for outdoor and indoor church LED screens. We suggest this solution when you want to use this display screen outdoor and sometimes indoors. It is lightweight, easy operation and transportation.


Humanity has developed various things to help in their daily life. One such example is LED screens. These screens have conquered almost every field of life. And it includes our worship places also. It can help to create modern worship environments. 

What is a Church LED Screen?

A church LED screen is one to be used inside or outside the church to show religious activities. The display screens are not just for business, advertisement, or entertainment. They can act as a medium for making religious ceremonies more engaging and exciting. It is common almost all around the world for churches to have LED screens. 

Church LED Screen

What are the Types of Church LED Screens?

Like every other screen, church screens have different types to select. These includes:

1. Indoor Church LED Screens:

If we can go several years before, P6 was the most common type of indoor screen used in church. It was common in the early 2010s, like 2014, and following several years. 

Before going any further, P refers to the pixel pitch. It means the distance between the two adjacent dots. The lower pixel pitch shows a higher resolution, which brings a clearer picture. 

That is why P3 and P4 are now regularly applied indoors in churches. These screens are for fixed installations. But, it is not wise to use small pitch types below P2. There are two reasons for this. 

In an ample church space, the viewing distance can be significant. However, screens with pitch types below P2 need a small viewing distance. Thus, they can not provide a clearer picture of a large church. 

The second reason is the price. Buying such a display screen for a church of ample space is not wise.

Like every other device, LED screens also need regular checks and repairs. Thus, most indoor church display monitors come with a back maintenance service. It can be either with the back door or without the back door. It means that one can open and maintain the screen from the door on the backside. 

Church LED Screen

2. Outdoor Church LED Screens:

P3, P4, and P5 are the most common types used for outdoor church screens. These screens are for fixed installations. But, around the year 2010, LED screens of the following types were popular:

  • P12
  • P16
  • P20

Such outdoor church LED screens are popular in the USA. Their sizes are not so big, around 6×3 ft. As the LED display technology advances, smaller pixel pitch types are becoming more popular. 

A cabinet includes the modular units on which you assemble the screen. Besides, they have iron cabinets with front maintenance service for the outdoor types. It means that you can inspect and repair the screen from the front. 

Church LED Screen

3. Rental LED Screens for the Church:

The world and technology have advanced in many ways. Nowadays, clients prefer screens suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Thus, LED video walls that can be easily assembled and disassembled are preferable. 

We find such types of screens mostly on stage. But here we talk about church use. The most common LED modules for these screens include:

  • P3.91
  • P4.81

Church LED Screen

Features of the Church LED Screen:

1. Indoor Church LED Screens:

These are lightweight display screens. You can know their weight from this figure; 16-28 kg per square meter. 

Nonetheless, indoor screens do not have many protective properties. So you will have to protect them against water, dust, etc. 

Most indoor church screens have back service maintenance. This back service maintenance can be either with the back door or without the back door. They have a fixed installation method.

Church LED Screen

2. Outdoor Church LED Screens:

These are not that light in weight as compared to indoor ones. You can purchase either a small or a large LED screen. 

We have iron cabinets for these screens. They have front service maintenance. Like every outdoor screen, they also have protective features to prevent extreme weather. And they have front service installation.

Church LED Screen

3. Both Outdoor and Indoor (rental-type) Church LED Screens:

We prefer to use the die-casting aluminum cabinet for such types of screens. They are very light in weight. Giving you a figure to ponder, it is 7kg/pc for a 500×500 mm panel.

It is effortless to assemble and disassemble these screens. So, you can use it both inside and outside the church. This feature makes these screens more preferable among the clients. 

Church LED Screen

Peripheral Equipment Needed for the Church LED Screen:

We suggest a steel structure for fixed installation. It is acceptable for both indoor and outdoor church screens. 

You will need a truss or a derrick for outdoor and indoor (rental-type) church screens. These help us to move the screens to the inside and outside of the church. 

A video processor is a must as every church screen needs to broadcast the worship. Video processor processes and transforms the inputs into viewable content. It is for integrating church LED displays and making the operation easier. 

Video Processor for Church LED Screen

Advantages of Church LED Screens:

The church is the holy place of the Christian community. Thus, people often gather there for service. Service usually involves singing and reading verses. 

So, installing LED screens in churches make it easier to spread messages. Besides, it is more convenient to engage congregations in worship through visual display. 

Down below, we will discuss the benefits of church LED screens:

  • Song Lyrics
  • Sermon Points
  • Digital Road Sign
  • Live Camera feed
  • Scripture Verses
  • Decorative Visuals
  • Updating the information
  • Convenience
  • A profound religious experience 

1. Church LED screens can display song lyrics to the whole audience:

The entire church has to worship the same verses written on paper. It is because hand-written lyrics are such a strenuous activity. Installing LED video displays gives the advantage of getting rid of such laborious work. Besides, one can display lyrics on screens for the whole crowd to follow.

Church LED Screen

2. You can show sermon points on the display screen:

LED screens in the church help critical display points of the sermon. Attendees can go through the key points of the ceremony. Besides, these screens serve as reference screens for priests and churchgoers.

3. Church LED screens can act as digital road signs:

For expanding church visibility, we use digital road signs. Digital road signs for churches are also a sign of invitation for the attendees. Worshipers will find it a landmark. So, these screens provide an advantage in making such places attractive.

4. The display screen provides the live camera feed:

During the ceremony, it is far more critical for the priest to engage the whole church. Using these screens, people in the back rows can also see what is happening on the stage. In this way, all people can remain in connection with the ceremony.

5. Scripture verses:

The sacred writing must be visible to all people around. So all churchgoers will get messages from the bible. And it is the primary concern of the whole ceremony. 

Church screens make it easy by making it clear and visible from a distance. In addition, one can use animations and other formats to make them more appealing.

6. Decorative visuals:

One can display different visuals to entertain the attendees. It is the era of display screens. They can attract people easily. It is the best way to get peoples’ attention and engage them in such a religious activity. 

7. Updating the information: 

In case there is an emergency or want to inform something immediately. These screens help a lot. One can send the text to an LED system, which is visible on the screen in no time. There will be some display on all screens at the same time. So, it is due to LED screens that one can inform everyone about some emergency.

8. Convenience:

These LED walls provide convenience to the bishops. Churches are not only the place of worship; many events also occur side by side. These events include a family gathering, a community center, and a place for donations. LED screens in such situations prove to be very helpful. Displays can rotate according to the church events. They are with more advantages than flat screen monitor.

9. Church LED screens can give a profound religious experience to the audience:

It is a fact that display screens fascinate the human mind. The content shown on the screens appeals more to the sense. It has a profound effect on it. 

The same is the case with the church LED video wall. They make every sermon and every ceremony unforgettable for the people. In addition, these screens help the church in spreading love and its message.

Church LED Screen

How can You Determine the Best LED Screen Size for Your Church?

It is essential to take into consideration the size of the church LED wall. Size is a factor that will be useful in making it more beneficial. The size of the display screen for any church depends upon many factors. 

Following are the factors:

  • Church Size
  • Architectural details of the church
  • Viewing distance of attendees

1. Church size: 

The first rule in choosing the LED screen size for your church is to estimate the size of the church itself. For small churches, small LED screens are preferable. While for more outstanding churches, large LED screens are preferable. Our primary concern is to engage the attendees. So, the screen size is according to the number of people.

2. Architectural details of the church:

When choosing LEDs for a church, one must consider the church’s design. For example, some churches have no dividers; there is a hall. In such churches, the administration of LED screens is relatively easy.

There are churches with dividers and pillars. In such cases, the administration and size of LED are different. So, the church’s design is an essential factor in selecting LED.

3. Viewing distance of attendees: 

In churches, there are many rows for the attendees. The main concern is to engage all churchgoers. So, while selecting the LED video wall for churches, it is necessary to note the distance of the last row to the stage.

 The height of the LED video wall is essential in engaging the whole crowd. Thus, such LED screens are preferable, allowing the viewers to access them at any distance.

Church LED Screen

Why Should I Purchase a Church LED Screen from Dreamway?

You can get the right LED display from us. There are several reasons to choose us:

1. No MOQ demand. Dreamway works hard to provide our customers with the best possible LED solutions. 

It is already under discussion that the screen size is according to the size of the church. We can make any LED wall design according to the customer’s needs. It is far more critical for the customer to select LED according to the church’s architecture. 

One can order screens which are suitable for them. We are here to make things easier. Even if it is less than 1 square meter, we are happy to help you.

2. Dreamway Technology offers LED products at affordable prices.

We all know that the churches are working for our community through donations.

We take in mind this factor. So, we offer the best LED technology at low prices. 

We try our best to make them profitable for you. But even with affordable and lowest prices in the market, we don’t compromise on the quality. It is our goal to provide stable quality LED displays at reasonable prices.

3. Dreamway provides more than 3% spare parts free of charge, depending on the project. These spare parts include:

  • LED modules
  • Cooling fan
  • Power supply
  • Control card

No doubt, it separates us from the rest of the market. 

4. Dreamway has a professional and experienced technical support team. As a result, we provide ideal customer-care services and lifetime technical support.

5. Dreamway has more than a decade of experience supplying display screens. We have manufactured church LED screens for sale all over the world.

Church LED Screen

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