10 Most Renowned LED Screen Manufacturers in the US

LED Screen Manufacturers in USA

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Many inventions leave a significant impact on this world. Hence in today’s fast and digital world, LEDs should come on that list of great stories. You will spot an LED screen somewhere when looking around. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. And then, there is an extensive selection of LED display suppliers.

Buying from an untrustworthy source is acceptable if you are confident. Furthermore, only a few LED vendors are capable of delivering high-quality products. So, in my view, anyone who wants the most refined product must go to the leading LED display manufacturers in the market.

How to Find the Top Manufacturers?

If you’re looking for LED screen manufacturers, you have come to the right spot. These brands are pretty patient when it comes to answering such queries. The majority of suppliers give the quality of the LED display product. But the essential thing is to maintain your commitments.

At the start, you may have no clue where to go for the professional LED display manufacturer in the USA. But it is not a cause for alarm. When it comes to LED display screen technology, you can put your trust in our list of the top ten providers in the USA.


Is there an LED screen manufacturer in the USA that you’re looking for, but you’re unsure where to begin your search? I would recommend that when things go wrong, you can count on Barco Visual Solution Inc. It is always there to assist you. The LED screens categories of Barco will flourish your business in various ways.

I would say that this company does not make any compromise on its reputation. Barco has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality display screens for businesses. These are some of the panels that are available from this provider:

  • G100 projectors, which have incredible power and brightness
  • Nio Fusion Diagnostic Displays with 12MP Resolution
  • Virtual classroom displays for excellent online teaching
  • Panels that allow hybrid meeting

It’s more like a one-stop-shop for all your company’s display requirements.

Industry LED display
Year of foundation 1934
Products Virtual reality projectors, Wireless presentation, Rental projectors.
Website name www.barco.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


Brookings, South Dakota-based Daktronics, is an American firm. It designs and manufactures video displays and scoreboards. The firm also distributes and services:

  • Digital billboards
  • Dynamic message signs,
  • Sound systems

Did you know that Daktronics is a public listed company? Well, I will tell you some facts. Daktronics was already placed on the top of 8,000 businesses by Forbes in 2012. More than three hundred technicians work for Daktronics in the USA. These technicians are from more than a hundred service partners.

It is famous as the leading provider of top-quality LED display technology in the USA.

Industry LED display
Year of foundation 1968
Products Video Displays, Digit and Price Displays, Out of Home Advertising
Website name https://www.daktronics.com/en-us

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


One firm that I would never miss on this list at any cost is Watchfire Signs. It is an LED sign and digital billboard company. It designs and manufactures the best-looking and most durable outdoor screens and signs. Digital scoreboards and interior displays are also sold and serviced by the firm.

The company is focusing on giving customers the most excellent advertising tools. These tools help to develop their business and increase sales. The organization prioritizes quality above speed or cost when it comes to manufacturing. Watchfire’s LED signage is in more than 65,000 sites throughout the globe.  It includes:

  • Convenience shops
  • Gas stations
  • Retail establishments
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Places of worship
Industry LED display
Year of foundation 2006
Products Digital billboards, indoor LED displays, video scoreboards, and outdoor LED displays.
Website name www.watchfiresigns.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


What makes this company reliable is its long-standing presence in the LED display market. Owned by the same family since 1968, Formetco is one of the top LED suppliers in the USA. This firm has made its name in specific services and cutting-edge LED technology. Besides, it is leading in creating new technologies. There is no doubt why it is such high on our list.

Industry LED display
Year of foundation 1968
Products LED displays, LED digital billboard, and LED display solutions
Website name www.formetco.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


Norcross, Georgia-based NanoLumens is an LED solution specialist. And the best thing I like about this company is its quality control. It offers an industry-leading six-year zero failure guarantee service quality.

The first large-format flexible display is NanoFlex 112, which the firm has developed. As a leading company in the USA, it has affected the LED display industry.

Industry LED display
Year of foundation 2006
Products LED small pitch
Website name www.nanolumens.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


PixelFLEX is another quality-product producing brand on this list. It has been in the LED industry for more than a decade. PixelFLEX is a display provider that focuses on product development and quality. The company has made the following series:

  • Flex Curtain HD
  • Flexible curve
  • FlexStorm
  • FlexGrid
  • FlexLite
Industry LED Displays
Year of foundation 2009
Products LED digital display, LED walls
Website name https://pixelflexled.com/

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


Ultravision is a global leader in this field. It is the innovator, producer, and distributor of LED Lighting and Screens. The national high tech enterprise has over 60 LED Digital Displays and Outdoor Lighting patents. Ultravision manufactures all its products in the USA. Because of the lower prices of their breakthrough solutions, there are changes in:

  • The LED digital display
  • Outdoor LED lighting sectors
Industry LED displays
Year of foundation 2010
Products LED Video Wall, Digital Scoreboard
Website name www.ultravisionledsolutions.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


When it comes to purchasing LED, I believe that color quality is one of the essential aspects. With this in mind, Siliconcore is a top-tier LED supplier in the USA.  The firm also offers an extensive range of innovative and distinctive LED screens. Besides, it is the only company capable of driving a display with 16-bit colors and 240 frames per second.

Industry LED display
Year of foundation 1997
Products LED lighting applications, Data Visualization, and LED panel displays
Website name www.silicon-core.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US


Neoti is another expert in this field. It is a common practice to choose an excellent supplier. So, Neoti is a primary provider with an immense market reputation and many customers.

LED video wall displays are available from the company. You can use it for a wide range of applications and industries. You can rely on Neoti to meet your LED display demands at any moment. On top of it, it offers both a simple LED screen display for your office and a custom LED wall to meet your specific needs. Besides, the Neoti crew is dependable and courteous, so you won’t have to deal with any issues on your own.

Industry LED display
Year of foundation 2006
Products UHD LED Series, COB LED Series, Direct-View LED Displays, Ultra High Definition,
Website name www.neoti.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US

SNA Displays

SNA Displays is on top of the world’s major LED screen producers. The company employs over 2,000 people worldwide, including 400 skilled engineers. And their monthly manufacturing capacity is around ninety thousand square feet. As a result, SNA Displays is a one-stop shop for all your LED screen and lighting needs.

Industry LED display
Year of foundation 1993
Products LED lighting, transparent LED screen, indoor/outdoor LED displays (3D LED screen included)
Website name www.snadisplays.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in the US

Bottom Line

With this list of LED screen manufacturers in the USA, it should be simple for you to make an informed decision. The selection criteria do not have any hard-and-fast guidelines. My thought of school says quality over the price at any time. Buy a quality product of high cost than a low-standard one. But you are free to choose the company who best meets your needs.

Sunny Wong
Sunny Wong

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The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to LED screens from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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