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It is not an easy thing to present all aspects of 3D LED screens.

So we draw up a lot of related information for you to explore on this page.

General Applications for 3D LED Screens

We can find 3D LED display screens outdoor and indoors,

for instance, central business district, cross street, park, brand store, stage, etc.

3D LED Screen Application


3D LED Screen Application


3D LED Screen Application

Brand Store

3D LED Screen Application



Now, let us customize your 3D LED screen!

No worry, even though you don’t have any experience with 3D LED screens, we can offer a free design service for you.

We are your partner, as well as your guidance.

LED Screen Customization

Screen Size

We can make multiple screen sizes based on your project requirement. 

First, we recommend the proper type according to your specific project—for example, viewing distance, the installation environment, etc.

Then, we work out the solution to meet your budget with a perfect 3D LED screen.


We make 3D LED screens with front or back maintenance according to the installation environment.

Generally, it is front maintenance for outdoor and indoor types. You can find most outdoor 3D LED screens on the wall or buildings.

Of course, the back service solution is also available if there is maintenance space at the back.

LED Screen Customization
3D LED Screen Customization


We customize different shapes for you.

The standard shapes for outdoor 3D LED screens are slightly curved and at a 90-degree angle.

No matter what type you need, we can make it to fit your installation environment perfectly.


We sternly perform the standard package methods to protect 3D LED display screens from damage during transportation.

You will find our package is secure.

We use plywood boxes to pack 3D LED screens.

They are solid and could protect well of the inside screens from damage.

One plywood case could store four to six pcs outdoor panels with each 960x960mm.

We put desiccant inside, disposable stretch film, and EPE foam to pack the panels.

LED Screen Package


We test the current and power consumption of every 3D LED panel during production.

With more than 13 years of experience in the LED screen field, we know the power requirements for different countries very well.

LED Screen Electricity

The maximum power consumption for regular 3D outdoor LED screens is 800~1,200 W/m2. It means the power is 800 Watt per hour for one square meter LED screen. It is under the condition of all white color or at the moment of turning on the LED screen. During the operation of advertising, the average power consumption is about 400~800 Watt per square meter.

It is another story of common cathode outdoor 3D LED displays. The maximum power is about 400 W/m2, with 150 W/m2 for average power.

The power of indoor 3D LED screens is lower than regular outdoor types, about 600 W/m2 maximum.


Here we conclude the procedures to help you understand better how we make a deal.

Step 1. Design the Solution

First, our sales team receives inquiries from clients.

Then, after communicating with the customer, we get to know the required LED screen size, installation place, and more details.

Now, we design this project and propose different types for you. And you can choose the suitable solution with our proposal.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 2. Make A Contract

Our sales representative will send you a proforma invoice or contract after the negotiation.

In the contract, we would put all details of this 3D LED display screen project, including the size, composition, spare parts, etc. Besides, it would also include our bank account, payment terms, and warranty terms.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 3. Make A Deposit

Once the contract or proforma invoice is confirmed, you arrange a 30% down payment for us to start the production.

When making the payment, it is vital to pay us correctly. If anything about our account changed, we would inform you by phone and fax with our company chop.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 4. Manufacture

The manufacturing of the whole 3D LED screen generally takes about 25 days. It depends on the specific project. It includes at least three days of aging.

We will send you photos and videos during the production to let you know the production process.

After aging, testing, and ensuring everything goes well, we would pack the 3D LED display screen.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 5. Deliver

Then we will send you package photos, and you will pay the 70% balance.

After that, you or we arrange the shipping by sea or air. And we would send you a bill of lading or tracking number to track the shipment.

Besides, we will provide relevant documents to assist you with the customs clearance so you can get the goods without trouble.

LED Screen Order Process


We provide unrivaled service to our clients throughout the whole process. 

You would not disappoint after cooperating with us.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Pre-Sales Service

We provide specialized solutions according to your 3D LED screen project requirements during pre-sales via email or phone. And we would solve any of your questions in 12 hours or a shorter time.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Sales Service

We will send photos, and videos of the 3D LED display screen to you so you can know the production process of your order. Besides, we can offer you CAD drawings of steel structures for free.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

After-Sales Service

We offer more than 12 months warranty for all our 3D LED screens. Suppose there are any questions during the operation. In that case, we will solve them for you in one day, mainly via remote control. We can also send our engineers to guide you at the local if needed.


We make your 3D LED screen installation much more manageable.

You can get some idea about its setup after researching here.

3D LED Screen Installation

We offer you a proper 3D LED screen installation solution according to the setup environment.

It can be either front or rear service.

You can see such screens on the building, mostly on busy streets, and inside brand stores or stages.

We will provide you with a workable steel structure drawing for your project.


We are living in a time of advanced technology. Everything is developing day by day. With every new day, we are rushing towards a more modern world. 

As every field is advancing, we also see initiatives in LED screens. The LED display industry is expanding at a high rate. For instance, we know there is LED screen rental, outdoor and indoor LED screen, church LED screen, etc. Now we have the 3D LED screens. These screens have the potential to amaze their viewers.

But what these LED screens are? How do they differ from traditional ones? Let us see this miracle.

What is 3D LED Screen?

It is an LED screen that can use multi-view technology to display 3D images. One can see the 3D image from every angle regardless of where they are standing. This display gives you depth perception. Everything seems real. Such screens are much more appealing as compared to the 2D flat LED display.

3D LED Screen

For one’s business, it is the best choice. Having such displays for advertising your business is itself a huge success. These displays help a lot in promoting your product. They are more attractive, catchy, and powerful than 2D Displays.

The audience attracts to such innovations, which have an elusive impact on the mind.

Applications of 3D LED Screens:

These screens find their application in a wide area. For example, these screens are a great initiative in the field of marketing. In such places, they are playing their role to lift one’s business beneficially. One can use these displays both outdoor and indoors.

Outdoor Usage of 3D LED Screens:

We can find 3D LED display screens with many applications in an outdoor setup. These includes:

  • Center of the business district
  • Park
  • Media façade
  • Crossroads/street corners
Center of the business district:

We have already discussed the impact of such displays on people’s minds. So, these displays prove to be the best option for one’s business. Other than attracting, they make an aesthetic environment in the business district.

3D LED Screen


We find its application in parks also. Displaying landscape attracts the visitors roaming the gardens. It provides a natural habitat and makes the environment more soothing.

Media façade:

3D displays have an extraordinary impact on every place. It amuses the pedestrians by showing content that seems natural. For advertising or media façades, 3D displays are always the best option. 

Crossroads/ street corners:

Talking about LED screens, the first thing that comes to mind is marketing. Outdoor LED displays are the best source of advertising. You can see people always crowding at crossroads and street corners. 

Everyone is hustling and bustling through the roads. Pedestrians, drivers, and passengers passing by on the road are the primary audience. 

3D LED Screen

Indoor Usage of 3D LED Screens:

Here is the list of applications for indoor use of 3D LED screens. These include:

  • Brand store
  • Exhibition
  • Stage
Brand store:

In indoor setup, brand stores are the best places for displaying such 3D displays. It is because a large number of people there intend to spend money. Thus, it is the best place to attract potential customers.

3D LED Screen


The primary thing for any exhibition is to attract potential customers. Therefore, its primary concern is to attract more visitors.

The 3D LED displays find their application indoors where people are not in a rush. And it is easy to allow the audience to watch the complete advertisement.

Such setups force the customer and develop an interest in the exhibition.


For a unique visual experience, the 3D screen is the best option.

Installing display screens on stage is quite common. We can create a mesmeric environment if there is a 3D display instead of the traditional LED.

3D LED Screen

How is the 3D LED Display Different from Regular LED Displays? 

The 3D LED screens are different from the regular traditional display screens. As the name indicates, they are 3D, while the conventional display screens are 2D in nature. 2D refers to the term ‘two-dimensional,’ while 3D refers to the word ‘three-dimensional.’ The two display screens differ in technical and software features. 

The significant difference lies in the three-dimensional and two-dimensional viewing effects. The regular LED displays can run the 2D content. But, even if we can produce the 3D content, the traditional LED screens will not be able to show it. And the 2D display screens have a flat surface. 

On the other hand, the latest naked eye display screens show 3D content. This content has a three-dimensional viewing effect. These are microwire LED screens. They don’t have a flat surface. They lie at 90 degrees angle generally.

3D LED Screen

The 3D content for these screens is different from the 2D content. A human eye can see this content as if it is seeing the real world. 

The light emission pattern is also different for these two types of LED screens. In the case of a 2D display screen, the light emitted is in two dimensions only. Whereas, in the case of a 3D display screen, the light emitted is in three dimensions. Due to this emission in three dimensions, there is a resonating effect. As a result, it achieves the illusion of depth. And the 3D content makes you feel like you are really into the content or image. 

Features of 3D LED Screens: 

1. The most commonly used LED modules for the 3D display screens include: 

  • P2.5 
  • P3.33 
  • P4 
  • P5 
  • P6.67 
  • P8 
  • P10

The P stands for the ‘Pixel pitch’ or the ‘Dot pitch.’ The P rating is the distance between the dots used to show the image on the screen. The lower the P ratings, the higher the resolution and vice versa. 

2. They have a high refresh rate with a refresh frequency of more than 3840Hz. A high refresh rate is essential to display the content without any flickering. Thus, it is better to have a display screen with a high refresh rate to run the 3D content. 

3D LED Screen

3. Brightness is essential to display the three-dimensional content. Our 3D LED screens have high brightness, more than 8000 nits. It further enhances the viewing effect of the content. 

4. The 3D LED display shows the 3D content. It is one of its significant features. It ultimately sets apart these display screens from the traditional ones. The 3D content mesmerizes the eyes of the viewers. It is more appealing and captivating as compared to the 2D content. 

5. There are two types of LED displays: 

  • Common cathode LED displays 
  • Common anode LED displays 

In the case of 3D display screens, common cathode types are available. And they have a maximum power consumption of 400 watts per square meter. 

3D LED Screen

How to Make a Good 3D LED Screen? 

The 3D LED screens are more visually attractive to the eyes than the regular display screens. But there are some elements you should consider to make a good 3D LED display. These are: 


Pixels are essential for any display screen. There should be enough pixels to see every minute detail of the display images. 

Viewing angle and distance: 

Clients install the 3D LED display screens at malls, squares, media façades, and other places. For any particular screen, you will have to choose a specific location to install it. This way, you can achieve the target using the display screen. Viewing angle and distance are important to consider in this regard. 

The 3D display screens should have the best viewing angle and distance. In this way, the general audience or the people can be in the best viewing area. Thus, the arc-shaped and huge outdoor led display is best to achieve it. 

Contrast and HDR: 

The first need for a good 3D LED screen is that it should perfectly display the 3D content. It should show the depth and clarity of the content. The dark and bright parts of the image should be clear and vivid. The content should appear realistic to mesmerize the audience. If you want these things, the display screen should have: 

  • High contrast 
  • High refresh rate 
  • High grayscale 
  • high dynamic range

3D LED Screen

The 3D content:

If the content is not 3D and up to the mark, even the best 3D LED screen won’t make any difference. The content displayed is an essential thing to consider. Quality visual effects and playback materials are vital for good content. Your content should be unique and attractive. It should have the ability to captivate and fascinate people. 

Weight of the 3D LED Screen: 

No one appreciates heavy and massive display screens. The same is the case with 3D screens. They should be light in weight. The outdoor cabinets should be ultra-light. In this way, we can protect the stability and safety of the screen. When the display screen is lightweight, it is also easy to maintain. There is also no worry about the installation. 

3D LED Screen

Less power consumption: 

Any electronic appliance with less power consumption is the best. Similarly, the 3D LED screens should have less power consumption. The other reason is that these screens run all day and night. And then, they also have high brightness, which consumes more power. So, to have an efficient 3D screen, the power consumption should be as low as possible. 

Resistant to harsh weather conditions: 

These outdoor LED screens mounted on the wall face changing harsh weather conditions. Thus, a good outdoor LED screen should have protective features to cope with it. It should be waterproof, dust-resistant, and anti-corrosion. 

The content and the screen should match with the surrounding environment: 

The 3D display screens are for the general public. So, first, the style of the screen should check the surrounding environment. And the content displayed on the screen should reflect the people’s attention.

3D LED Screen

Advantages of 3D LED Screens:

Following are the benefits of 3D LED displays:

  • Increase point of purchase
  • Easy to integrate
  • Sustainable

Increase point of purchase:

We have already discussed its applications. These digital displays are effective in areas where there is a large audience. If these displays are in stores, it helps engage retailers and buyers in your brand more. Due to these, sales will increase.

If someone wants to increase revenue, you must promote your product well. In my opinion, the 3D displays can perform best in this regard.

3D LED Screen

Easy to integrate:

Once you make a product, you want to advertise it as much as possible. You could explain many things about it, but it is impossible to say or write on the packaging. For such difficulties, these displays prove fruitful. One can acknowledge its potential customers about its product via a single platform.

This platform is itself a brand in the world of LED. Advertising your brand on 3D displays allows you to integrate your information.


The 3D LED screen is very sustainable. Moreover, these are friendly to the environment. The material used in these displays is recyclable with a low carbon footprint. Installing these displays has no environmental worries. Therefore, we have no concerns about disposing of these displays after they are no more in use. 

3D LED Screen

Limitations of 3D LED Screens: 

The 3D screens seem to be a big step in display screen technology. But, it also comes with its limitations. These huge outdoor display screens are not so widely seen in the commercial market. 

The high production cost of the 3D content:

It is costly to produce 3D content. It can cost hundred US dollars per second to thousand US dollars per second. Thus, the average clients face this difficulty. Of course, they can buy the 3D screen. But they are unable to get the various content needed. 

Each screen needs customized content: 

Besides high production cost, the 3D content also has several other factors in its way. For example, it must adapt to many parameters such as screen size, shape, viewing angles, etc. These parameters make the content specific for each display screen. Thus, it needs extra time and cost to produce. 

The broadcast cycle of the 3D advertisements is concise: 

Looking for a long time on the display screen causes visual fatigue. To avoid this, the broadcast time of the 3D ad is short. As a result, the commercials do not get enough time. Thus, you cannot promote your product effectively. 

If you are looking for renowned LED screen manufacturers from China, you can refer to this article.

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