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It is not a simple thing to introduce all aspects of advertising LED screens.

So we prepare a lot of relevant information on this page for you to study.

General Applications for Advertising LED Screens

You could easily find advertising LED screens outdoor and indoors,

for instance, on plazas, buildings, shopping malls, mobile trucks, churches, etc.

Advertising LED Screen Application


Advertising LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application

Shopping Mall

Advertising LED Screen Application


Advertising LED Screen Application


Advertising LED Screen Application


Advertising LED Screen Application



Now master your advertising LED screen!

No worry, even though you don’t have any experience with advertising LED display screens, we offer a free graphic design service.

We are your partner, as well as your guidance.

LED Screen Customization

Screen Size

We can make various screen sizes according to your requirement. 

First, we would offer the suitable type based on your specific project requirement—for instance, viewing distance, the installation place, etc.

Then, we formulate the complete solution. Sometimes, we can’t make the exact size you need. However, we could make it as closest as your required size.


We make advertising LED screens with front or back service according to your project requirement.

In most cases, they are back service for outdoor projects. Most indoor advertising LED screens are front service, as they are wall mounted, and there is no maintenance space at the rear. So we also call them LED video walls.

So what do you need? Contact us to discuss your project now.

Outdoor LED Screen
LED Screen Customization


We can customize various shapes for you, for instance, round, right angle, cube, mask, etc.

Just from around 2020, you can see 3D LED screens in many big cities. They could get a naked 3D effect via right or a little round angle.

And indoor customized shapes are also trendy. 


We strictly follow the standard package methods to protect advertising LED display screens from damage during transportation.

You will find our package is hassle-free.

We use plywood cases to pack advertising LED screens.

They are solid and could protect well of the screens inside.

One plywood case could store four to six pcs outdoor panels with each 960x960mm.

We put drying agents inside and use disposable stretch film and EPE foam to pack cabinets.

LED Screen Package


We test the current and power consumption of every advertising LED display screen during production.

With more than 13 years of experience in the LED screen field, we know the power requirements for different countries very well.

LED Screen Electricity

The maximum power consumption for conventional outdoor advertising LED screens is 800~1,200 W/m2. It means the power is 800 Watt per hour for one square meter LED screen. It is under the condition of all white color. During the operation, the average power consumption is about 400~800 Watt per square meter.

It is another story of common cathode outdoor advertising LED displays. The maximum power is about 400~500 W/m2 only, with 150~300 W/m2 for average power.

The power of indoor advertising LED screens is lower than regular outdoor types, about 600 W/m2 maximum.


Here we conclude the procedures to help you understand better how we make a deal.

Step 1. Design the Solution

First, our sales team receives inquiries from clients.

Then, after communicating with the client, we get to know the required LED screen size, installation place, and more details.

Now, we start to design this project and propose different types for you to select. And you could pick a suitable solution based on your budget.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 2. Make A Contract

Our sales representative will send you a proforma invoice or contract after the negotiation.

In the contract, we would dwell on all details of this advertising LED display screen project, including the size, composition, spare parts, etc. Besides, it also includes our bank account, payment terms, and warranty terms.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 3. Make A Deposit

After the contract or proforma invoice is confirmed, you can pay a 30% deposit for us to start the production.

When making the payment, it is imperative to pay us correctly. If anything about our account changed, we would inform you by phone and fax with our company chop.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 4. Manufacture

The manufacturing of the whole advertising LED screen takes about 25 days generally. It includes at least three days of aging.

We will inform you of the procedure by sending you photos and videos during the production.

After aging, testing, and ensuring everything goes well, we would pack the advertising LED display screen.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 5. Deliver

We will inform you after the package, and you need to pay the 70% balance.

After that, you or we arrange the shipping by sea or air. And we would send you a bill of lading or tracking number to track the shipment.

Besides, we would provide relevant documents to assist you with the customs clearance.

LED Screen Order Process


We provide unparalleled service to our clients throughout the whole process. 

You would feel like a part of our family after cooperating with us.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Pre-Sales Service

We provide professional solutions according to your LED screen project requirements during pre-sales via email or phone. We would solve any of your questions in 12 hours or a shorter time. You can know it after contacting us for your need.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Sales Service

During this phase, we will send production photos, and videos of the advertising LED display screen to you so you can know where it goes for your order. Besides, we can offer you a free CAD drawing of the steel structure for your project.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

After-Sales Service

We offer no less than 12 months warranty for all our advertising LED screens. If any questions during the operation, we will figure them out for you in one day, mainly via remote control. Moreover, we could send our engineers to guide you at the local if needed.


We make your advertising LED screen installation much easier.

You will know much knowledge about various installation methods after research here.

LED Screen Installation

Clients choose these installation types for outdoor advertising LED screen projects.

And the standard type for indoor projects is wall mounted with a front service solution.

You can choose the suitable type according to your project. We will provide you steel structure drawing for free charge. Besides, our engineers could go to the local to support you with the installation.


The world has progressed hugely since the first man stepped on the moon’s surface. Electric gadgets have taken the place of many things. The same is the case in the advertising area. 

In today’s world, LED screens are everywhere. They act as a medium for entertainment, advertisement, and live events. We call displays for such events use as rental LED screens. Brands use these screens to showcase their products. Advertising LED screens are standard nowadays.  

What is an Advertising LED Screen? 

It is an LED display screen that advertises the product. The information can be static or video-based. It ranges from outdoor to indoor ad display screen that promote something. It is more attractive than traditional media.

It is also known as a “Commercial LED screen.” The developed cities have such screens at: 

·Main squares 


·Shopping malls 



·Petrol stations 

·Parking lots 

·And many such places 

Advertising LED screens bring a whole new perspective to your product’s promotion. These display screens are very useful in advertising. They attract the people passing by. And in doing so, they increase the media advertising value. 

Every brand knows that advertising through digital display is the best way to attract people. As a result, many brands have been utilizing LED display technology for their products.  

Advertising LED Screen

What are the Types of LED Advertising Screens? 

Dreamway offers its clients several types of advertising LED screens. We want our clients to know the details of every kind of screen. It will help them to know which screen type better suits their business needs.  

Indoor Advertising LED Screens: 

As its name indicates, these screens are suitable for inside locations. These screens are standard at: 

·Shopping malls 




·Parking lots  

·Closed sporting venues etc 

Clients use these screens to attract people. In this way, they can exhibit their products through video or pictures. By doing so, more potential customers get to know about the products.  

Indoor advertising LED screens are available in the following pixel pitch: 








P3, P4, and P5 were standard before. But, now, companies have developed and applied small pixel pitch types. So these several types are not used frequently now. One thing to note is that indoor screens are not ideal for unsheltered places. It is because they don’t have protective features. Hence, they can get damaged. 

Nowadays, indoor LED panel advertising comes with die-casting cabinets. With this type of cabinet, it appears more like a flat screen. Die-casting cabinet has three crucial edges over the iron cabinet. It makes the display screen: 

·Less thick 

·Light in weight 

·Better in appearance  

·Fast installation

Indoor Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor Advertising LED Screens

You often would have seen display screens installed outside. LED advertising screen outdoors are perfect as they can attract a wide variety of people. Ideal places for such screens are: 

·Main squares  




·Shop windows 

·Public transport stations 

Any type of outdoor LED display should have at least an IP65 protection rate. It is an essential property to consider. In addition, as these screens face extreme weather, they must have an excellent IP rate.  

Now, there are two types of outdoor LED displays based on: 

·LED module size 

·Common cabinet size 


Outdoor advertising LED screens with back service:

For such kinds of screens, we have the following models available: 








The LED module size for these screens is 320×160 mm, except for P3 and P6. So for P3 and P6, we have a 192×192 mm LED module size. And the typical size of the cabinet is 960×960 mm.  

Display screens need regular inspection and repair. There are two techniques for this: Front maintenance or Back Maintenance. 

For the above display screens, there is generally back maintenance. It involves fixing the LED module from the back side. There is a door-like structure on the backside. You can open it and maintain the display screen. 

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor advertising LED screens with both front and back service: 

For these types of screens, we have the following species available: 






The LED module size for these display screens is 320×320 mm. And the cabinet size remains the same; it is 960×960 mm.  

But there is a significant difference. These screens come with both front and back maintenance. So we can maintain the screen from the front and backside.  

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Mobile Advertising LED Screen

You can move this display screen from one place to another for advertising purposes. These screens are mostly attached to a vehicle.  

You can drive the vehicle to increase the promotion of your product. Sometimes, such screens are often for rent.  

Poster LED Screen

It is the smallest advertising LED screen. It has a base that makes it stand on its own. You can fix the digital poster on walls, windows or on ground.

We can make different sizes according to your requirement. However, the most standard screen size is 640×1920 mm.

Advertising LED Screen

Why Dreamway can be your suitable LED display supplier: 

·Dreamway offers its clients a no MOQ demand. It means you can order any quantity of LED screens. Even if it is less than 1 square meter, we are happy to help you. We try to ease our clients with the best possible LED solution.  

·On top of all, Dreamway’s products are affordable. But, that doesn’t need us to compromise on the quality of the product. Our goal is to supply high quality products at reasonable prices.  

·Depending on the project, we assist our clients by giving more than 3% of spare parts free of charge. These spare parts include LED modules, power supplies, cooling fans, control cards, etc. 

·Dreamway has a motto. “We strive to help people better express their businesses through our LED products.” We take great care in solving the problems of our clients on time. And the best thing is that we provide lifetime technical support.  

·Dreamway is one of the professional LED advertising displays suppliers and manufacturers: 

Dreamway has 13 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying fine LED screens. It leaves no stone unturned in creating the best advertising screens. We have completed various such projects all over the world. 

·Outdoor LED Screen for Advertising in New Zealand 

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

·Outdoor Advertising LED Screen Waterproof in the Philippines 

·Outdoor Advertising LED Screen Weatherproof in Slovenia 

·High Brightness Advertising LED screen in Israel 

And these are a few to name here. So far, we have installed more than 1,500 LED screens worldwide. We specialize in what we do. And we are eager to help you choose the best advertising screen for business.  

Advantages of Advertising LED Screens: 

Every type of LED screen has its advantages. Down below is the list of some of the benefits of advertising screens: 

·Eye catching 

·Weather resistance 

·Easy management 

·Variety of content 

·Brand awareness improvement 

Eye Catching: 

One of the advantages of advertising via LED billboards is that it attracts viewers. We are living in the era of technology. If we look around our surroundings, it is easy to find the LED or LCD advertising display. Everybody is busy with their screens. 

LED screens can attract the audience passing by. They made it easier to advertise in a better way. Its brightness and flashing are much more appealing. There is no fascination with simple billboards. 

Advertising LED Screen

Weather Resistance: 

For outdoor advertising, these screens have protection factors. These are resistant enough to withstand harsh conditions. As a result, the advertising contents are always explicit regardless of the weather.  

It doesn’t matter how bad the weather conditions are; these screens can do their work. There will be continuing displaying of ads. Unlike billboards that can fade with time, they continue to play ads with brightness. 

Easy Management: 

It is pretty easy to manage LED screens. Nowadays, almost every type of business needs the LED or LCD digital signage. Advertising via LED screens is the key element to making one’s business successful.  

For busy business people, advertising LED screens provide ease via easy handling. One can broadcast its contents by simply plugging it into the storage device. 

Variety of Content: 

One of the advantages is that they have a variety of contents to display. There is no restriction on media content. This feature made LED advertising more reliable. One can advertise dynamic media formats to attract an audience. 

As for other advertising sources, there is a restriction on the content. However, one can display their relative contents via screens without any limitation. 

Brand Awareness Improvement: 

Using LED digital screens for advertisements can be the best decision you make for your business. Via these screens, there is much more possibility to improve brand awareness. In addition, you can combine texts, videos, and images using the most colorful formats.  

In this way, one can create some unique and eye-catching displays. Using animated ads can be more beneficial to a business. Brands can display their features via long-lasting impressions in the mind of people. 

Advertising LED Screen

Applications of Advertising LED Screens: 

Among the display technologies, advertising screens are the most functional. Business people know their worth. So we find its applications in many places.  

Promotion is primary for all businesses around the world. There are many means of advertising. In recent years, these screens have proved to be the best source to improve the customer engagement. 

Here are some applications of advertising LED screens: 


Malls are the places where people come by choice to spend money. So, it is the best place to advertise or catch people’s attention. In shopping malls, advertising becomes more accessible through these screens. 


Stadiums are the places where a large number of people gather. For marketing, we all need a large number of people to attract. So, stadiums could be the best place to advertise. 

Airport and Transport Terminal: 

For business, we need a variety of people. So, we have to attract people with different ideas and prospects via advertising. To attract diversity, we install these screens at airports. It is very beneficial to install at airports as viewers are from different places. 

Hotel, Restaurant, and Retail Store: 

You can find its application in hotels also. The primary purpose of these screens is to attract an audience. And it is by displaying content with different colors and brightness. 


Advertising via screens on buildings is very functional. Buildings are the center of attraction for all people living anywhere. Thus, it is a pretty common source of advertisement nowadays. 

Putting LED Screens on the buildings will get more attention from the people. We can install big screens on buildings according to the height. 

Street and Highway: 

The LED digital signage for advertising on the streets will get more attention. Our primary concern is to get the attention of people. Installing such screens on highways and roads will give a diversity of customers. 


Plazas are the places of daily need that people visit daily. Places like this are the center of attention for advertisements for different brands. Promotion can be easier by installing LED screens at such places. 


Journey and traveling are the need of time. Taxis with LED screens on them can serve in advertising anything. People move here and there so advertisement by this mode can help in a better way. 

When we attract customers from different places, marketing becomes more effortless. 

Advertising LED Screen

Features of Advertising LED Screens: 

·The outdoor advertising screens have an IP65-IP68 protection rate. Thus, they have the protective gear to withstand extreme weather conditions. And they can operate smoothly despite it.  

·In outdoor conditions, we can have a bright sunny day. This sunlight can affect the working of the screen. As a result, people cannot see the content correctly. But we have the solution. We supply outdoor advertising LED screens with high brightness. The brightness can range from 5000-10000 nits. 

·Advertising screens can have both front and back maintenance. According to the installation environment, it can have both these properties.  

·One of the features of advertising LED screens is that various types are available in the market. According to the business plan, one can purchase displays with a low or high budget.                 

There is no fixed price for any screen. According to your project, there are different requirements for installation. These screens give you flexibility in both expectations of budget and structure. You can contact LED or LCD advertising display suppliers to inquire. For instance, if you are located in the USA and want to purchase an LED screen, you can find the supplier here.

·You can operate it at any place and at any time. Its operating costs are relatively easy. One can display its contents by simply connecting it to a storage device. It is its best feature in concern of its use. With a single click, one can change the contents. We do not need technical operations and conditions to install or play the content. 

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