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Mobile LED Display

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What is a mobile LED display?

In theory, every LED display can be a mobile LED display. We can install a display screen on a trailer or truck. It is a flexible way of using a display screen. We can move this mobile LED screen trailer or truck anywhere to display our content. We can use it for advertising, stage events, etc.

There are various kinds of trailers available that we can use. For example, we can have open or closed trailers. A closed trailer has a protected space for an LED display. And there is a separate area for the control room.

Mobile LED Display

What should we consider before buying a mobile LED display?

For mobile LED screens, there are some specifications. We should consider these while renting or buying. So here is the list of some specifications:

  • Screen Size
  • Aspect ratio
  • Pixel pitch
  • Resolution
  • IP rating
  • Brightness
  • Wind rating
  • Warranty

Screen size:

It would be best if you always preferred to have mobile LED screen trailers of bigger sizes. The primary purpose is to grab the attention of the audience. We can grab attention if it is visible at a significant distance. People can view it from further away if it is big enough. So, if you expect large crowds of people, you should consider a screen at least 15 ft. wide.

Mobile LED Display

Aspect ratio:

A trailer screen aspect ratio is 16:9. It is the standard ratio. If you want to display your traditional content, ensure this ratio.

Pixel pitch:

The pixel pitch is the measurement between the center of two adjacent pixels. It measures how close together these pixels are. The lower the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density per unit. For high pixel density, we have high resolution. Therefore, a small pixel pitch is of great value.

So, while renting a display, we must consider the pixel pitch. A number usually indicates pixel pitch. For example, if we have a P5 screen, it suggests that the dot pitch is 5 mm.

Mobile LED Display


Pixel density will determine the resolution of the mobile LED display trailer. In simple words, the resolution of a screen is its pixel count. We can write it as pixels width x pixels high. For example, consider a screen with W 1,280 x H 768 pixels. 1,280 is the number of pixels on the screen width, while 768 indicates its height pixel number. Applying this formula, we can determine the resolution of the screen.

IP rating:

IP stands for ingress protection. It is the measurement of the screen resistance to dust and liquid. So you have to take into consideration this aspect for outdoor advertising usage. Mobile screens will counter dust regularly. So you will prefer LEDs with a suitable IP rating.

For outdoor displays, the minimum rating should be IP65.


The primary factor which we have to encounter in outdoor setup is daylight. In daylight, it is pretty challenging to view displays if the brightness is low. Thus, the brightness should be high enough that the screen has a clear view even in daylight.

We measure the brightness in nits. For outdoor screens, we need a brightness of 4,500 nits or more. This expected value will ensure a clear view even in bright daylight.

Wind rating:

For outdoor LED screens, we always consider environmental factors. The wind is also an essential factor affecting the display’s quality. Wind rating is an important safety measure. Make sure you have stamped wind rating of your unit. It will ensure the safety of the screen.


Maintenance is always an essential factor for any electronic device. These screens usually need some maintenance. We have to replace modules after some time. So, while buying such screens, consider the spare parts. Moreover, ensure a warranty that comes with your screen.

Mobile LED Display

Types of Mobile LED screens:

We have various types of these LED screens, such as:

  • Trailer LED screen
  • Truck LED screen
  • Van LED screen
  • Taxi LED screen
  • Bus LED screen

Benefits of Mobile LED screens:

Mobile LED screens are of significant value. It offers you a lot of benefits. Renting or buying mobile LEDs is a good initiative for your business. So here is the list of benefits which make these screens a perfect choice. These includes:

  • Display content on the go
  • Affordability
  • Tow-anywhere trailer design
  • Easy to use
  • Versatility
  • Everything you need on the board
  • Get more eyeballs on your message.

Display content on the go:

We have a variety of LED screens that we witness around us. However, mobile LED screens will serve you in an entirely different way. If your content keeps going with the audience, you will deliver your content in a better way. Here you can transport a screen to where the audience is going.

For this, here is an example. Consider a golf tournament where the crowd keeps on moving. Great win if you have an LED system that can stream games to the audience regardless of the place. It will boost audience engagement, no matter where they are.

You also encounter more viewers through such LED displays.

Mobile LED Display


Another essential benefit that mobile LEDs offer is affordability. These screens are more affordable as compared to custom-built modular LED walls. Its rental price is also better. We can also call it rental LED screen. Even if the price is low, the picture quality is not compromised.

There is a variety of pixel pitches and resolutions. As a result, you can ensure crystal-clear visuals within reasonable limits.

Tow-anywhere trailer design:

Mobile LED screens have a unique design to hook up to any vehicle. We can then drive them wherever we want. We can cover more than one location within one event. They are lightweight and safe to tow. So these features offer its use very easy. It also makes the event team’s job much more manageable. You can pull the screen and drive it anywhere.

Mobile LED Display

Easy to use:

We always keep in mind the end operator while making mobile LED displays. Thus, we make it easier for the end user.

They are simple to use. Thus, this feature will help you a lot. Moreover, you can also consult the suppliers to help handle the behind-the-scenes setup.


These LEDs are versatile in application. For the outdoor music festival or tailgate event, mobile LED displays are perfect. They have different screen sizes. They can move. They have a simple setup. All these features make their usage more flexible. It is such a one-size-fits-all streaming solution.

Everything you need on the board:

Mobile LED display role is just not confined to on-the-go streaming. These screens provide everything you need on the board. These include

  • Amplified sound
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Onboard power generator
  • Weatherproof exterior with a compact structure

Mobile LED Display

Get more eyeballs on your message:

Its most unique feature makes this screen able to catch heavy traffic of people. Moreover, it can go to where the crowd is. This feature will allow you to communicate with a broader number of people.

It gives you an edge in growing the number of sponsor opportunities.


Mobile LED displays have expanded the use of LED displays. People are finding new strategies to utilize these screens. It is a great gadget to have for advertising.

At Dreamway, we provide the following types:

  • Outdoor and indoor LED screen
  • Flexible LED screen
  • LED screen rental
  • LED poster display
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