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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of LED displays.

So we prepare a lot of relevant information for you to delve into on this page.

General Applications for LED Displays

LED displays are widely applied in indoor and outdoor advertising,

for instance, home, stage, exhibitions, broadcasting studios, buildings, shopping malls, churches, casinos, airports, stadiums, trucks, etc.

LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application

Shopping Mall

LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application


LED Screen Application



Now master your LED display!

Never mind, even if you don’t have any experience with LED displays, we offer a free design service.

We are your partner, as well as your guidance.

LED Screen Customization

Screen Size

We could make various screen sizes based on your requirement. 

First, we would recommend the suitable type according to your specific project requirement—for example, viewing distance, the installation place, etc.

Then, we work out the whole solution. Sometimes, we can’t make the exact size you require. However, we could make it to the closest size you need.


We make LED displays with front or back maintenance according to your project requirement.

Generally, they are back maintenance for outdoor fixed projects with pole installation. While for wall mount projects, they are front maintenance. Most indoor projects are front service, as they are installed on the wall and would save installation space.

You could choose the suitable solution according to your specific LED display.

LED Screen Customization


We customize different shapes for you.

We could make for you no matter what shapes you need, for instance, round, right angle, cube, mask, etc.

Nowadays, 3D LED displays are getting more and more popular. They could get a naked 3D effect via right or a little round angle.


We strictly follow the standard package methods to protect LED displays from damage during transportation.

You will find our package is hassle-free.

Flight Case for LED Screen

We use flight cases to pack rental LED displays.

They are easy to transport, and clients could use them many times.

One flight case could store eight pcs panels with each 500x500mm.

We put drying agents inside and add disposable stretch film to cover the whole case and better protect it during transportation.

LED Screen Package

For fixed LED displays, we choose plywood cases to store and transport.

Our plywood cases meet the export requirement and non-fumigation.

We put drying agents, EPE foam, and disposable stretch film inside the case to pack the panels to protect them from damage.


We test the current and power consumption of every LED display screen during production.

With more than 13 years of experience in the LED display field, we know the power requirements for different countries very well.

LED Screen Electricity

For regular outdoor LED displays, the maximum power consumption is 800~1,200 W/m2. That means the power is 800 Watt per hour for one square meter LED display. It is under the condition of all white color. During the operation of advertising, the average power consumption is about 400~800 Watt per square meter.

It is another situation of common cathode outdoor LED displays. The maximum power is about 400~500 W/m2, with 150~300 W/m2 for average power.

The power of indoor LED displays is lower than regular outdoor types, about 600 W/m2 maximum.


Here we conclude the procedures to help you understand better how we make a deal.

Step 1. Design the Solution

First, our sales department receives inquiries from clients.

Then, after communicating with the client, we get to know the required LED display size, installation place, fixed or rental application, and more details.

Now, we design this project and propose different types for you to select. And you could choose the suitable solution according to your budget.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 2. Make A Contract

Our sales representative will send you a proforma invoice or contract after the negotiation.

In the contract, we would put all details of this LED display screen project, including the size, composition, spare parts, etc. Besides, it also includes our bank account, payment terms, and warranty terms.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 3. Make A Deposit

Once the contract or proforma invoice is confirmed, you arrange a 30% down payment for us to start the production.

When making the payment, it is imperative to pay us correctly. If anything about our account changed, we would inform you by phone and fax with our company chop.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 4. Manufacture

The manufacturing of the whole LED display generally takes about 25 days. It includes at least three days of aging.

We will send you photos and videos during the production to let you know where we go.

After aging, testing, and ensuring everything goes well, we would pack the LED display screen.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 5. Deliver

We will inform you after the package, and you will pay the 70% balance.

After that, you or we arrange the shipping by sea or air. And we would send you a bill of lading or tracking number to track the shipment.

Besides, we would provide relevant documents to assist you with the customs clearance.

LED Screen Order Process


We provide unparalleled service to our clients throughout the whole process. 

You would feel like a part of our family after cooperating with us.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Pre-Sales Service

We provide professional solutions according to your LED display project requirements during pre-sales via email or phone. We would solve any of your questions in 12 hours or a shorter time.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Sales Service

During this phase, we will send photos and videos of the LED display screen to you so that you can know the production process of your order. Besides, we offer you CAD drawings of steel structures for free charge.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

After-Sales Service

We offer more than 12 months warranty for all our LED displays. If any questions during the operation, we will solve them for you in one day, mainly via remote control. We could also send our engineers to guide you at the local if needed.


We make your LED display installation much more accessible.

You will know much knowledge about different installation methods after researching here.

LED Screen Installation

Clients choose these installation types for outdoor LED display projects.

And the typical type for indoor projects is wall mounted. So it is with a front service solution.

The standard type for the rental LED display is hanging. You could see such screens widely used for concerts, exhibitions, weddings, etc.

You can choose the suitable type according to your project. We would provide you steel structure drawing for free charge. Besides, we could send our engineers to the local to support you with the installation.


We collected some frequently asked questions from our clients with all these years of experience.

We hope they can help to solve some of your questions.

Suppose you install the LED display in an environment with salt and high humidity. In that case, we suggest die-casting aluminum or galvanized iron cabinet solution, and we would provide stainless steel screws for you.

The spare parts include LED display modules, power supply, cooling fan, and control card, which are 3% FREE OF CHARGE, depending on the project. For instance, if the screen size is W 6.144 x H 3.072 meters, the LED display modules quantity is W 32 x H 16 pcs for P6 type, then the LED display modules we offer for free are 15 pcs. Moreover, you can purchase some more LED display modules as spare parts for speedy replacement.

All parts are 12 months warranty at least. During this period, if there are any defective parts, you can deliver them to us for repair FREE OF CHARGE. And both of us share the shipping costs equally. Beyond this period, if there are any defective parts, you could still send them to us to repair FREE OF CHARGE if they are repairable. However, you need to pay for the shipping costs.

Generally, we set the configurations for all projects before the delivery. You can use them directly after you get the LED display and turn on it. Suppose there is any problem during the software operation. In that case, we could remote control for you to solve it in 1 day after receiving the feedback.

Yes. We can achieve it by equipping a video processor with HDMI, DVI, and VGA input signals.

Yes. Generally, you could replace LED display modules easily by disassembling them from the back of the LED display for regular types with back maintenance. In addition, we can send you videos for reference if needed.

First, please make the steel structure for setting up the LED display. We could offer you a free CAD drawing of the steel structure when you place the order. Then, you could install the cabinets on the frame and connect the power and signal cables between the cabinets. We could also send our engineers to the site to guide you on the installation if required.

For our LED displays, they would be aging at least 72 hours before the delivery. During the aging, it is with all white, red, green, and blue colors in turns, with all white colors aging for half an hour at first. Besides, we would also put static photos and videos during the test. The testing environment temperature is 35~45℃ during the summer, while around 25~30℃ during winter.

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