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It is not easy to elaborate all aspects of rental LED screens.

So we prepare a lot of relevant information for you to delve into on this page.

General Applications for Rental LED Screens

You could see rental LED display screens on stage, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, product launches, etc.

We provide various types of rental LED screens for you to select.

Rental LED Screen Application



Rental LED Screen Application


Rental LED Screen Application

Product Launch


Now customize your rental LED screen project!

It does not matter even if you don’t have any experience with rental LED display screens. We will offer you a free design service.

We are your partner, as well as your guidance.

LED Screen Customization

Screen Size

The standard LED module size is 250×250 mm, and the typical cabinet size is 500×500 mm. So we can make various LED screen sizes.

The common types are P2.9, P3.91, and P4.81.

P2.9 has the highest resolution per square meter, but it is the most expensive among these types.


We can make rental LED screens with front or back maintenance according to your project requirement.

Generally, they are back maintenance for outdoor rental LED screens. While for indoor types, they are front or back maintenance.

We can offer you a suitable solution according to the installation requirement.

Rental LED Screen Customization


You could make a concave or convex shape with our rental LED screens.

No matter what you need, half arc or round shape, you could easily use our rental LED screen to get the perfect look.

It is seamless splicing. Now you can enjoy what this screen brings.


We strictly follow the standard package methods to protect rental LED display screens from damage during transportation.

You will find our package is hassle-free.

We use flight cases to pack rental LED screens.

They are easy to transport, and clients could use them many times.

One flight case could store eight pcs panels with each 500x500mm, and four pcs 500x1000mm panels.

We put drying agents inside and add disposable stretch film to cover the whole case and better protect it during transportation.

Flight Case for LED Screen


We test the current and power consumption of every rental LED display during production.

With more than 13 years of experience in the LED screen field, we know the power requirements for different countries very well.

LED Screen Electricity

For outdoor rental LED screens, the maximum power consumption is 800~1,000 W/m2. That means the power is 800 Watt per hour for one square meter LED screen. It is under the condition of all white color. During the operation, the average power consumption is about 400~600 Watt per square meter.

The power of indoor rental LED screens is lower than outdoor types, about 500~600 W/m2 maximum.


Here we conclude the procedures to help you understand better how we make a deal.

Step 1. Design the Solution

First, our sales department receives inquiries from clients.

Then, after communicating with the client, we get to know the required rental LED screen size, installation place.

Now, we design this project and propose different types for you to select. And you could choose the suitable solution according to your budget.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 2. Make A Contract

Our sales representative will send you a proforma invoice or contract after the negotiation.

In the contract, we would put all details of this rental LED display screen project, including the size, composition, spare parts, etc. Besides, it also includes our bank account, payment terms, and warranty terms.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 3. Make A Deposit

Once the contract or proforma invoice is confirmed, you arrange a 30% down payment for us to start the production.

When making the payment, it is imperative to pay us correctly. If anything about our account changed, we would inform you by phone and fax with our company chop.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 4. Manufacture

The manufacturing of the whole rental LED screen generally takes about 25 days. It includes at least three days of aging.

We will send you photos and videos during the production to let you know where we go.

After aging, testing, and ensuring everything goes well, we would pack the rental LED display screen.

LED Screen Order Process

Step 5. Deliver

We will inform you after the package, and you will pay the 70% balance.

After that, you or we arrange the shipping by sea or air. And we would send you a bill of lading or tracking number to track the shipment.

Besides, we would provide relevant documents to assist you with the customs clearance.

LED Screen Order Process


We provide unparalleled service to our clients throughout the whole process. 

You would feel like a part of our family after cooperating with us.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Pre-Sales Service

We provide professional solutions according to your rental LED screen project requirements during pre-sales via email or phone. We would solve any of your questions in 12 hours or a shorter time.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

Sales Service

During this phase, we will send photos, and videos of the rental LED display screen to you so that you can know the production process of your order. Besides, we configure all to make them ready for you to operate.

LED Screen Manufacturer Service

After-Sales Service

We offer no less than 12 month warranty for our rental LED screens. If any questions during the operation, we will solve them for you in one day, mainly via remote control. We could also send our engineers to guide you at the local if needed.


We make your rental LED screen installation much more accessible.

Rental LED Screen Installation

There are two typical installations for rental LED screens: Hanging and Stacking.

The hanging LED screen generally needs hanging bars and the whole truss equipment to achieve it, while it needs derrick support for the stacking type.

You can choose the suitable type according to your project. We could provide you with the whole set of equipment if needed.


The market for the rental LED screen is expanding with every passing day. In recent years, there has been a vast increase in rental LED display use. Thus, these LED screen rentals have become somewhat necessary for events and concerts. On the one hand, they add a charismatic effect to the event. And on the other, it has also helped the people better manage the events.

For such purposes, LED rental displays are available in the market. Companies rent out screens according to the rental area and screen size. Thus, this trend has become quite popular nowadays.

What is a Rental LED Screen?

A rental LED screen is also known as a hire LED display. It is a lightweight screen type that supports quick assembly and disassembly. These LED video wall rentals are the inverse of the fixed installed type.

We prefer these LED screens for live performances, concerts, and events. Therefore, companies install them for such activities for a while. During this, they perform their function. And after that, we disassemble them. You can then install it at another location.

Rental LED Screen

Classification of Rental LED Screens:

Based on some features, rental LED screens have further two kinds:

Outdoor LED Display Rental:

These outdoor LED screens are preferable for sporting venues, festivals, concerts, churches, etc.

They have high brightness and waterproofing power. It is due to the weather conditions outside. Further, stability and durability are essential for outdoor rental screens.

Indoor LED Display Rental:

These display screens are preferable for weddings, exhibitions, conference rooms, etc.

There is no need for waterproofing or making them high brightness LED screens. You can use outdoor rental LED screens for indoors by lowering the brightness. But indoor rental screens are not suitable for outdoor use.

Indoor Rental LED Screen

The Manufacturing Process of Rental LED Screens:

We are a leading LED screen manufacturer in Shenzhen. We want our customers to know every detail of the manufacturing process.

For Outdoor LED Modules:

1. After LED lamp baking, there is a need to brush solder paste. Solder paste has an instrumental purpose. It helps in making the electrical connections between two things:

2. Printed circuit boards (PCB) pads.

3. Surface mount devices such as LED lamps, resistors, driver ICs, etc.

4. Moving forward. Surface mounting technique SMT is a technique in which we mount the components on the PCB. First, surface mounts driver ICs.

5. Surface mounts signal interferences.

6. Surface mounts LED lamps.

7. Next step is the LED module testing. Here, we perform the first lightning test. If anything is wrong, we restore it before moving to the next step.

8. After LED module testing, we must perform the conformal coating. It is a three-proof paint that forms a protective film on PCB. It protects the PCB from moisture, dust, corrosion, etc.

9. Screw the back of the LED module.

10. For the outdoor LED video wall rental, there is glue filling. It makes the surface of the LED waterproof.

11. Screw the front of the LED module.

12. The LED module is complete. Now, we perform the LED module aging for 24 hours. It ensures that there is no problem with the LED module.                                                                                                   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw3cbF1kBb0

For Indoor LED Modules:

The manufacturing process of the indoor LED module is like the outdoor one except for a few steps. As discussed above, indoor rental screens don’t need to be that protective. They are not waterproof. Thus, glue filling is not essential.

Furthermore, we don’t perform the conformal coating in indoor rental screens. These steps differentiate the manufacturing process of indoor and outdoor rental screens.

After the LED module is complete, we assemble these components:

1. LED module

2. Power supply

3. Receiving card

4. Cabinet

5. Cables

Then we build the whole led video screen rental and conduct an aging test. This time, it is for 72 hours at least. It again ensures and identifies if there is any problem with the screen. Finally, we pack and deliver it to the customer.

LED Screen Rental

Dreamway offers the best rental LED screen:

Why choose Dreamway for the rental LED screens? There are several reasons for this:

1. No MOQ demand. Dreamway offers its customers the best possible LED solutions. We can make any LED screen quantity according to the customer’s needs. Even if it is less than 1 square meter, we are happy to help you.

2. Dreamway offers LED screen products at affordable prices. But even with low prices in the market, we don’t compromise on the quality. It is our goal to provide stable quality LED displays at reasonable prices.

3. Dreamway provides more than 3% spare parts free of charge, depending on the project. These spare parts include LED modules, cooling fan, power supply, control card, etc.

4. Dreamway has a professional, experienced technical support team. As a result, we provide ideal customer-care services and lifetime technical support.

Of course, you can rent directly from the local LED screen companies. For example, if you are located in the USA, you can check our article about this aspect.

Advantages of Rental LED Screen:

As the name indicates, the rental LED screens are portable. Thus, it has many advantages as compared to other screen types. Following is the list of benefits:

Portable and Ultra-Thin:

Other LED screens are heavy as they have carbon steel sheets and are often named Iron boxes. But, rental LED screens are portable and lightweight. It is because the material used for making it is aluminum.

Rental LED Screen

Small Deviation and Seamless Splicing:

In these display screens, the concept of seamless splicing is workable. It is possible by limiting the deviation to 0.1 millimeters. In the case of a traditional one, it is at a level of millimeters.

Quick Installation:

They are lightweight and made of aluminum, making them easy to install. Whenever the mobile LED screen rental needs installation, technicians can splice this without any effort.

Long Service Life:

The central part of the LED screen is the light-emitting diodes. More or less, the life of these screens depends upon these diodes. These diodes are sensitive to heat. But, in the case of rental LED screens, aluminum has good thermal conductance. So the light emitting diodes are somehow protected from heat. Due to this, rental screens have a long service life.

Affordable Price:

It saves a lot of money for you. If you need an LED for a short time, you don’t need to buy one. Just take a rental LED screen. These screens are easy to install without any labor cost.

One screen is enough to attract audiences with clear visibility and brightness. So you can entertain an audience at a low cost. It is also energy efficient, resulting in low bills.


These screens can withstand harsh weather conditions. While producing, manufacturers focus on its reliability to withstand the weather changes.

Rental LED Display Screen

Features of Rental LED Screens:

1. LED module

2. Cabinet

3. Installation

4. LED display refresh rate

5. Aging

Following are brief descriptions of the points mentioned above:

LED Module:

One of the qualities of a rental LED screen is its unique module. The standard LED module size is 250×250 mm. Therefore, it could assemble most dimensions to meet the client’s requirements.

Rental LED Screen


They have slim and lightweight cabinets. In the market, the rental LED panels are commonly available in the following pixel pitch:

  • P2.976
  • P3.91
  • P4.81

It makes the typical cabinet size 500×500 mm. Here, it gives an edge to the rental screens. We, Dreamway, can make curved shapes with them.

Rental LED Screen


The rental screens have different installation methods available. These options include wall mount, hoisting, and standard structure. Apart from this, rental screens come with a fast installation feature. You can quickly assemble and disassemble it anywhere, anytime.

LED Display Refresh Rate:

The rental LED display has a high frequency that is equal to 3,840Hz. These LED video walls can display pictures and videos without flickering.

Rental LED Screen

LED Display Aging:

There is a test to predict the life expectancy of LEDs. Rental screens also have the feature of an aging test. They undergo an aging test before we introduce them to the market.

Applications of Rental LED Screen:

Stage Performances:

Rental screens have their use in stage performances. Thus, it must have tools for having perfect stage performance. The thing which makes the concert appealing and enthusiastic are glassy LED screen. Its color contrast and brightness boost the performance. The audience found shows more appealing due to these brightening innovations.

Use in Hotels:

The need for rental screens continues to increase. Besides its demand for concerts, customers also feel its use in hotels. Besides, corporate organizations are using them for business meetings in hotels.

With each passing day, its uses in other dynamic events also increase.

For Wedding Purposes:

We find its application in weddings also. For a memorable event, some people feel obliged to use these screens. LED screens are effective in capturing every moment on a larger scale.


Exhibitions, music festivals, and public shows have become a hotspot for rental screens. Customers take rental screens for such events. Then, after the event ends, you can disassemble, pack, and deliver it back.

There is a variety of applications for rental screens. These are just a few to mention. Installing a LED display can be a perfect choice as it gives a more visible impression.

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