LED Screen Hire Price and Factors Affecting It

LED Screen Hire Price

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Due to their applications, LED displays have become popular over the last few decades. We use them for advertising and displaying information and for entertainment purposes. As the progress advances, these displays are also available for rent or hire. This post will show the LED screen rental price and the factors influencing it.

What does it mean by “LED screen hire”?

We all know the word rental, which refers to hiring something. The type of displays available for rent refers to rental LED displays.

Display screens are now an essential part of every industry. They have very significant features which make them popular in different areas. Due to their high brightness and color contrast, their usage is increasing daily. You can witness different types of displays that are applicable in different scenarios. Due to their vast applications and qualities, they are now in great demand.

If we specifically talk about rental LED displays, I must say they are larger. Compared to other devices for personal use, they are significant. We need such displays in scenarios where we have a mass audience. So it is mandatory to have large screens visible from a great distance. Mass viewing is a significant concern in rental LED displays.

The more accurate term I can use for such displays is “LED video walls.” It does not refer to a single screen. Instead, many small screens or panels form a big screen.

So there is no limit to using many panels. You can form unlimited display sizes with custom shapes and aspect ratios. The other terms which we can use for rental LED displays are:

  • Jumbotron rentals
  • LED screen rentals
  • LED video wall rentals

LED Screen Hire Price

How much does it cost to hire an LED screen?

While having a brief introduction to the rental LED display, there arises a question. The question is what it costs to rent an LED display. The LED screen hire price depends on the days you want it on rent. Its price varies with the preceding days. It is the most expensive on the first day. After that, the cost is around 20% of the day-one rate for consecutive days.

We have different fixed prices depending on the size of the LED. For example, the starting rate to hire video wall around 10-12 feet wide can be $3,000-$5,000. It is for a one-day rental.

We have some standards to estimate its price. Fix value per square foot of screen space is $40-$70. You can estimate the LED screen rental cost by this value. For example, you need an LED display with 20’x10′ dimensions. You can calculate the rate of hiring the display as follows:

(20x10x40) to (20x10x70)

Thus 20’x10′ screen costs you between $8,000 to $14,000. There is a hefty rate range. It is due to the number of factors that lead to variance in price. The factors which affect the cost of LED screen rentals include:

  • Pixel pitch
  • Service time
  • Shape and size of the display
  • The time when you hire the screen
  • Installation method
  • LED screen supplier

All these factors depend upon what type and which quality you need. I will discuss these factors individually later. A general estimation is that the minimum you should plan to rent is $3,500. The price above this varies with sizes, number of days, and quality of the LED display.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind while reading this section. I have written all these price parameters based on the general rule. There may be some variation in different locations and for diverse suppliers.

LED Screen Hire Price

Reasons behind renting LED displays for the event:

Considering why you must spend money on an LED display is not wrong. You are an event organizer, and you must have to manage a budget. So why do you spend your budget on renting LED screens?

So if you need clarification, you are at the right place. Many event managers consider LED displays to make them part of their events. There are many reasons behind this which include the following:

  • High Visibility
  • Versatility
  • Competent Advertisement
  • Flexibility
  • Boosting the Event
  • Easy Management
  • Lightweight

High visibility:

For an event, you need something vibrant to make your event exceptional. The placement of an LED screen will bring your event to the next level. Large screens ultimately lead to enhanced visibility. For the occasion, mass audience is a matter of concern. You are already a win if you can engage such a large crowd. Your event will boost up via large video walls. Its brightness and high-quality images make it seen from a significant distance. From hundreds of feet away, it is visible even in broad daylight.

The viewing experience does not vary with distance. There is no compromise in visibility. There will be the same viewing experience from the front seat and farthest row. This feature of LED display makes it an utmost part of an event.

LED Screen Hire Price


A printed backdrop gives you a static background with a single type of content. And you can better engage the audience with LED screens. For example, you can add more life by showing creative videos which develop interest. People will have a better experience if the display shows different informative notes.

By using an LED display as a backdrop, you can show the following contents:

  • Artworks
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Sponsor ads
  • Live cameras
  • Play effects during live performance.

It could be the best choice if you want your event to be memorable. There are now different effects to display multiple layers on screens simultaneously.

Competent advertisement:

Innovation in any aspect will lead to success. Innovation in the area of advertisement is favorable. When we think of something to advertise, our first motto is to make it fixed in the mind of the people. We use different banners to display our products which people will notice. If you have another dynamic way to advertise, why would you not prefer it? You can engage people via colorful displays innovatively using LED screens.

We cannot deny the fact that this is the Era of screens. Everyone is busy with screens, whether a small mobile or a large video wall. So it could be a better choice to advertise. People will give more attention to digital screens than to static banners.

You can play promotional videos to engage people. It is one of the best ways to popularize your brand.


Flexibility is an essential feature of LED display that makes its extensive use. It all depends on you and your requirements for the event. There is a range of formats you can choose for your event. You can decide to make it a landscape or portrait shape. You can customize it to whatever size or shape you need available. Moreover, there is an option of installing a single backdrop or in different pieces. There are many stage designs available that you can customize if you want to.

LED Screen Hire Price

Boosting the event:

As I have already discussed, if you want to make your event memorable, you are at the right place. LED displays can boost your event and make it vibrant. It will engrave something in the minds of the viewers that remain long-lasting. Leveling up your event requires creating the best standouts to form LED displays. All you need is to unravel your creativity.

Along with display, lighting, and music play a significant role. Your event is a win if you properly engage these three aspects. Collectively these factors make your event exuberant.

Easy management:

If you are organizing an event, many things are happening in your head. So there are many chores which you need to do. In such a situation, selecting devices that require less effort to set up is a better option. Unlike other devices, rental LED displays need less effort to set up. For instance, you can assemble one square meter screen within 20 seconds. Thus, the best solution is to give the audience the best experience with little effort.


As we have already discussed, it can be a little effort. It offers one-person handling. With offering less effort, it also takes less time to set up. It saves time and also the workforce as it is light in weight. Each LED panel screen rental of 500×500 mm weighs about 7 kg only. You do not need much labor for its settlement. Only a single person can manage to make an LED video wall.

LED Screen Hire Price

Factors affecting LED screen rental prices:

Pixel pitch:

There is a rule that the greater the pixel pitch, the less the resolution, and vice versa. For a clear and vibrant display, the resolution should be high. Thus, the pixel pitch will be small. But small pixel-pitch LED screens are expensive.

Hence, I recommend you should determine your needs for rental purposes. For example, what are your event’s viewing distance and the scale of activity? Then according to your needs, hire a display that meets these needs.

For example, your audience is 15 meters away from the display. Then, hiring a screen with a pixel pitch under 2.5mm will not be necessary. Similarly, renting a large display screen is also a mistake when your audience is at most 100 people. Hence, it is best to look for what you need. And which LED screen should you hire to meet these needs?

Service time:

It is a simple rule that the more you keep the hired device, the more it will cost. A similar is the case with LED screen hire. The longer the LED screen you own, the more you pay. So, it would be best if you considered a few things.

First, you should start the work and install the display as soon as it comes. You need to save time as the screen begins costing after hiring it from the shop. Similarly, you should return the display screen after the event ends.

The LED screen will cost more on the first day, and the hire cost will gradually decrease. It is a general rule that most LED suppliers apply.

The shape of the LED screen:

The rental LED screen can be modular or mobile. Generally speaking, the modular type will cost more to hire than the portable LED screen. It is because the mobile LED display is already present on a moving vehicle. It doesn’t need any more installation on the event site. You can quickly move the vehicle on the site. But you need a person who runs the mobile display on the truck or trailer. Hence, you should include the cost of employing this person.

On the other hand, you have to install the modular LED panels to start working. It will also cost the installation process of the display. You will need a staff for this process. Hence, modular displays cost more to hire than mobile LED screen rental.

LED Screen Hire Price

The time when you hire the LED screen:

Seasonality also affects the price of the hiring of the LED screen. It is easy to understand that the costs will increase during peak season. The display screens will be higher in demand and short in supply. As a result, naturally, it can take some work to get the display screen.

Whereas, during regular days, the product, i.e., display screens, will be in plentiful supply. You can bargain the price of hiring and can quickly settle for a low price.

Installation method:

You will have to pay for the installation process of the rental display screen. Some suppliers provide this service of installing the display. But mostly, you will have to pay to get this done. Now, if the installation method is simple, it will cost less. But if the installation method is complex, it will cost more.

You can hang the display from the ceiling, mount it on the wall or make a frame. Each of these installation method will have different costs. The more intense the technique is, the more labor and construction cost will be.

LED Screen Hire Price

LED screen supplier:

Ultimately, the price of hiring a display depends on the supplier you approach. Thus, I recommend you see more than one supplier before finalizing things. Moreover, you should also select a supplier that provides technical service support.

Things to consider before hiring an LED screen:

Size of the screen:

Your event activity and the audience will determine the size of the display. If your event is small or low-key, you need a small-size LED display and vice versa. But keep in mind that the size and shape of the display attract people’s attention.

Type of event:

The size, shape, and type of LED screen will depend on the type of event. Every event needs a special kind of screen. For example, you will need outdoor LED video walls if the event is outdoor. If the event is indoors, you will need an indoor LED display wall. And whether your event requires a giant LED video wall rental or a small LED poster.

LED Screen Hire

Installation time:

You choose a display with less installation time for an event or rental. It is because you will need to install and remove it quickly.

Budget of the event:

In the end, the main thing to consider is the budget for the event. It will determine how much you have to hire for an LED wall. What type and shape of the display can you hire?


It is a common practice now to hire LED screens for different purposes. For example, you can rent LED screens for corporate events, parties, and other activities. Suppliers also provide technical staff to install and run the screen. Almost every size, shape, and type of display screen is available for rent.

If you want to know more about rental LED screens, you can contact us.

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