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Stage LED Screen Events

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You have the time of your life at a concert or a play. It’s not only because of the performers but also due to the display screen on the stage. LED wall stage catches the eyes of the spectators. It adds fuel to the overall stage performances. It is the magic of installing a display screen on the stage. These display screens revolutionize the fashion and entertainment industries. But what are these stage LED displays? Let us find an answer!

For the artists or the stage owners who are curious. Why get an LED stage screen? Why it’s beneficial? Is it profitable? Or is it just a waste of money and time? First, we will break down all the prerequisites for stage LED displays. And then, summarize them and make it easy for you to make the best decision.

What is a stage LED display?

A stage display is a giant screen installed in the stage’s background. These screens show videos, captivating photos, and, nowadays, 3D images as well. They enhance the beauty of the scene. Many of us find display screens indoors and outdoors. But artists prefer LED stage screens for their artistic performances.

Stage LED Screen Events

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What to consider before buying or renting a stage LED display?

Here is the list of things we need to know before buying or renting a stage background LED screen. All these things need to address before purchasing stage LED screens. Let me explain them one by one.


The first question arises whether you want your own LED screen or on a rental basis. If you want it for the long run, then go for it. For rental basis, there will be different choices. It all depends upon what type of events you want.

You need to contact display manufacturers to provide the type you want. Again, it is to save time, effort, or money. Such selections before buying screens will help you in the long run.


We can use rental LED screens for indoor and outdoor events. The second approach is to select whether you need your screen for indoor setup or outdoor.

The event type will decide which stage rental LED screen we need. Both have different features, which also vary with expenses. Moreover, outdoor rental LED display needs a higher ingress protection rate. These factors need to address before buying.

While selecting displays for outdoor events, you must also consider environmental factors. We all know the outside environment is harsher than the indoors. So we need protection against dust and wind. Moreover, the effects of sunlight on the screen’s visibility are crucial. It is a matter of concern. We need to pay attention to such factors.

Stage LED Screen Events

Close or far-distant viewing:

It is important to tell your stage LED screen provider the viewing distance of your audience. Resolution is the crucial factor that will affect visibility. You must know the viewing distance if you need a better visibility experience. It will help you choose LED panels for the set with the appropriate resolution.

To make your event fascinating, you must have an excellent visual experience. So it will ensure a more vivid display during your event.

Is it costly or cheap to invest in stage rental LED displays?

Do you want to rent an LED display? Is it costly? Is it a worth good investment? Or it’s better to buy a new display screen? You have come up with many questions in mind. Before renting a display screen, you have to consider your need! Either you want it for the marriage event or a great concert. It’s up to you to decide.

Meanwhile, you will find many factors for calculating the price of a rental screen. You will go through many fluctuating prices according to the:

  • Size of screen
  • Pixel pitch
  • Type of installation
  • Seasonal demand for LED displays
  • The stage for LED display installation
  • Service time
  • Company

You can consult us for prices of LED stage displays. A rental LED display screen can save you a pretty penny. Besides, it can save you time and provide highly effective activities. Simply, It’s a worthy investment!

Stage LED Screen Events

Why is pixel pitch essential to consider?

Here is another technical feature that is of great concern. This feature is pixel pitch. We should consider it before buying or renting a stage LED screen. So let me tell you why it is essential.

You will invest in a device that will pay back depending on the potential audience. For a successful event, the primary concern is to attract the audience. We aim to provide the audience with vivid and clear images and displays. We have to entertain the audience during the event.

Pixel pitch is directly related to ideal viewing distance. For perfect viewing distance, we have to consider pixel pitch. It will ensure an exciting audiovisual experience.

If your audience is going to stand close to the screen, you need a lower pixel pitch. Likewise, for the considerable distance, you need a higher pixel pitch. Such a selection for your stage screen will ensure an exciting event. Your event will be fascinating enough without any hitch.

So here are some recommendations for pixel pitch for your stage screen. The most common type is P3.91. It is because of its relatively low cost and modular size. Its LED module size is 250×250 mm. So we can assemble it as 500×500 mm or 500×1000 mm panel. And we can make it ideal if the client needs a screen like 3×2 meters or 4×3 meters.

Stage LED Screen Events

What are the advantages of using an LED display for the stage?

It has a range of advantages, but we will discuss a few of them. Its advantages include:

  • Animated stage background
  • Optimized visibility
  • Decorative illumination

Let’s have a look at these!

Animated stage background:

It will allow you to hold a glorious event for your audience. That spectacular event due to the stage LED screen will have long-lasting impacts.

For a successful event, the audience’s participation is an important part. Animated stage background will ensure audience engagement. It also evokes lovely feelings in the audience. It will bring your event to the next level. Such events have long-lasting impacts on the minds of the viewers.

Stage LED Screen Events

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Optimized visibility:

If you are going to arrange a big event, you must have massive traffic of people. For such occasions, our main concern is always to engage the audience. So you need to give access to every member present there to have access to the stage. It can only be possible using a stage LED screen. Here we can list the advantage of a stage screen. It will ensure visibility for every person present there. For example, for a concert, you can install a concert LED screen. These screens will uplift your event and give access to a distant audience.

Decorative illumination:

Stage LED screens are also helpful in providing finishing to your events. It tends to provide decorative illumination. Your event will become more enchanting by adding display screens.

It will leave a great impression. Your events charm will ultimately increase due to stage screens.

Stage LED Screen Events

What is the best aspect ratio of stage LED displays?

While selecting an LED screen for event, you learn how to calculate the LED screen size. We all know size is a crucial component for any setup. The size of the screen will affect visibility. Thus, we have to choose the size according to the size of the event.

The standard and most common aspect ratio is 16:9. Normally, for videos and displays, we use a 16:9 ratio. So, for your stage LED screen, using 16:9 is perfect.

Let me first explain what aspect ratio is. It is a ratio between the width and height of digital images and displays. So, for example, in a ratio of 16:9, the first number refers to width. The second is for the size of the display screen.

We have different shapes of screens which include

  • Square
  • Portrait
  • Landscape

These shapes vary with the aspect ratio. Ratio 1:1 means height and width are equal. So it is for square shapes display screens. Ratio 2:1 means the width is twice the height. This aspect ratio will give you a landscape LED screen. Besides, we have a portrait display screen. Here the height is greater than the width.

According to the above ratio of 16:9, you can choose the size of your stage LED screen. For instance, we can make the screen size W 5.5 x H 3 meters or W 7 x H 4 meters. It is according to your budget and installation place.

Stage LED Screen Events

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Features of stage LED screens:


You can make rental LED screens according to the requirements of your stage. You can make it in different sizes, heights, and widths. It depends on the need of your stage background and artist or performer.


You only need display screens for short-term or temporary purposes. So, rental LED screens are best for your stage. Besides, you can quickly assemble and disassemble these display screens. This feature makes it more cost-effective and provides lower-cost results.

Excellent communication results:

You can find display screen provides the best result for your stage. You can use many multimedia technologies at a time. For example, you can display videos with music, beautiful lighting, and 3D functions. It provides a thrilling view for the viewers. This technology, in turn, has a substantial sensory impact on the viewer.


LED screens are reliable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are strong and highly durable. The audience loves to see despite the extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it can display clear pictures and audio for the audience.

Applications of stage LED screens:


It is a public campaign for brand promotion, technologies, and enhancing sales channels. For all these purposes, you need a rental LED screen. As a result, you can captivate your users more. Furthermore, it is because stage screens are ready to pay for your products.

Stage LED Screen Events

The T-Stage show:

Is your T-stage show perfect or not? It depends more often on your stage displays. You will install displays but consider some of the factors.

  • Model catwalk
  • Staff
  • Theme design
  • Stage design
  • Stage lighting

An indoor rental LED display for the stage provides the charm to your T-stage shows. Suppose you are not using display screens in such shows, then it will be just like the theme of the Marvel film. And it will weaken the overall plot impact to save the world.

Stage LED Screen Events


You may come across LED displays at concerts or parties. These displays create a unique visual effect. An audience far from the stage listens to the performer. They can also see their dance performances. In addition, they can see essential details more comprehensively.

You can use rental screens even for your wedding stage settings. Besides, an LED screen creates the perfect environment for a romantic dance. In short, these displays create an atmosphere and a sense of ritualism.

Job fair:

Most of the job fairs are without rental screens. Thus, you will find them non-interactive, static, and homogeneous. But, a job fair with rental screens provides job hunters to seek the job according to their skills.

Stage LED Screen Events


The bottom line is that renting a display screen for your stage is a suitable option. It saves not only your money but also time and effort. This article has sufficiently provided the required details for your stage screens.

If you want to know more about outdoor and indoor stage screens, you can contact us.

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