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Outdoor LED Display

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Today we are living a life of technology. Just have a look around. You will witness various forms of technology. LED screens are one of them. Revolution in the area of marketing is due to these screens. They have become popular because of their applications in different areas of life.

There are various forms of display screens. We have not only indoor types. You will witness a lot of uses in outdoor setups, also. The most crucial role played by these screens is brand promotion. You can install them in outdoor designs to promote your business. With advancement, we have modified forms of display screens. These include pole LED displays, curved LED displays, and 3D screens. We also have different shapes and sizes of LED screens.

In this post, we will discuss outdoor LED screens in detail. We will go through its applications, features, and many other aspects.

What is an Outdoor LED display?

The display screens installed in the outside environment are outdoor led screens. These screens use the same LED technology as indoor screens. It is just that they have some extra features. For example, outdoor screens are waterproof and with much higher brightness.

Outdoor LED Display

Types of outdoor LED screens:

We can classify the outdoor display screens on two bases.

Classification based on service method:

There are two types on this basis. These include:

Back service LED screens:

These are the type of screens that offer one-sided maintenance. Thus, you can open it from only one side for cleaning. It includes the following types:

  • P2.5
  • P3
  • P4
  • P5
  • P6
  • P8
  • P10

Outdoor LED Display

Back and front service LED screens:

These types of screens offer maintenance from both sides. You can maintain them from front and back. It includes the following types:

  • P4
  • P5.33
  • P6.67
  • P8
  • P10

Classification based on installation methods:

We can install outdoor LED screens at a location permanently. Or we can use the rental installation. On behalf of such methods, the following are the types of outdoor LED screens:

Fixed installation:

In this type, we have:

  • P2.5
  • P3
  • P4
  • P5
  • P6
  • P8
  • P10

Rental installation:

In this type, we have:

  • P2.976
  • P3.91
  • P4.81

Outdoor LED Display

Features of outdoor LED display:

Visual quality:

The primary function of outdoor screens is to captivate the audience’s attention. Besides, they build an impression of the brand. Thus, the visual quality is of significant importance. It has a direct impact on the message delivered. For this, the outdoor screen should be vibrant and bright.

If the image appears washed out, it attracts negative reviews. The pixel pitch and the resolution should be accurate. And another essential thing to consider is the viewing distance. Yes, the visual quality is also crucial for indoor screens. But, it has more importance for outdoor screens.

Outdoor LED Display

High Brightness:

It is an elementary feature for outdoor display screens. As the name indicates, the outdoor screens must face the direct sunlight all day. It is tough to view content during the day. During the day, there is bright sunshine. The brightness should be more than the sunshine. Only then can we see the content. Thus, this brightness feature has significant importance for outdoor screens.

At night, the brightness should be low. High brightness can distract the drivers. It will also harm pedestrians. Moreover, it will cause light pollution. Thus, it is best if outdoor LED screens can adjust the brightness automatically.

Outdoor LED Display

Weather factors:

Outdoor display screens have to face different weather conditions. It will face both hot and cold temperatures. It will also face rain, wind, snow, dust, and humidity. In these cases, the design of the display is essential. It should have all the protective functions. It will increase the lifespan of the display screen.

During rain, the water gets seeped through the screen. As a result, it can damage the image quality of the screen. Or even worse, it can destroy the display screen. Thus, the outdoor screens should be waterproof.

There is an IP rating for every display screen. The IP rating is ingress protection. It refers to the degree of protection the display screen have. Outdoor screens should have a high IP rating. Its minimum IP rating should be IP65. The high IP rating reduces the risk of damage to the display screen. The outdoor LED display should have all these features:

  • Insulation
  • Anti-leakage
  • Moisture-proof
  • Shockproof
  • Dustproof
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-aging
  • Corona resistance

Temperature regulation:

Every display screen has an ideal internal temperature. It functions efficiently at this temperature. And this temperature is more important for outdoor screens. It is because they have to face both hot and cold weather.

The average working of display screens produces some amount of heat. There is a cooling mechanism on display screens. It will counter the heat produced by the screen. If the heat produced is more and the cooling is less, it will affect the screen. The LED display will not function if there is no heat dissipation.

The display screens have a cooling fan with a double ball bearing for heat dissipation. It is present above the back of the display. It ejects the heat produced. So, the outdoor screen should have a proper thermal management solution.

Outdoor LED Display

Energy efficiency:

We mainly use the outdoor screens for advertising purposes. We use these to generate profit. If the cost of using these screens is too high, what profit will they bring us? For example, the display screen has a high operating price. As a result, they have increased production costs. Then, we will lose profitability. Thus, outdoor screens should be highly energy efficient. Outdoor screens have unique power-saving technology. These features make them cost-effective.

Lightning protection:

Electronic devices are highly susceptible to lightning. The same is the case with outdoor LED screens. For protection against this issue, there are lightning arrestors. We ground the main body and shell of the display screen. And it can emit large currents produced by lightning.

Outdoor LED Display


The maintenance procedure for outdoor screens is more complex than for indoor screens. It is because they have to face extreme conditions. Besides, they take a beating from climate change. Thus, it is essential to do the regular maintenance of outdoor screens. Doing this will increase the service life of the screen.

Benefits of outdoor LED display:

Attention-grabbing display:

The most significant benefit of the display screen is its attention-grabbing capabilities. It has a dynamic and vivid viewing effect. Because of that, the target consumer will take notice and stop to take in the message.

People take more note of the content shown on a bright and clear screen. As a result, traditional billboards get replaced by them.

Outdoor LED Display

Unique content:

We can display any content on these screens. The content can be text, pictures, videos, or graphical animations. Brands can show their best articles on billboards to grab people’s attention. Businesses can deliver important information in the form of ads to diverse audiences.

Operational from anywhere:

Digital advertising is easy to operate remotely with a simple wi-fi connection. We can manage and control the ads with just a few clicks on the mouse. The company only needs to upload the content to the display’s software, and it will start running the ad.

Complete control of message:

Companies that sponsor the events using their digital signage have complete control. Brands can display short-term discounts and flash deals using LED window displays. The screen is perfect for capturing specific retail buyers.

Outdoor LED Display

Applications of outdoor LED screens:

Due to such features, we now have a wide range of applications for outdoor LED screens. Here is the list:

  • Brand awareness
  • Sports video wall
  • Concerts
  • Information display

Brand awareness:

If you are an entrepreneur, you will be well aware of this application of LED screens. To promote your business or brand, this is the best choice. This era is all about screens. You all are constantly dealing with screens, whether it is in the form of a mobile phone or laptop. So, if you want to have potential customers, you need to deal with their minds. Now people attract to screens with enchanting content displayed over them.

So outdoor LED screens find their best application in the area of marketing. It is the best way to have good traffic of customers. You can install screens in regions with high traffic of people. They will help you appropriately convey your brand or message.

For your business, it could be the best investment. Outdoor advertising via LED screens will give you high ROI.

Outdoor LED Display

Sports video wall:

Now we use outdoor LED screens as a crucial means of displaying information. In stadiums, you will witness a lot of applications of LED screens. For example, in stadiums, businessman promotes their brands via these screens. Moreover, they can display score rates. They show the game scores to all the fans quickly.

The application of screens in stadiums is not just displaying information. You can also entertain your audience with different scenarios. For example, it is impossible to have a clear view of the ground due to the significant distance from the ground. So here work outdoor LED screens. Besides, you can broadcast the event via screens to engage the audience better.

The role of outdoor LED screens in this part is of great value. Due to these screens, entertainment is now on the next level. As a result, the audience will surely better enjoy the event and have a good experience.

Outdoor LED Display


Apart from the above, you can also find its application in entertainment. For example, organizers install LED screens at concerts to engage the audience. This addition to the show will bring the event to the next level. As a result, there will be a better and more memorable experience.

The audience finds such events more enchanting. The stage, with fascinating displays, makes your event compelling. So LED screens have revolutionized the area of entertainment also.

Outdoor LED Display

Information display:

The need for outdoor LEDs keeps on increasing day by day. Now they are a vital component of displaying information at different locations. These locations include:

  • Airport flight dynamic state
  • Guidance of guests of ports and stations
  • Sports venue
  • Road traffic
  • Dispatch and command center

In such places, they play a vital role. First, it acts as a guide. It makes it easy for people by signaling the right path or location.

Outdoor LED Display

How can you control the outdoor LED displays?

We generally install outdoor screens in high places. Their locations are difficult to reach. Thus, it is necessary to control them remotely. We can do this with the help of a wireless connection.

There is unique software installed to control the screen. It can manage schedules on and off of the screen. It can regulate brightness, contrast, and other properties. We can also upload and change the content with the help of a wireless connection.


Outdoor displays with the finest characteristics can be beneficial and advantageous. To catch the attention of your target customer, choose the LED with top-notch features. These display screens have expanded the outdoor applications. If you are yet to book one for yourself, contact us anytime.

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