10 Tips on How to Maintain Your Outdoor LED Screen

Maintain Outdoor LED Screen

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Every electronic device needs maintenance and repair. There is no exception for this in the case of LED screens. No doubt, the display industry has made a lot of progress. LED screens with more protective features are available now in the market. They are more technologically advanced.

But still, the display screens need regular maintenance and repair. In this article, our primary focus will be on how to maintain the outdoor LED screen. I will share some tips and guide you through them in this regard.

  • Regular check
  • Temperature regulation
  • Surface cleaning
  • Weather protection
  • Power supply
  • Switching sequence
  • Cooling
  • Professional handling
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software maintenance

Let us start with regular checks and maintenance of the LED screen.

Maintain Outdoor LED Screen

Regular check:

In my opinion, here comes the most crucial part of your routine if you own an LED setup. We need to check it daily. If there is a routine of daily checks, then we can prevent severe damage. As part of this, severe damage would lead to significant economic loss. Here is the list of some daily checks which we need to ensure:

  • You need to check if there is any water leakage, especially during the rainy season.
  • Check for any damage to wiring due to the bite of animals like rodents.
  • Check if the wiring is intact or loose.
  • Check whether the power supply is at an optimum level, not high or low.
  • Check for any dust on the screen.
  • Check for any dust that clogs the ports or damages the internal components.
  • Check if there is any conductive metal on the premises of the setup.
  • Check for the humidity level of the area in which you install it.
  • Check for any moisture on the screen surface or any other part.
  • Inspect anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint of products and steel structure welding points.
  • Check if there are any fractured or damaged screws, pins, or bearing beams.
  • Inspect the lightning rod and grounding system at regular times.
  • Check the power distribution system once every six months.
  • Check or make sure your LED screen is dry.

Timely notice of any damage and its replacement is crucial for its durability. If there is corrosion and you notice it in time, then use the anti-rust spray. If you see dust clean it on time before it clogs the ports. We should replace the damaged circuit on time. It will prevent more circuits breakdown. If there is any moisture, allow it to dry before switching it on.

In short, all these measures mentioned above are feasible if you do a regular check.

Maintain Outdoor LED Screen

Temperature regulation:

For the maintenance of LED screens, one of the significant factors is temperature. Temperature can alter the functioning of LEDs if not maintained in a range. So, we must keep the set temperature in mind during its composition.

The temperature range is usually made wide enough. Thus, it can withstand every type of climate. It can be from sub-zero environments to blazing heat waves. All we need is to keep them at places with an acceptable temperature. Thus, we need an operating temperature range. If we ignore it, the screen may develop abnormalities.

We can avoid damage due to temperature by the use of equipment. The installation of a closed-loop air circulation system is essential. It will protect from contaminant infiltration and moisture. Moreover, we can use optically attached glass. It can defend the screen from water and sunlight.

Maintain Outdoor LED Screen

Surface cleaning:

For outdoor screens, it is crucial to clean regularly. Maintenance of outdoor LED screens is quite alarming as they come in contact with dust daily. There is a constant exposure of dirt in the case of outdoor type compared to indoor.

So, all we need is to keep them clean as they can get sensitive to dust. The wind brought dust which began to accumulate on the screen’s surface. This phenomenon can lead to significant financial losses. So, one has to clean it with alcohol. It will keep the display safe.

We have to do this to prevent the clogging of pores with dust. And if the dust clogs the data ports, it can lead to overheating of internal components. So, we agree with the fact that cleaning is a must daily. We can use a dry cloth with alcohol. But, if using a damp cloth, you must vacuum dry the display. It is because we have to prevent the moisture also.

Thorough cleaning is necessary once a year. It is also a significant concern in its maintenance. But daily, all we need is surface cleaning. It is not only required to avoid overheating but also to improve the viewing experience. The advertisement will indeed be usually compromised if there is dust fill.

Maintain Outdoor LED Screen

Weather protection:

For a businessman, advertisement is the key to success. Nowadays, these people use LED displays for advertisements. But unfortunately, outdoor LED settlement is such a high-priced investment. So, rainfall will prove to be a nightmare for investors. Outdoor LED display maintenance is pretty different from indoor displays. These screens have to face harsh weather conditions.

Rainwater is a conductor and enemy of electronic devices. And these screens are nothing but electric appliances. So, protecting them from moisture and rain is the primary factor.

A single raindrop could damage the screen if it seeped down. If there is a worse condition, it can make it non-functional. So, there will be a significant loss on the part of the investment. A closed-loop air circulation system must be a part of your LED screen. It can protect it from moisture and contaminant infiltration.

For better understanding, you must know what IP ratings are. IP rating refers to ingress protection rating. It is the level of protection an electrical enclosure has. This protection is against both solids and liquids.

So, the appliances with a high IP rating are of great value. This appliance will tackle harsh weather conditions. Besides, outdoor LED screens have IP65, so they have better protection.

It would be best to switch them off in extreme conditions like hurricanes. They have IP, but it does not mean they can withstand thunderstorms.

For better maintenance, you must check on water permeability. If you suspect water has reached inside, you better not turn on the screen until it dries off.

Power supply:

Continual checking of the power supply is a crucial part of its maintenance. If there are frequent power surges, it can lead to overheating. It could lead to worse if the outside temperature is also high.

So, for a better experience, there must be a stable power supply. Besides, there must be proper ground protection. Too much power at once is also harmful. It may overload the power distribution system.

For more protection, we need to schedule its working. We should avoid the same color display for a long time. It increases the load and will heat the power cord. It will lead to impairment of LED. The service life of the LED will also get compromised.

We should not display all white pictures with high brightness for more than half an hour. We must also avoid displaying red, blue, and green for a long time. Due to this long time operation, the current flow does not remain adequate. All this will cause damage to the LED screen.

Maintain Outdoor LED Screen

Switching sequence:

People least consider this part of maintenance. But this part also has its role in maintenance. For example, it would make a difference if the switching sequence is incorrect. So it is necessary to know how to operate it.

Every time you start it up, you should turn on the PC and then turn on the display. The sequence while turning it off must be different. First, you have to turn off the LED display. Next, you have to turn off the control software. The last turn is to shut down the computer.

This sequence of turning off is reasonably necessary. Otherwise, it would affect the system. For example, if we turn off the computer first, then it might cause severe damage. It can burn out. Also, there should be one minute to turn it on and off. For optimal setup functioning, ensure you follow this sequence every time.


The LED screen must rest for at least 2 hours daily for proper maintenance. While in the rainy season, there should be a rest at least once a week. We also make sure to use it at least one time for at least 2 hours per month.

Moreover, don’t leave the display screen running continuously. Instead, we should give it time to cool off. By such intervals of cooling down, we can avoid overheating.

For good maintenance practice, be aware of the mean time between failure of your device. It is the average time between system breakdowns. You can use it to measure performance and reliability.

Professional Handling:

Outdoor LED settlement is a crucial component of any business. It is a considerable investment for people. So, any minor damage to the screen will lead to a significant loss. So, we have to deal with it skillfully.

Any unprofessional behavior in part of this will be harmful. Do not let non-professionals touch wiring components. They can make the problem bigger if they do not know what to do. Moreover, you should also avoid dismantling and assembling it at random. It would help if you adequately understood the setup to handle it independently. Thus, you must contact professionals if you do not want severe damage. Your minor mistake will significantly impact the quality of the LED screen.

How you use your outdoor display screen plays a vital role in maintaining it. So always try to have a professional approach.

Maintain Outdoor LED Screen

Hardware Maintenance:

In this part, we will discuss the care of the setup. First, you should check the hardware components for any damage. Wiring is the most crucial component in this part. Any damage to the wire will lead to circuit breakdown.

Other checks include dust and humidity. Always check fastenings because they can become loose due to any environmental factor. Also, always keep humid components away from your setup to prevent corrosion.

Software Maintenance:

As we keep checking the LED screen externally, we also need to check it internally. Maintaining software is also an essential part of its proper working. You have to keep your software up-to-date. Always make sure to remove any unnecessary files. Make a check to update network security systems.

Regular updates of the software will ensure the management of the screen remotely. This part will also help you to get alert about any sign of damage. It is an utmost need to prevent the malfunctioning of your device.

Even for the outdoor LED screen, it is better to place the control system and computer inside. It is because they are more prone to damage.


I have discussed above how to maintain and repair your LED screen. Manufacturers and suppliers provide a complete guide for this. This maintenance and repair are very critical for the life of your display screen. No doubt, it enhances the lifespan of the screen. But you should also focus and maintain your screen regularly.

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