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Pole LED Display

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The current era is the era of technology. Just have a look around. You can witness the number of devices. LED displays are one of them. They are now replacing the traditional way of advertising via banners. These displays have brought a revolution in marketing and business.

Now you can witness the number of applications of these display screens. They are available in different forms and with different functions. Pole LED displays are now available in the market. Today we are going to discuss these screens in detail. First, let me tell you what the pole displays are.

What is a pole LED display?

These are the display screens that we hung on street poles. It is a new generation of informative infrastructures that come with simple operations. These screens can quickly publish information. For practical information distribution, there is a remote-control system. So, we can simultaneously play and receive the same information in different locations.

LED pole display supports 4G/5G network remote control. Moreover, they also support cluster and batch control over an unlimited distance. All these controls ensure effective information distribution.

There are several streetlights in cities in different areas. So, we can install these screens in many places. Then they can play either the same or different content. For example, we can promote advertising in large areas by occupying less space. It can seamlessly incorporate into urban artistic style construction.

Moreover, its installation is more straightforward. Thus, we only need a few human resources. For proper functioning, they are water resistant. So these LED screens are capable of enduring harsh weather conditions. Moreover, they have an environmental monitoring function. It can monitor ecological indicators. These indicators include temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air quality.

Furthermore, it can adjust its brightness according to daylight. In the case of pole LED displays, screen size is an essential factor. We will choose the size according to the height and thickness of the pole. You can select a large LED screen if the light pole is thick. These screens give you a better viewing experience. In the case of such screens, we can install them at a great height.

Pole LED Display

How to set up the pole LED display?

It is effortless to set up a light pole LED display. As it is lightweight and small, we can easily install it. First, you need to have a mounting frame and fix the screws. Then:

  1. Secure and install the LED display to the light pole.
  2. Attach the power supply.
  3. Connect it with a remote control device and turn it on.
  4. It is ready to perform its function.

Pole LED Display

Advantages of pole LED displays:

Like other LED displays, pole displays will assist you in many ways. It offers a range of advantages. Here is the list below:

  • Rich functions to meet various needs
  • Cluster management, easy maintenance
  • Small footprint, small safety hazard
  • Low power consumption, more energy saving
  • Higher ROI

Rich functions to meet various needs:

The most important feature offered by pole LEDs is that it is rich in functions. Moreover, it integrates different tasks in a single device. Thus, a single device can fulfill many needs for which you are looking. These functions include:

  • Smart Transportation
  • Municipal publicity
  • Security monitoring
  • Commercial advertising
  • Environmental monitoring
  • 5G base station application
  • Information publicity
  • Advertising release

As mentioned above, all these functions are present in a single device. It also favors you in the aspect of cost. For example, pole LED displays reduce the cost of building various poles. Furthermore, in this way, it beautifies the city.

Pole LED Display

Cluster management, easy maintenance:

In the case of pole LED displays, we have cluster management. For any electronic device, the most critical task is management. If the screens benefit you, then it can be the best choice. For example, you can manage all pole LED displays via a single click. Another essential benefit is to control it remotely. We can handle it with computers and mobile phones. So, it offers easy management.

If we compare this benefit with the traditional way of advertising, then it would be more precise. For example, replacing content in the case of billboards is quite tricky. You have to replace content one by one, and there is no other way. However, we can make management more accessible by using pole LED displays.

Another significant advantage is it reduces the cost. In the case of billboards, there is an addition of labor costs. Moreover, material cost and time costs also play a role in making it costly. So, its price will be much higher than smart pole LED displays.

Small footprint, small safety hazard:

Compared with large LED outdoor screens, pole LED displays occupy less space. These also assist in beautifying the city. Less area occupied by pole LED screens comforts use by reducing safety hazards. In the case of giant LED screens, more space offers more chances of trouble.

Pole LED Display

Low power consumption, more energy saving:

Light pole LED displays offer you low power consumption. So ultimately, there will be more energy savings, and it will be economical. These LEDs support various installation methods. You can install them on pillars and horizontal bars. Moreover, there is also the option of central suspension. We can customize its size also. All these advantages will allow you to select the best suitable device. Now you can advertise with low power consumption.

Higher ROI:

ROI stands for return on investment. So naturally, for any dealing, we tend to prefer higher ROI. So here are pole LED displays that offer higher ROI.

For pole LED displays, we can change advertisements at any time. Thus, compared to the traditional way of promotion, it proves economical. You can change the content without any cost. So, you are increasing advertising space. Thus, the more ad space, the lower the marginal cost and the higher ROI.

Pole LED Display

Features of pole LED display:

In this part, I will discuss the technical features of pole LED displays. As the name indicates, these are also LED displays. Thus, their features are almost identical to a standard display screen. But, some characteristics of pole LED screens make them unique.

First, you must remember that two features are significant for a pole LED display. These include high brightness and stability. We all know we are going to install them in an outdoor setup. So, we need high strength and luminance.

Automatic adjustment of brightness:

Pole LED displays can automatically adjust brightness. For outdoor setup, there is always a hindrance to daylight. So the screens’ brightness is much lower when we have a bright day. Viewing experience can get compromised in such situations. But pole LED displays offer automatic adjustment of brightness.

In this way, this hindrance gets reduced. They can adjust the brightness accordingly. Environmental brightness is a challenge. But pole LED displays can cope with it. It ensures clear playback images and rich and bright color reproduction. Moreover, it can decrease light pollution generation.

Pole LED Display

Cluster control through remote:

We have already discussed this feature. It is an essential feature that will assist you in many ways. These includes:

  • Low cost
  • Easy management
  • Time-saving

You can control pole LED via mobile phone 4G/5G network. You can turn it off and on. Then, you can switch the playback content. So, the operation is simple and convenient. You can also play promotional content in a batch or repeat performance.

There is no need for people to be present to operate it. It will reduce labor costs.

Additional features:

Pole LED displays offer environmental monitoring functions. In outdoor setups, there are always challenges provided by nature. LEDs must combat nature, so they should be capable of withstanding the changes.

There are various environmental phenomena which include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pollution
  • Environmental gases

All such factors will affect the outdoor installed LED screens. So, pole displays have the additional feature of monitoring. They can monitor environmental changes. There are detectors installed within the screens. They can detect temperature and humidity levels in the environment. So, there will be fewer chances of damage via this feature.

This feature will also assist people in having updates about weather conditions. Moreover, you can check pollution levels and road conditions. It displays data in real-time. So, people are well aware of the environmental conditions. Via these screens, we are making people’s life much easier.

Pole LED Display

Bottom line:

Pole LED displays are getting popular. You can witness these screens in every modern city. These are part of the process of an innovative and efficient modern city. Dreamway Technology offers high-quality and reliable pole LED displays.

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