What is LED Poster Display and What Decides Its Price?

LED Poster Display

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There are a lot of public display signs. We use this signage to communicate, convey information, and advertising. You would have seen this signage outside malls or on roadsides. But since the invention of LED technology, there has been a massive increase in these. LED posters have taken the applications of digital signage to a new level.

It is a fact that digital media is way ahead of printed media. LED digital posters provide us with an eye-catching display. It is effortless to move these posters from one place to another. And they also have manageable dimensions.

Here I will share all the information about the LED digital poster signs. We will discuss the frequently asked questions about this technology.

LED Poster Display

What is an LED poster?

It is a smart LED poster display. It is an all-in-one standalone display that consists of a vast number of tiny LEDs. We use it in place of traditional printed banners. You can call it LED banner display. It is because we can quickly move it. And it is available for rent also. There is another name ‘Digital roll-up LED display’.

We can use LED poster display screen to show any format, including text, pictures, or video. People use it mainly to promote their businesses. The LED poster display product has some outstanding features, including:

  • Easy-moving structure
  • Easy-operation software
  • Multiple-media option
  • Portable
  • Stable performances

LED Poster Display

Features of LED posters:

LED posters bring a whole lot of features with them. These include:

  • Portable structure and reliability
  • Built-in support
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility
  • Connectors
  • Easy operation with innovative cloud management
  • Installation methods

Portable structure and reliability:

The LED posters come with back brackets. And there is a wheel on the bottom that you can quickly move. These two things make them portable. They are also reliable as they are not easy to be defective.

These are free-standing displays. Due to this feature, we made them easily movable. You do not need any expertise and equipment to move them. You can easily change its place.

LED Poster Display

Built-in support:

As discussed, the LED posters have back brackets. These posters come with a built-in fold-out frame. It can provide support to the smart LED display. So these posters can stand on their own. There is a groove incorporated in the fall-out frame. This groove is to hide the shelf when it is not in use. Such a frame supports LED poster screens to stand still.


LED posters are light in weight. Due to this feature, these are easy to handle. The average weight of one indoor poster set is between 35-45 kg. Moreover, these digital posters are slim in structure. The thinnest depth is less than 5 cm. Thus, they can give seamless display performance.


Another important feature offered by this technology is flexibility. This feature makes the usage of LED posters more versatile. So you have many installation options in the case of these posters. For instance, you can mount them on the wall, hang them, or put them on the ground. Due to this, we can also call it hanging LED poster screen. You can use different options to accomplish your advertisement requirements. You can adjust your posters according to the event.

LED Poster Display


We have different connectors and function buttons in the case of LED posters. You can adjust its brightness and perform various functions via these buttons. So you can manage the overall system of the poster. These digital posters offer seamless splicing displays. Options of connectors that we have in the case of digital LED posters include:

  • Wi-Fi Antenna
  • USB port
  • 4G port
  • HDMI output
  • Audio output
  • Power adapter jack

LED Poster Display

Easy operation with innovative cloud management:

The LED posters are very user-friendly. They have a simple operative system with innovative cloud management. You can control these posters with a mobile phone. These digital posters support the following:

  • Real-time play
  • Cross-platform information delivery
  • USB
  • WIFI support
  • IOS
  • Android multi-devices

Installation methods:

LED posters have a variety of installation methods. You can install and use these posters as you like. There are the following installation methods:

  • Bracket standing method
  • Base-standing installation
  • Lifting installation
  • Hanging installation
  • Multi-cascading installation

Applications of LED poster displays:

We mainly use these LED posters indoors. But first, let us discuss the applications of these posters:

Shopping mall:

We can use these posters as a guide in shopping malls. In addition, you can advertise and promote different products using these posters.


In hotels, we can use LED posters to show the following:

  • Booking and searching for information
  • Promotion activities
  • Booking situation
  • Monitoring
  • Meals recommendation
  • Maps


Usually, there are many LED displays in airports. They perform various functions displaying important information and guiding people. We can also put digital posters here. They are less expensive and more helpful in such places.


In banks, digital posters can assist in collecting data and filling formats. In addition, it can display financial policies and banking businesses.

Bus station:

Apart from the above indoor installation, we can see LED posters at bus and railway stations. We can display information such as:

  • Tickets information inquiring
  • Sponsorship advertising activities
  • Schedule publishing

LED Poster Display

Which one is cheaper: regular LED display or LED poster?

Naturally, people always tend to prefer budget-friendly equipment. However, many factors determine the price of traditional LED screens. These factors include specifications, desired raw materials, sizes, etc.

In the case of LED posters, it is a size that is manageable. For instance, the standard LED poster screen size is W 640 x H 1920 mm. So, these are cheaper than traditional display screens with a bigger size. Thus, they are great options for small and big businesses alike.

What factors determine the LED poster price?

The following are the factors that determine the price of poster display:

  • Driver IC
  • LED lamp beads
  • LED power supply
  • Packaging
  • Pixel pitch

Driver IC directly impacts the visual experience of a digital LED poster. The price will go up when you require a higher refresh rate, like more than 3,000 Hz. We need to choose the driver IC to meet this requirement, for example, ICN2153. And the price is much higher than the standard type with a 1,920 Hz refresh rate.

There are different kinds of packing for the poster LED display:

  • Plywood case packing
  • Flight case packing

If the pixel pitch is finer, the price of the poster will be higher. For instance, the cost of a P1.86 LED poster is more expensive than that of P2.5.

LED Poster Display


LED posters are an excellent service to the advertisement industry. It is a supplement to traditional LED display screens. They are portable, lightweight, and movable. You can use it for various purposes.

If you are looking for this product, you can contact us for corresponding LED display solutions.

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