10 Top LED Screen Companies in India in 2022

LED Screen Manufacturers in India

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Nowadays, LED displays are a must for every type of event or business. These display screens add a creative touch. But it is a struggle to find a trustworthy LED company these days.
I can give several reasons for this. But the main reason is that nowadays suppliers arise in the market in a matter of days. And then, they disappear in the same fashion. So it would be best to look for several other things before buying your LED product.
But don’t you worry. For this article, I have done a lot of research. Then, I have come up with a list of the top 10 LED screen companies in India in 2022. After going through this list of LED companies, you will have lots of options to choose from. So then, what are we waiting for? Just follow my lead and see the first company on our list.

Megastar LED Ltd:

Established in 2011, it is one of India’s celebrated LED screen companies. Its headquarters are in Panipat. It provides products. There is no compromise on materials used in LEDs. It has more than 11 years of experience in producing LED displays.
The list of products that Megastar LED provides its customers is:
  • Indoor LED screens
  • Outdoor LED screens
  • LED indoor rental video screen
  • LED modules
Its mission is to provide LED innovations to the industry. And by doing so, it wants to progress and become an icon. The best thing I like is that it aims to ease its clients in the best way. 
LED Screen Companies in India


While discussing the LED display companies, how can I miss OSEL? Starting in 2019, it became a private company. They manufacture all its offerings in-house at their production facility. 
OSEL is a leading designer and provider of digital LED display solutions. Its primary concern is to provide the highest levels of customer care. Quality is the motto of OSEL.
Although it is a non-govt organization, the quality of its products is prime. As a result, it has the potential to beat the level of other companies, which are white elephants of the LED world. 
The products that OSEL offers include:
  • Indoor LED video wall
  • Outdoor LED video walls
  • Rental outdoor LED displays
  • Fence LED displays
  • Adhesive LED displays
  • LED display boards
  • DOOH display solutions
  • Supreme-X LED displays
Its mission is to convert your vision into a reality. It strives to create a visualization that has the power to engage and enchant the viewers. I can say it has a class of its own.
LED Screen Companies in India

KAN Universal:

The following company on the list we will discuss is KAN universal. Started in 2010, it is a quality-centric company. They have proficient team members who make sure its quality till packing. 
Due to their strict quality check measures, I can say it offers fine products. More than 12 years of experience make them able to provide products without fault. Due to this, they have earned the faith and confidence of their customers. It offers a wide range of LED products. Its main focus is to provide you with the most efficient LED screens. And what I like the most is the immense power-saving ability of its products. 
LED Screen Companies in India

Sunrise LED technology:

Established in 2016, it manufactures an extending array of LED screens. Sunrise LED technology is also a prime company. I suggest it. The reason behind this is their excellent customer care services. Following is the list of products that this company provides:
  • LED screens
  • Stadium LED displays
  • LED video walls
  • Rental LED Screen
  • LED curtain
Their products have qualities that make them unique. Qualities include fine finishing, ease to use, high performance, and long life. The central motto is client satisfaction. And I think that’s why they have excelled in this field. Although it has experience of fewer than six years still making its way in setting norms.
LED Screen Companies in India
Located in the capital, Dehli, Jona LED is a renowned brand of LED Displays. It has emerged as an expert in LED display manufacturing. This company aims to earn customers’ trust rather than earn profit. It desires to achieve a unique position in the market. And it is hopeful of doing so by providing quality LED displays. 
It supplies the following LED products in the market:
  • Fixed LED screens
  • Rental LED screen
  • Curved LED video wall
  • LED van displays
I highly recommend you to visit this brand for your LED-related solutions.
LED Screen Companies in India

RAK-LED Solutions:

The following company under discussion is RAK-LED solutions. Starting in 2017, it has been one of India’s established LED screen companies. Due to innovative facilities, it provides great products to its customers. These include:
  • Indoor LED display
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Rental LED displays
  • Advertising LED displays
  • LED curtain
  • Transparent LED displays
Rak-LED is striving and making sure to set norms according to market demand. The facility of the client is their priority. I recommend you visit this company at least to check their products. You won’t return without buying something.
LED Screen Companies in India

Zuper LED:

Established in 2015, Zuper LED produces an extensive array of LED products. It has a modern technology-based warehouse. Products offered by Zuper LED are:
  • Led display screens
  • Outdoor LED display boards
  • LED video wall
It makes its product unique by adding qualities like:
  • Damage resistance
  • User-friendly
  • Fine finishing
  • Long service life
And what can I tell about the professionalism of their staff? First, there are regular training sessions for the team members. And by doing so, they can produce the ideal products.
LED Screen Companies in India

LEDpro Technologies:

LEDpro is one of India’s leading, and reliable LED display companies. Starting in 2004, it has more than 15 years of experience manufacturing LED products. The best thing I like is that the company provides its customers with service equipment. Its LED displays have a longer life span due to their high-quality manufacturing. LEDpro offers the following products:
  • LED screens
  • Indoor LED video walls
  • LED bus station modules
  • LED display boards
  • Outdoor LED video walls
  • Full-color LED displays
  • LED display project solutions

LED Screen Companies in India

Vision Digital Technology:

Founded in 1996, this company has headquarters in Mumbai. Vision Display is a trustworthy name in the LED display market in India. With over 25 years of experience, it is an active LED display and LED video wall manufacturer. It is constantly researching and working with the mission to produce innovative solutions. It does so by selecting the stable quality raw materials. The products that Vision display offers are:
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • LED video walls
  • LED standee
  • Rental LED displays
  • Transparent LED displays
  • Sports LED displays
  • LED scrolling boards
It is a hi-tech enterprise focusing only on LED displays and LED video walls. Thus, I think visiting this company won’t be a bad idea.
LED Screen Companies in India

Falcon Technology:

Now let us come to the last company on my list. Established in 2012, it has its headquarters in Delhi. It is a technology-based LED company. It consists of a team of highly professional and skillful members. This company covers a large client circle offering various types of LED displays. Falcon Technology provides the products:
  • LED Video walls
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Rental LED screens
  • Small spacing LED displays
  • Transparent LED displays
LED Screen Companies in India
I have compiled this list of LED companies after lots of research. If you are looking for LED displays in India, it can help you immensely.
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Sunny Wong

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