10 Top LED Screen Companies in Qatar

LED Screen Companies in Qatar

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LED screens have now become the utmost part of every business. For advertisement and promotional events, you need a display screen. Moreover, these displays have played their best role in entertainment. You can witness a lot of applications in stadiums or cinemas.

We all know Qatar hosted the FIFA World Cup 2022. It was the first event held by a Muslim and Arab country. Moreover, in 2030 Qatar will hold the Asian Games. So Qatar must have some of the best suppliers of displays. It could be the best opportunity for business development. By choosing the best suppliers, you can meet your advertising needs.

Today we will briefly discuss the top 10 suppliers of LED displays in Qatar. So here is the list of suppliers: 

  • ProSigns
  • Dooha Media
  • Lunar
  • Loop Media
  • Qatardj
  • Zainconcepts
  • Pixel Square
  • Delta LED Technology
  • Audio Visual Technology
  • We Do


They are best known for digital displays and wayfinding. ProSigns believes in conducting every job with utmost professionalism. This feature has enabled the company to strive harder and harder. They have extensive systems of various branches in different parts of the world. They have branches in: 

  • Oman
  • China
  • Kuwait
  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • North Africa

It offers digital display solutions for all industries. ProSigns’ product range includes:

  • Digital signage
  • LED/LCD screens
  • Video walls
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Content management software

ProSigns is one of the most stable sign manufacturers in Qatar. It has a multi-lingual team of expert and professional personnel. This diversity allows them to deal with every type of client. 

LED Screen Companies in Qatar

Dooha Media:

Dooha Media is one of the most popular companies in Doha, Qatar. It is working on digital media. They are famous for LED video walls in malls and OOH campaigns. It is the first company to install a digital network of 20 faces and a broad sign software in a famous mall in Qatar. They provide the following products:

  • Curved outdoor screens
  • Corner outdoor screens
  • Portrait outdoor screens
  • Transparent LED screens
  • Dome LED screens
  • Indoor advertisement LED displays
  • Escalators advertisement displays
  • Arch and column wrap traditional advertising

This company has a reputation for being a choice for any campaign in Qatar.

LED Screen Companies in Qatar


The company from Qatar provides conventional and modern LED displays. They have collaborated with international LED companies from different countries. They provide designs on demand and technical support. Besides, they offer a comprehensive range of services:

They satisfy their customer’s needs for displays. Their priority is to work in coordination with the customers.

LED Screen Companies in Qatar

Loop Media:

It is a sign production and advertising company in Qatar. It is one of the most trusted brands that provide many signs.

Loop Media’s primary products and services include:

  • LED architectural lighting
  • LED screen
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Digital printing
  • Signages

LED Screen Companies in Qatar


A Qatar-based company provides full-time services for rental LED displays. They give joyful experiences by delivering the best displays for:

  • Wedding
  • Corporate events
  • Sports events
  • Graduation ceremonies

They give LED screens for advertisements in the entertainment industry. They offer end-to-end project support and equipment rental services. The purpose is to provide the following experiences to the client:

In short, they consider the standards according to the customer demand.

LED Screen Companies in Qatar


This company brings innovative technologies to Qatar. It has ten years of international experience. They provide management skills. They have expertise in entertainment activities, exhibitions, and events. It offers incentive programs for businesses in Qatar and Dubai. 

They focus on LED screens and content management. They introduced the first transparent LED screen to Qatar.

LED Screen Companies in Qatar

Pixel Square:

It is one of the leading manufacturers of LED solutions in Doha, Qatar. They have prolonged industry experience. And they have a wide range of industry contacts. As a result, they offer best-in-class solutions and designs.

Over years of experience, Pixel Square gained expertise in different aspects. They have expertise in the following domains:

  • Manufacturing
  • Design and consultation
  • Installation
  • Content creation
  • Maintenance
  • AV solutions

They offer a variety of products which includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor LED displays
  • Video walls
  • Digital totems
  • Interactive displays
  • Transparent LED screen

LED Screen Companies in Qatar

Delta LED Technology:

Delta LED technology has been providing its services in Doha for ten years. They offer a lot of benefits for their customer. They work for the comfort of their customers. They offer free online support. In this way, they have developed a friendly relationship with their customers. Moreover, they proposed low prices direct from factory suppliers based on reliable quality.

All types of LED solutions offered by them have three years of warranty. Besides, the company has well-trained and skilled workers. As a result, they make it more accessible for their customers to assemble all parts of the LED display. Besides, every LED display has 72 hours of aging to ensure all components work well. This part is essential in providing their customer with a perfect LED solution.

They have the following products to offer:

  • Creative/flexible LED display
  • Fine-pitch LED display
  • Indoor fixed LED display
  • Indoor rental LED display
  • Outdoor fixed LED display
  • Outdoor rental LED display
  • Transparent LED display

LED Screen Companies in Qatar

Audio Visual Technology:

It is a fast-growing company in Qatar. It has worked since 2005 at state-of-the-art offices in central Doha, Qatar.

The company provides the latest technology. It offers projects of all sizes. Moreover, it offers a range of turnkey solutions, which include:

  • Consultative Sales
  • Design & Specification
  • Equipment Supply
  • Full AutoCAD Service
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Training & 24 HR Technical Support
  • Bespoke Maintenance Contracts

They offer products that are within budget. They have professionals who deal with different projects. So they have a variety of products to provide with the best quality.

The LED solutions which they offer include:

  • LED scoreboards
  • LED stadium banners
  • LED video displays
  • Digital out of home
  • Digital signage

In the case of audio-visual, they have the following categories:

  • Control systems
  • Unified networking
  • Bespoke technical furniture
  • Video projection
  • Interactive whiteboards and displays
  • IPTV
  • Motorized pop-up displays
  • Video conferencing
  • Group collaboration technology

LED Screen Companies in Qatar

We Do:

It is an established LED display company in Qatar. It offers exceptional LED display products and retail solutions. This company also builds customized display solutions. It works through the following five steps:

Step 1: Consultation 

Step 2: Conceptual and design 

Step 3: Fabrication 

Step 4: Installation 

Step 5: Services and support 

LED Screen Companies in Qatar


We have discussed the top 10 LED display companies in Qatar. Each company has a particular product in which it is an expert. After reading this post, I hope you can understand each company. Then, you can select which company offers the product that suits you.

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