10 Top LED Screen Companies in the UAE

LED Screen Manufacturers in UAE

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Are you looking for LED screen companies in the UAE? Well, you are on the right page. Here, I have collected a list of the top 10 LED screen companies in the UAE.
The demand for LED screens is increasing day by day globally. Every company is striving to build something innovative in this field. Being the hub of technological inventions, UAE is not far behind others. This post will let you know about the top LED screen brands in the UAE. But before that, let us discuss some factors that determine the quality of LED companies.
Knowing the manufacturer of any product is very valuable. Thus, I include the following qualities essential for any reliable LED company.


It is crucial to check the reliability of the manufacturer. Many companies arise in the market every fortnight. And they also disappear after some time. One cannot buy anything from such brands or companies.
In my view, you should go for the companies that have some in the market. They will have quality products. And on top of this, they will have excellent customer care services. So you won’t regret buying from such companies.

Knowledge of the product:

One should know about the product that they are buying. It is vital in every case. For example, if you don’t know the features of LED screens, how will you know which is ideal for you?


Undoubtedly, price is an essential factor in choosing any company’s product. So when you are buying a product, never visit one shop. It will help if you know the prices of the same product from various brands. And also the features that they are providing within the same price.
In this way, you will choose the ideal company.

We are now moving forward to our main point of discussion. After a lot of research, I have come up with the following list.

Dubai LED Screen:

UAE is one of the technological centers of the modern world. In our list of top 10 LED screen companies, Dubai LED screen is on top of it. It is the fastest-growing brand in the LED screen industry.
It provides highly reliable and sustainable products for affordable costs. The best thing I like about this brand is that it is very user-friendly. It gives superb customer care services. And its products have lower operating costs. It saves quite a bit of money. Dubai LED screen offers a wide variety of products, including:

  • Outdoor LED display
  • Indoor LED display
  • Transparent LED display
  • LED curtains
  • Dual-color LED screens
  • Single Dot Matrix LED display

This company has its main office in Dubai. But, it is also operating in various neighboring Gulf countries. It includes Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.

LED Screen Companies in UAE

Pixel Plus:

It is the leading creative LED display company in the UAE. Pixel Plus has made a name for itself in the LED display market. It focuses on high-end technological innovations.
I assure you that this company will provide solutions to all your LED-related demands. The products of Pixel Plus include:

  • Indoor LED displays
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Rental LED displays
  • Shop signage LED solutions
  • Street advertising LED solutions
  • Meeting room LED solutions
  • LED screens for concerts and events

It brings high-quality, customizable, and durable products. In addition, Pixel plus refines its image sensors and imaging solutions technology. These qualities add a uniqueness to the quality of the LED screens.

LED Screen Companies in UAE

Pixcom Technologies LLC:

Established in 2004, it is the largest indoor and outdoor LED display supplier. It is one of the leading LED companies in the whole Middle East.
Dubai Mall has the world’s highest and largest resolution OLED splicing wall. This is the product of Pixcom Technologies LLC. Due to its national and international distribution network, you can trust its reliability. In my view, it is an option worth considering. You should consider visiting it if you need indoor or outdoor LED screens.

LED Screen Companies in UAE

Butterfly LED:

In the list of the top 10 LED screen companies in the UAE, one cannot forget Butterfly LED. Created in 2012, it has headquarters in Dubai, UAE. It is a renowned brand of LED display and digital signage solutions. It specializes in the following products:

It is emerging fast as an international LED display brand. This brand is now exporting its products to many regions around the globe. It includes the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and many European countries.

LED Screen Companies in UAE

Blue Rhine Industries:

It is one of the prominent companies in the UAE LED screen market. It follows its ISO:9001 certification. As a result, it develops high-quality LED display screens. With this, it also offers top-notch customer care services.
Blue rhine industries have a team of professional engineers. This team always strives to add value and professionalism to their products. It has an experience of over two decades in this field. Its products include:

  • Indoor LED screens
  • Outdoor LED screens
  • Rental LED screens
  • Customized LED screens
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Indoor and outdoor signs

LED Screen Companies in UAE


UMH is a reliable LED company leading the GCC LED display industry. Founded in 2017, it is fast becoming a brand of LED display screens. It offers a wide variety of innovative outdoor and indoor LED screens.
It focuses on the unique design, development, and commissioning of LED displays. It has installed LED displays in various:

  • Shopping malls
  • Government buildings
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Subway stations
  • Billboards
  • Hospitals
  • And many other places

You can trust this company for LED displays and digital signage products.

LED Screen Companies in UAE

Sagetech Technologies LLC:

Sagetech Technologies LLC is leading in the indoor and outdoor LED displays in the UAE. It focuses on the cost-effectiveness of its products. If you have a limited budget for your LED product, I recommend this supplier.
Its products are also available in many other countries, including:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Other Middle Eastern countries
  • And many parts of Africa

LED Screen Companies in UAE

Kreativetec Display Solutions LLC:

Founded in 2009, it provides in-store displays and digital signage solutions. It is an essential department of KBC Media Group. It is famous for its unique digital signage solutions. Apart from this, it develops and sells the following products:

  • LED displays
  • LED signs
  • Digital kiosks
  • Window displays
  • Indoor display shelves
  • Rental LED displays

LED Screen Companies in UAE

FAB LED International:

FAB LED International has served the UAE LED industry for more than ten years. It develops high-quality LED products. And it maintains this high quality through its exceptional quality checking test. As a result, it has created quite a name for itself in providing excellent quality products.
FAB LED International offers you the following LED products:

  • Fixed LED displays
  • Rental LED displays
  • Transparent LED screens
  • Indoor multi-programmable LED poster displays
  • Flexible concave and convex LED screens
  • Soft Mesh LED curtains
  • Freestanding outdoor LED displays

LED Screen Companies in UAE

Clarity Solutions:

It provides quality LED video walls and digital signages in the UAE and Africa. It has been in this market for more than 14 years. It offers a 3-year onsite warranty for the customers. It claims to have completed more than 200 LED video wall projects.
Clarity Solutions is a reliable and professional LED screen company in the UAE. It provides full help to customers in purchasing and installing the LED display.

LED Screen Companies in UAE

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