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In the display screen industry, LED and LCD are the most popular. For LED screens, there are video walls, billboards, and displays. Thus, basic knowledge of these electronic devices is essential. You can’t just buy a screen without knowing its features.

There are several factors and elements you must consider before buying an LED screen.

In this post, I will share some tips or points to help you choose the right LED display screen. Before going out for a screen, I will discuss some features you should know. These tips or features include:

  • Always focus on your budget and what you want.
  • Consider the model of your LED screen (size and location)
  • What do you want to display on the screen?
  • Selection of pixel pitch
  • Maintenance and reparability
  • Note the viewing angle and brightness of the screen
  • Types of LED display screens
  • Color mixing distance
  • Control system of LED screen
  • Type of installation

Purchase LED Screen

Always focus on your budget and what you want:

I will start with the basic rule of buying anything. Before buying something, consider your budget first. And then you should look for what you want. Finally, you should consider your best options within your budget.

There are manufacturers out there who sell quality products at affordable prices. Search for these suppliers. Look for the best features you can get within your budget.

There will be some specific requirements of your business for the display screen. Thus, you will have to select the screen that meets these specifications.

Consider the model of your LED screen (size and location):

When you are planning to get a display screen, its size matters. It would help if you aimed for the ideal size to get the best results. Choosing a suitable display screen model is essential. It includes the size and resolution of the screen.

The model will not only impact the cost of your project. But it will also affect the purpose you buy the display screen. A wrong model can damage your business if it doesn’t produce the right results.

I will explain this by quoting an example. For instance, you have bought an LED screen 3×4 meters. The viewing distance is 400-600 meters. Now, this screen will not be suitable for such a viewing distance. Thus, you will lose approximately 200 to 300 meters of functional viewing distance.

If you buy a display screen of a small size than needed, it will produce a distorted image. Again, it is because it will not have a good pixel density. Similarly, if you buy a display screen larger than needed, the image produced will again not be good.

Hence, if the size is small, you will not get the desired results. And if the size is large, you will waste your money. Thus, it is crucial to note the size and location of the display screen. And then buy the model that is ideal for it.

There is a distinct types of display screens for indoor and outdoor use. The location of the LED should also influence your selection of screen. First, you should consider whether you need an indoor or outdoor screen.

Both of these have different features and functions. Both of these produce different results. And both of these require different installation methods. Thus, it is crucial to see where you want to install the screen. And then, choose the screen according to the location.

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What do you want to display on the LED screen?

Before buying a display screen, you should look at its content. What are you planning to show on the screen? The display content can be text, pictures, graphics, and videos. After considering this, you can buy the right LED screen.

When you determine the type of content displayed on the screen, you can look for the correct type of screen for it. You can then buy the screen with the features to display your content. Besides, it will allow the suppliers to assess what your business need.

I will add one more thing here. As much as the quality and type of LED screen matter, your content is equally important. If your content is not good, it can be disastrous for your business. Thus, I suggest you give equal importance to the display screen and your content.

Selection of pixel pitch:

The pixel pitch and resolution are essential for a high-quality visual experience. These two things determine the physical limitations of your display screen:

  • Size
  • Viewing distance
  • Viewing angle
  • Cost of the display screen

The screen resolution refers to the total number of horizontal and vertical pixels. It is the dots that form the whole image. Thus, the cost of the display screen directly relates to its resolution and size.

It should have a high resolution if you want to run quality video content on screen. Thus, you need to buy a screen with the highest resolution within your budget.

Similarly, the pixel pitch of the screen is of great significance. If the screen’s pixel doesn’t match the video source signal, the image will have a lower resolution.

But when you get suitable pixels on the screen, you will experience sharp visuals. The more pixels are, the better the display.

Purchase LED Screen

Maintenance and reparability:

LED display screens need regular maintenance and reparability. First, you should always look for displays that can last longer. It is a general rule for buying anything. Display screens having protective features are more durable.

They can withstand harsh conditions. Besides, they are waterproof, dustproof, and rustproof. Thus, it would help if you always bought screens with suitable protective gear.

And then, you should look for screens that are easy to maintain and repair. As mentioned above, LED screens need repair and inspection at regular intervals.

If an LED is defective, we can check and repair it. But there are various types of maintenance and service methods. So, it is good for you to buy LED screens that are easy to fix.

Reliable manufacturers or suppliers also provide technical support for the display screens. They have a team of technical professionals that maintain and repair the screen. So, choosing the suppliers with the best technical team is good. So that you should not have any problem later on if your LED screen is down.

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Note the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen:

We measure the brightness of the LED screen in nits. The higher the nits, the higher the brightness of the display. For example, the brightness of indoor screens can range between 500-1,500 nits. At the same time, the brightness of outdoor screens can vary from 4,000 nits to 7,000 nits or more.

Note that these are just some general ranges. Next, you should examine what brightness you need. If the location where you install the screen is bright, you will need higher brightness.

The brightness can be low if you want to install the screen in a dark environment. Thus, we measure the brightness at a normal angle to the display screen.

We determine the viewing angle from where the screen’s brightness is 50% of its maximum. You can understand it by simply rotating your mobile phone. There is a viewing angle where your phone’s brightness is less than usual. The similar is the case with the display screen. If you walk around the LED screen, you will notice a change in brightness.

The viewing angle also includes color changes. Color changes happen when one LED blocks another LED at a particular viewing angle. If the color change occurs remarkably before the brightness drops to 50%, it can be the viewing angle. The color temperature for an LED screen is usually 8,500~10,000 K.

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Let us discuss this with an example of a roof-mounted screen. For such screens, the viewing angle is not critical. Instead, the screen’s orientation to the flow of the audience is more important.

That’s why screens with 120-degree viewing angles are better than those with 60-degree. It enables effective use of the display screen and its brightness.

Types of LED display screens:

There is a wide range of LED screens available in the market. These include:

These are quite a few to name here. There are much more available in the market. Each of these has different features. You should first see what features your business needs. Then, select the LED screen that has these features. Otherwise, you may buy a screen that doesn’t function according to your needs.

Color mixing distance:

You must be thinking, what is color mixing distance? It is the distance from the display screen at which the three RGB colors combine into one.

When the pixels or screen are close, RGB colors appear as separate. If the colors are better mixed, the images produced will be sharper and clearer. This ability to mix colors is essential for display screens.

Minimum viewing distance:

We can calculate the minimum viewing distance by the formula: Pixel Pitch × 750-1000. At this distance, we can observe a smooth image. But, if we look at the video closer, the image will appear as individual pixels.

For instance, if the pixel pitch of a screen is 10mm, the minimum viewing distance will be 10mm × 1000= 10m.

Maximum viewing distance:

We can calculate the maximum viewing distance by the formula: Screen Height × 20-30. For instance, if the screen’s height is 3m, the distance will be 3 × 30= 90m.

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Control system of LED screen:

The control system is an integral part of the LED screen. It would help if you gave special attention to choosing the control system. There are two types of control systems:

  • Synchronous control system
  • Asynchronous control system

In a synchronous control system, the display screen shows what the computer shows. You will always need to connect the display screen to the computer. At the same time, you will not always need a laptop in the asynchronous control system. You can save the content and run it later on.

Type of installation:

Your selection of LED screens should also depend on your installation type. How will you install your display screen? After choosing this, you can select the screen accordingly.

Wall-mounted installation can be excellent for indoor LED screens. You can install the screen on a wall. They are impressive and eye-catching. You can install the screen in any room.

Similarly, there are other installation methods for indoor and outdoor screens. You have to consider the installation before buying the screen. Otherwise, you may get a screen that doesn’t match the installation method.

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I have tried to share and discuss some tips and features of the LED screen. These tips and benefits would help you buy a quality LED display screen. Experts say that having insufficient knowledge about the product is tragic. It is the main reason behind purchasing a poor product.

I think it is simple. How can you buy a good product if you don’t know what you are buying? Thus, the above knowledge will help you buy a display screen.

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