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Meeting Room LED Screen

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LED screens have a host of benefits for all types of businesses. First, they are a versatile way to share information. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular for business prospects. Furthermore, they are now essential for all industries.

We can see display screens in stadiums, malls, meeting rooms, and other places. In this post, I will discuss the LED screen for meeting room.

What is the LED screen for meeting room?

As the name indicates, it is simply the display screen used in meeting rooms. It is an essential piece of technology for any meeting room. These meeting rooms include not only those in the office but also in all other types of businesses. The display screen has become the go-to choice for an organized space.

With progress, the modern workplace is evolving and changing also. And in this evolution, how can LED screens miss the workplace? These display screens are one of the most exciting additions to the meeting rooms. I think these screens add more engagement and efficiency. They can show visuals and graphics to explain the discussion going on. Moreover, they can decrease the amount of paper. I believe it is one of the best, if not the best, advantages of screens.

When you think of an office room, you have an idea that many papers exist. So naturally, it increases the complexity of office work. But LED screens have minimized the use of paper. And at the same time, they have increased participation. They offer vibrant clarity and excellent experience. Furthermore, these LED screens are more energy efficient than their counterparts.

There are particular types of displays for meeting rooms. Continue reading, and you will learn about their benefits and features.

Meeting Room LED Screen

Benefits of LED screen for meeting room:

In this section, I will answer your question about why you should have a display in your meeting room.

Better participation and visibility:

The LED screens help us to form a collaborative workplace. You can engage the audience in the meeting room using these screens. It is because these screens offer better participation. By participation, I mean every person can understand what is happening. Every person will know the topic of discussion.

Furthermore, these LED screens provide visibility that is second to none. They are seamless, have excellent refresh rates, and have better brightness. You can present or display any content you want.


LED screens increase teamwork and harmony in a meeting room. They are the best possible solution for the huddle rooms. Moreover, they help to create a creative workspace using technology. As a result, people get together and work smoothly and comfortably. As a result, you will get efficient results and save time.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient:

It is a fact that LED screens are both cost-effective and energy-efficient. You can power the device and start working with your team. We have a whole set of installation methods to select. Thus, you can choose the best for your meeting room and use this gadget.

Minimal space needed:

I have stated above that display screens have decreased the amount of paper in the meeting rooms. It is a huge benefit to improve your growth. You can show and save everything on display screens instead of writing on paper.

Moreover, you need minimal space to install these display screens. It is because they are modular in design and relatively small in size.

Isn’t this gadget significant for your meeting room? Continue reading, and I will discuss what features these screens offer.

Meeting Room LED Screen

What are the features of LED screen for meeting room?

Having a suitable gadget for the application is essential. Meeting rooms are present in every business, industry, and company. Thus, it is of paramount importance to choose the best display. In this section, I will discuss the features of the meeting room LED display.

  • LED screens provide a much brighter and more vibrant display than traditional displays. Thus, these screens make them easier to see in any lighting conditions. Also, this display screen needs very little maintenance and is very durable. It makes it ideal for the conference rooms, as you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance.
  • LED screens are also energy efficient and cost-effective. It means you can save money on energy costs while still showing clear images and videos. In addition, LED screens offer great flexibility for presentations, videos, and other content. It makes them a versatile solution for any meeting room.
  • The color feature of the LED display is essential. It has a critical role when it comes to forming color temperature. As a result, the weather outside doesn’t affect the display. Furthermore, the lighting solution is beneficial for all uses.
  • LED screens have long life spans. You don’t have to worry about buying a screen with short life. Every LED screen has an excellent feature of lasting long. Thus, it makes it a perfect choice for office use.
  • LED screen conference has a seamless and modular design. Such an LED screen has uniformity of color and design. As I have discussed before, these screens allow adjustment of color temperature. In addition, they provide a wide viewing angle making it possible for every person to view.
  • LED screens offer heat dissipation, a fanless design, and zero noise pollution. They provide an excellent environment for the meeting rooms.

Meeting Room LED Screen

What to consider while buying an LED screen for meeting room?

It is always challenging to look at or buy any product. You have to look for certain things before finalizing it. Having the proper knowledge is critical to make a good choice. A similar is the case with LED screen for conference room. This section will look at things that will help you in this decision.

Size of the room and wall:

It is the first and facile thing to consider while buying a display. Of course, you want to spend on the screen wisely. But you also want a screen that provides excellent results and lasts long. The size of the wall will determine the size of the LED screen. Furthermore, it will also have an impact on the viewing distance.

LED screens are available in every size and shape. You will have to measure first the size of the wall. In this way, you will determine what size of the display screen you need. How big will a screen deliver your content correctly to every person in the room? LED displays or LED video walls offer great viewing angles. These angles ensure that every person has a great viewing angle. You can view it easily at the end or in the corner.

Here we will give some examples, in our opinion:

  • Small meeting room (2~5 people): 60~80 inch screen
  • Medium meeting room (6~15 people): 100~130 inch screen
  • Large meeting room (16~50 people): 150~250 inch screen

Meeting Room LED Screen

Meeting room’s needs:

First, you should ensure your display has technical support service. Every electronic device needs proper repair and maintenance. Make sure you keep your screen in first-rate order. In this way, if any issue arises, you will get it fixed perfectly.

Every meeting room has its working setup. You should select a display that works best with this setup. The IT department should approve the screen working.

You need to know how people will interact with the screen. In addition, the conference room LED display should support wireless connectivity. In short, the LED screen should be able to present your content.

How far or close are the viewers sitting?

As I have discussed in the above heading, viewing distance is an important thing to ponder. You should consider the number of people viewing the screen at a given time. Meeting rooms can be of various sizes and shapes. As a result, the distance between the viewers and the screens can vary. Moreover, the arrangement of people sitting is also critical.

If people sit far and the viewing distance is less, it can affect the visual experience. The screen’s brightness will be one of the crucial features affected by the distance. It would help to consider what is best for the room and what is suitable for those viewing. You can select either the high or low-resolution LED screens.

If the distance is comparatively less, you can select a high-resolution display. However, I recommend a low-resolution display screen if the viewing distance is bigger. For example, if the view distance is 2~3 meters, you can opt for a 1mm pixel pitch. But, if you have a 2mm pixel pitch conference room LED screen, the optimal viewing distance would be 4~6 meters.

Installation and setup:

You should also consider the installation method of the conference room LED screen. Some mounting may suit your meeting room, while others are not. If the screen is complex, it will disturb collaboration.

You can consider having a guide to set up the screen for you. Most manufacturers provide technical support services. And it would help if you opted for displays with intuitive controls. In this way, you can personalize the screen according to your needs.

Lighting condition:

Generally speaking, the meeting rooms are present inside the buildings. Therefore, they are dark places. Thus, you should look for a display that can work better in every lighting situation. LED screens come with excellent brightness and resolution. If your room has less light, you should go for higher luminance. Otherwise, the content will not be visible properly.

If the lighting condition is good, you may save money. You can go for a less bright display screen. Light ambiance plays an essential role in the final image quality of the display. High brightness can also cause light pollution. Thus, I recommend again that you go for an optimum solution.

Meeting Room LED Screen

A visual experience and display quality:

No one would want a screen with poor visuals. You are considering all the factors to gain better display quality. It is of paramount importance that every person should enjoy the equal display. If this doesn’t happen, you have probably failed in your endeavor.

No doubt, LED screens offer amazing visuals and displays. But it depends on which type you select for your meeting room.

Best contrast and optical display technology:

The advanced contrast technology further improves the image quality of the display screen. Therefore, you should always target the updated technology of display screens. So before getting a screen for your meeting room, ensure everything is correct.

Things to ponder on:

There are many questions that you should ask yourselves before getting a screen. These questions answer what you need for your meeting room. So let’s not waste any time and see what these questions are:

  • How many people will be present in the meeting room?
  • Will there be group meetings also?
  • How will people interact with the display screen?
  • Should every person in the room have the same view?
  • Whether your meeting room needs a simple display screen or an interactive display?

Are you tired or not? Don’t worry. We have reached the last part of the article. Up next, we have the types of LED screen for conference room.

Meeting Room LED Screen

Types of LED screen for meeting room:

There are two types of LED screens in meeting rooms based on installation. The displays can have fixed or movable structures.

Fixed installation:

Some meeting rooms have fixed display screens. You cannot move or change the position of the screen. This type of display screen includes:

  • P1.2
  • P1.5
  • P1.86
  • P2
  • P2.5

Movable installation:

In this installation, you can move the screen in various positions. It includes the following two common display screens:

  • P1.5
  • P1.86

The standard sizes for a portable conference room LED display are 116 inches and 147 inches.

Meeting Room LED Screen


I have explained what the meeting room LED display is. What are their features, and what should you consider before buying such a screen? What are the types of meeting room LED display?

I hope after reading this, you will have complete knowledge about this gadget. Having a display screen is essential nowadays for any meeting room. It provides an engaging and efficient environment for your meeting room. Therefore, I would recommend that if you want your business to grow, buy an LED screen. Moreover, if you want to import a display from China, you can contact Dreamway Technology.

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