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LED Screen Composition

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Today we will discuss an innovation that has become a part of our life. I am going to tell you about LED screens and their composition. You can witness them almost everywhere. Hardly you can see places in developed areas where there is no use of LED display screens. These have their use in homes, offices, malls, sports grounds, and various locations.
LED screen advertising is standard nowadays. But very few of us know what it consists of. It is essential to see how it runs, and the basics needed to make it work. As it is a piece of machinery, it must have a lot of parts that work in contact with each other to make it function. LED displays use very reliable technology.
LED Screen Composition
But before going into the components, I want to tell the central part of LED screens. The element that primarily differentiates it from LCD. LED screen is similar to LCD. But instead of using a backlight, it uses light emitting diodes as a light source. 
So, I’m going to discuss light-emitting diodes in detail first.

Light Emitting Diodes:

The light emitting diode is a semiconductor. It glows when the voltage passes it. When current passes through an LED, the electrons merge with holes. In this process, the emission of light occurs. It allows the current to travel in the forward direction. Conversely, it blocks the current in reverse order.

Light-emitting diodes have p-n junctions. Doping of these p-n junctions happens to form these diodes.

Based on the semiconductor type and the quantity of doping, an LED will emit colored light. This light has different wavelengths.

An LED is in a capsule with a transparent cover so that emitted light can come out.

LED Screen Composition

LED Screen Components:

Now, let’s see LED screen components. Then, we will discuss them one by one in detail. It has the following parts:

  • LED Display Module
  • Power Supply
  • Cabinet
  • Controller
  • Control System
  • Content Source
  • Cooling Fan
  • Video Processor
  • Aviation Plug
  • Package

LED Display Module:

An LED display module is the same as an LED display panel. It includes the necessary electrical parts such as:

  • LED lamp
  • PCB
  • Base cover
  • Mask
  • Driver IC

These are the core components of the LED screen. The display effect is due to these units, which are in contact with each other to give the display. The LED display modules are of two kinds: indoor and outdoor types.

LED Screen Composition

Power Supply:

The power supply also plays a vital role in any electronic device. For example, it is one of the primary parts of an LED display. 80% of the breakdowns of LED screens occur due to power sources.
A switching power supply is a power supply that uses modern power technology. It can control the time ratio of switching on and off to maintain a stable output voltage. We choose the power supply according to the current of the LED module. If the power supply is reasonable, we can prolong its service life.
LED Screen Composition


Cabinets or LED screen frames are modular units. These are the units on which the assembly of the LED screen occurs. There are several types of LED screen cabinets. Here I will introduce the names of some cabinets, which are:
  • Simple cabinets
  • Sealed cabinets
  • Die-casting aluminum cabinets
  • Hoisting cabinets
  • Stadium screen cabinets
  • Front open cabinets
  • Double-sided cabinets
  • Light-pole cabinets
  • LED poster cabinets
  • Taxi top cabinets
As we are discussing the LED screen cabinet, we can discuss some types of cabinets in detail. Here is a brief introduction to several cabinets;

Simple Cabinet:

It is of two types outdoor and indoor. Indoor types are not waterproof. At the same time, the outdoor types have the waterproof feature on the front of the LED module. But, they are easy to install and of low cost.
LED Screen Composition

Sealed Cabinet:

Indoor sealed cabinets are not typical nowadays. It is due to their high cost and maintenance method. Also, for outdoor sealed cabinets, the structure is somewhat complicated. But, they are waterproof from the front as well as the backside.
LED Screen Composition

Die-Casting Cabinet:

Die-casting cabinet has the quality of being lightweight. We can quickly assemble and dismantle it. We use such types of cabinets in rental projects and mobile concerts.
LED Screen Composition

Taxi Top Cabinet:

It comprises aluminum and stainless steel. It can play mobile advertisements such as pictures, texts, and videos. We can install it on the top of the taxi and powered by the vehicle generator.
LED Screen Composition

Transparent Screen Cabinet:

It has its role in shopping malls, exhibition halls, glass curtain walls, etc.
LED Screen Composition


There are two parts of the controller. These include the controller board and the controller system. It has both hardware and software. It comes in a different format depending upon the size of the display.
LED Screen Composition

Control System:

Like any other electronic device, LED displays also have control systems. The control systems control the content displayed on the LED display. There are two types of control systems. 

Synchronization Control:

In this type of control system, we see the content in real-time. We synchronize the content displayed on the LED screen and computer. When we turn off the computer, the content on the screen also gets down.
LED Screen Composition
The opposite of this is the Asynchronization control.

Asynchronization Control:

In this type of control, we store the content on the control card of the LED display. Thus, even if we turn off the computer, we can still see the content on the LED display.

LED Screen Composition

Content Source:

Depending on the condition, it could be a camera, computer, or DVD player. It serves the purpose of sending the content to the LED screen. As a result, the display plays that content.

Cooling Fan:

Now, it is my turn to discuss the cooling fan. The primary purpose of this fan is to dissipate heat produced in the LED display. While working, every electronic appliance produces heat. The same applies to LED displays, especially outdoor types.
LED Screen Composition

Video Processor:

Another critical component of LED displays is the video processor. And it plays a further important role in rental LEDs. It is a peripheral device for rental occasions. Are you getting bored? Don’t worry. I will explain it in simple words.
It is a multi-video source input and allows fast switching of video sources. Thus, you can play any video you like on rental LED screens.

Aviation Plug:

It includes an aviation plug and a socket. This component is also important for rental LEDs. The aviation plug is of two types:
  • Power aviation plug
  • Signal aviation plug
It serves the purpose of connecting the power or signal. And when there is a wire harness with the number of cores, we use this aviation plug. The aviation plug comes with the advantage of being reliable and safe. And it is also easy to operate.
LED Screen Composition


The package includes the equipment used for wrapping the LED displays. There are mainly three types of packaging:

Plywood case packaging:

For fixed installed LED screens, we use this type of packaging.
Advertising LED Screen Package

Flight case packaging:

For rental LED screens, we prefer flight case packaging.
Flight Case for LED Screen

Carton case packaging:

Sometimes, clients buy only the parts of the display screen. For example, some buy only the LED modules, controllers, and power supplies. Later, they assemble them by themselves. For such cases, there is carton case packaging.

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