Static Billboards Vs. Digital Billboards for Outdoor Advertising

Static Billboards Vs. Digital Billboards

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Billboards remain the best choice for outdoor advertising. People can see your Ads driving on highways. In cities’ busy squares, you can use billboards. But today, we have two main types of billboards.

  • Static billboards
  • Digital billboards

Let us look deeper into what static billboards are. And we can see if they fit into your marketing needs.

What is a Static Billboard?

A definition will not explain the static billboard. You have to imagine a scenario. Imagine as if you are driving on a highway. You are likely to see a massive poster on a billboard. This is a classic example of a static billboard. Other than this, you would probably have seen static billboards on top of buildings. These billboards are the first and evergreen advertising giants. You can say they are the old-school marketing tools.


Static billboards provide a great appearance. You should place these billboards in strategic positions. A massive number of people should be passing by at these positions. And these positions should offer clear sight. At these positions, the billboards catch the eyes of everyone who passes by.

Static Characteristics: 

The word ‘static’ means that the thing is not moveable. Once your ad is up, you cannot change it. It will show the same message or image daily. You can only change it by switching it to another printed image.


The location of these static billboards is critical for visibility. You have to install them in highly visible areas. Besides, there is only one image or ad you can present. So you have to create a big splash with it.

Cost and Maintenance:

Buying and setting up a static billboard is cheaper. It generally costs less than going digital. Besides buying the structure, there is only the cost of printing and installing the ad. After this, you don’t need to spend anything for maintenance or anything. It will only cost when you want to change the ad. Often, you don’t need to buy the static billboard. You can rent it from different companies.

Static billboards are great because they are cost-effective and reach many people. They are suitable for ads that you don’t need to change over time. However, the main disadvantage of these billboards is that you cannot change the ad at will. Static billboards are perfect until you want to change the ad.

Though cheaper and seen by many, static billboards are not the perfect choice now. You can agree it is an excellent choice if your ad campaign remains the same over time. But in today’s changing world, everything is changing. And definitely, you want your ads to improve over time. You want your ads to be better and better with time. This can only happen when you are using the digital billboards. The right billboard for you depends on the following:

  • Your ad campaign
  • Your budget
  • How often do you want to change your ads

Static Billboards

What is a Digital Billboard?

Digital billboards are like their high-tech cousins. You will see these types of billboards in busy city centers, malls, and plazas. Let us know what makes them different from static ones.

High-tech Displays:

Digital billboards use advanced technology. They use LED technology to display the ads. You can imagine digital billboards as giant computer screen. Instead of a printed message, they show digital content.

Constantly Changing Content:

With digital billboards, you can keep your ad campaign interesting. You can always keep changing the ads. In this way, you are able to market a whole variety of products. And you can always improve and show a better ad next time. You would probably have seen billboards with multiple ads rotating. As a result of this, digital billboards attract more people. They keep the audience busy using bright, flashy, and changing ads.

Cost and Maintenance: 

Purchasing and setting up a digital billboard is expensive at the start. But you will save your money on printing costs. Changing an ad on a computer is more easy and less expensive. Whereas, if you want to change the message on a static billboard, you will need to print it first. And if the billboard is present at a high position, it is also a difficult task.

Visibility and Impact:

Every digital gadget attracts people’s attention. Using digital billboards, you can experiment with your ad campaign. You can display a variety of content. You can use videos, animations, and even stream live data. This helps in keeping your campaign interesting. And also, it will help prevent people from just tuning them out.

Targeting and Scheduling:

With each digital gadget, there comes flexibility. You can always change the content on your digital billboard according to your needs. You can display different ads throughout the day. In the morning, you can show coffee ads. While in the evening, you can change it to dinner ads. You can always target a specific audience and a specific time of day.


Digital billboards run on electricity. There is electricity cost that comes with them. It is true that the digital billboards have amazing features. But you should also consider the electricity costs.


Some digital billboards have even more cool features. They display live weather updates or run QR codes. These make them more interesting and people interact with them more. Digital billboards bring a lot of excitement and interactivity. And it is a hard truth that static billboards have lost their place now.

Static billboards appeal less to people. Some even don’t notice them anymore. In short, digital billboards are like flashy versions of regular ones. And they have many benefits:

  • Cool features
  • Flexibility of ads
  • Creativity
  • Interactivity
  • More visibility

Digital Billboards


So, for outdoor advertising, you have two options. Picking the right one is super important. After reading this article, you will know the pros and cons of both types of billboards. But if you want to impact today’s digital world, you should go for digital billboards. Though they are a bit expensive, you will be more successful in your marketing. You can compete better with your competitors.

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