Top 10 LED Screen Companies in Korea

LED Screen Companies in Korea

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LED screens have become a necessity in our lives. You would use any form of the display during the day. Thus, these screens have that much importance in your lives. As a result, display companies are emerging all over the world.

This post will discuss the top 10 LED screen companies in Korea.

MD LED Innovation:

In the market, they have been making their mark as display suppliers. It aims to become the best partner and the first company to trust all stakeholders. They want to gain the trust of their customers and society.

They are working to give the world more value through signage. They want to bring initiatives in display technology in Korea. They aim to light up the lives of their customers via innovations.

Products offered by this innovative industry are:

  • Indoor LED display screens
  • Outdoor LED display screens
  • Holograms
  • Vehicle LED display screen
  • Media Facade
  • Transparent LED display screen

LED Screen Companies in Korea


It has been performing its magnificent role in display technology since 1994. It is well known for being the best video company in the industry. It is a broadcasting equipment specialist company. This company is leading in a way by providing future-oriented systems. They aim to bring more advanced technologies—moreover, long-term technical support and maintenance.

With the development and innovative ideas, they offer a wider variety of products. Out of these products, the major LED products offered by them are:

  • Outdoor LED screen
  • Indoor LED screen
  • LED wall
  • LED ribbon
  • LED banner

LED Screen Companies in Korea

Rica Holdings:

It is the leading LED solution company in Korea. It is a global company that is leading the world market. Their primary concern is to please their customers. So they customize your products according to your will. So it is trying to become the number one company in customer satisfaction.

They bring a range of products to a single platform. You can have access to a variety of display products by simply choosing RCH. It offers the following products:

  • Indoor LED module
  • Outdoor LED module
  • Glass module
  • Curved LED screen
  • Media pole LED screen
  • Ceiling LED screen
  • Floor LED screen
  • LED banners
  • Mobile LED screen
  • Popup LED screen
  • Billboard LED screen

LED Screen Companies in Korea


It specializes in LED applications. They are expanding into global business day by day by winning the trust of their customers. They aim to create light to deliver warmth to humans.

They proudly claim to own engineering capabilities. They are competent in areas of design, research, and development. They offer a range of products:

  • Stage LED display
  • Fixed LED display
  • LED lighting
  • Wall pad
  • Info display
  • Door camera
  • Digital switch

LED Screen Companies in Korea


This company has the owner of being the first manufacturer of LED solutions in Korea. It has been working since 1969. After years of experience, this company has made its mark in the market. Their main aim is to struggle in research and development continuously. Due to this, they have now become an international brand. Their products meet world-class standards.

This company is the first to build in-house research and development lab in Korea. With years of work and expertise, it is now a well-known industry in the market. They offer a wide range of products. Here is the list of products:

  • Indoor LED modules
  • Outdoor LED modules
  • All types of stadium LED displays
  • Gymnasium display board
  • Promotion and advertisement signage
  • Media and art display boards

LED Screen Companies in Korea

Kiosk Korea:

It is a famous LED display company in Korea. This company has installed Korea’s most giant signage. They have an eye on building a stable system of display screens nationwide.

They will try their best to enhance the performance of your event. It is a company that has specialized LED displays. They are continuously updating their LED screen. You will find the best products here. Let’s check out the products list!

  • Outdoor LED screens
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Transparent OLED displays
  • Video wall

LED Screen Companies in Korea


You have heard the name of this company. Yes! It’s a South Korean company. It is one of the world’s biggest producers of electronic devices. Of course, you know this company because of their mobile phones. But they have revolutionized in LED display field.

They work in cooperation with the builders and designers. They provide all-in-all secure display screens to the consumer. It aids in providing the best LED screen to buyers. You will get displays according to your need. Let’s find out what they provide!

  • LED video wall displays
  • Wall MicroLED display
  • All digital signage
  • LCD video wall

LED Screen Companies in Korea

RGB Korea:

You want different types of LED displays for your functions and advertisement. You will find the best screens at RGB Korea. This company provides you the cheap LED displays. It’s a Korean company that aims to build a supplier-buyer relationship.

You will find them giving the best designs and quality display screens. This company has specialized media art production and design. They hand over various products, from lighting and signage to modern LED screens. This list includes:

  • Transparent glass LED display
  • Rental LED display
  • LED poster display
  • Multiple forms of media mesh

LED Screen Companies in Korea


It is a Korean company famous for its electronic appliances. Vissem is the derivative of Samsung SDI’s LED screen company. In 2006, it expanded to include an optical communication line parts business. Besides producing many devices, they have displays according to the buyer’s requirements. Moreover, they do up-to-date modules which quench the thirst of consumers.

They have achieved the rights related to LED display modules and display boards. Many international companies recognize them for their superior technology. They give you the best innovative small and medium-sized LED displays. They offer the services of installation as well. They produce the products which include:

  • LED display module
  • Outdoor displays
  • LED display boards
  • LED display video controller
  • Indoor display modules

LED Screen Companies in Korea

Kinoton Korea:

They engage their customers by providing competitive audio/video solutions. Their business area surrounds the cinemas, audio, and LED displays. They have collaborated with international companies and domestic partners:

  • Harman Professional
  • Daktronics
  • Dolby
  • Samsung Electronics
  • LG Electronics

It is a dynamic company that continuously challenges future-oriented LED displays. They are strengthening their R&D field. As a result, they have a large number of buyers across the world. They provide the best display products as:

  • Stadium LED display
  • Indoor/outdoor DID display for advertisements
  • Exhibition hall AV system
  • LED display contents
  • Inter-Active display
  • LED outdoor advertisement
  • Movie theater LED screens
  • Cinema LED display with sound systems

LED Screen Companies in Korea


We have read about the top 10 LED companies in Korea. Undoubtedly, there is a massive demand for these display screens in Korea. And there are some excellent companies offering display products. You can read about them and decide which company offers the best.

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