Top 5 LED Display Companies in Lebanon

LED Screen Companies in Lebanon

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The modern world is shining with display screens. Every business has achieved new heights with LED screens. Everywhere you go, you can see them. Such is the power of this technology. And that’s why there are various display companies in each country.

I will discuss Lebanon’s top 5 LED screen companies in this post.


This company produces innovative and dynamic LED displays. You will always find a surprising variety of displays. It is because they aim to provide high-quality displays at a reasonable price. Besides, they have provided brand new cutting-edge technology displays.

You can find lightweight, slim display screens here! They will please their customers individually. They have collaborated with advertising and display companies. You can get the best material and structure for LED screens. They offer various types of displays. Let’s pen them down!

  • Typical outdoor displays – Aluminum cabinets
  • Standard indoor screens – Aluminum cabinets
  • LED curtain – MediaGrille series
  • Creative LED displays

LED Screen Companies in Lebanon


Spectracolor is an eye-catching LED display company in Lebanon. This company provides complete solutions to your digital signage problems. You will find top-quality, reliable digital signage here. You can find their screens in many places.

  • Entertainment industry
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Advertisement
  • Education

They are making continuous innovations in the production of display screens. They are giving the services of digital signage hardware and software. They are on top of the list for installation, maintenance, and technical assistance.

Let’s find out about the products they offer!

  • Indoor LED screens
  • Outdoor LED display
  • Transparent LED display
  • HD indoor displays
  • Digital signage
  • Narrow pixel pitch LED display

LED Screen Companies in Lebanon


You want to start a business. You are trying to attract customers. Meanwhile, LED-LB is the best site that helps you to create a buzz in your business. This company has a great experience. They built the displays according to the tastes of customers.

They help you out with upgrading your business. They put forward good quality screens with excellent advice. You can reap outstanding rewards in your business in a short time. You just need to buy their LED displays and trust this company. They are giving many services.

  • Rental LED display
  • Indoor displays
  • Outdoor displays
  • Display components and parts
  • Single and full-color LED screens

LED Screen Companies in Lebanon


It is the most prominent outdoor display company in Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. They are supplying their displays throughout these countries. They also help you to choose the location of your advertisements. Their displays reflect the success they achieve in outdoor displays.

Passersby always come up with LED displays in public places. They aim to give a hand to their buyers to make their business stand out. They have notable rooftop boards, LED wall signs, and displays. Besides, they have backlit panels as well.

Promomedia offers the following products:

  • Outdoor and Indoor LED displays
  • LED digital billboards
  • LED wall signs
  • Backlit signs

LED Screen Companies in Lebanon


Pikasso is a continuation of the outdoors LED display list company. Pikkaso is the ancestor of outdoor LED display companies in:

  • Levant
  • West Africa
  • North Africa
  • Caucasus
  • Italy

You can find exciting innovations in display screens. They have installed 104 digital screens in Lebanon. Their goal is to engage the crowd at the busiest places. Besides, they produce displays with high resolutions.

They have taken responsibility for corporate social advertisements. They develop a Quality Management System. For this, they have launched products like:

  • Billboards
  • Retail LED screen
  • Large format unipolar and rooftops displays
  • Programmatic DOOH displays
  • Displays in Malls

LED Screen Companies in Lebanon


There are numerous display screen companies in every country. Above, I have briefly discussed Lebanon’s top 5 LED screen companies.

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