Top 5 LED Screen Companies in Egypt

LED Screen Companies in Egypt

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LED displays are part and parcel of the modern world. You have display screens in your home, office, and everywhere. In this post, we will discuss Egypt’s top 5 LED screen companies.


This company has one of the best display screens in Egypt. You find their LED screens in the busiest places. As a passer-by, they will definitely engage your thought. They have screens with high-quality and efficient displays. You put more trust in their displays as they guarantee their product.

You can buy their LED screens at a reasonable price. Vibrant color displays have a significant impact on the target customers. It aids them in achieving popularity across the country. They have installed their projects in Egypt:

  • Shabrawi restaurants
  • Credit Agricola Bank
  • Al-Itqan Engineering
  • 7 Star Mall

You can find the various types of screens here!

  • Indoor LED screens
  • Outdoor LED screens

LED Screen Companies in Egypt

Egy LED:

EGY LED is a manufacturing and trading company in the Egyptian market. They are exporting their products to Arabs and other Gulf countries. They manufacture their LED displays according to international standards. This company is at the top of the list of customers.

They have an eye on manufacturing the first giant LED displays across Arab and Africa. They are thinking of bringing in innovations for the future. They provide spare parts besides their products. Meanwhile, proving their worth to the consumer. They provide the following LED products:

  • Outdoor LED screens
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Rental LED displays
  • Transparent LED displays
  • Flexible LED displays
  • Text LED screens

LED Screen Companies in Egypt


They are more of a user-friendly company. You will find them delivering the best to please the buyer. They import their products from abroad. They are always looking up for the follow-up of users.

They try to bring into knowledge all the minor details of their displays. For example, you may have come up with their LED screens on:

  • Shopping centers
  • Studios
  • Satellite stations
  • Roads, buildings
  • Malls
  • Moving vehicles

Well! You can find multiple LED screens here. Let’s check their products!

  • Outdoor fixed LED displays
  • Indoor fixed LED displays
  • Rental indoor and outdoor LED displays
  • LED poster displays
  • Soft, flexible LED displays
  • Transparent LED displays
  • Digital signage

LED Screen Companies in Egypt

Hyper Sonic:

It is an Egyptian LED company. It’s famous for its audiovisual services at significant events. They provide up-to-date state-of-the-art technology. They have indulged in a good relationship with their consumers. They give you a cost-effective and practical solution to your problems.

They solve your biggest headache of the event. They send an experienced crew to your event. So you can enjoy the event without any disturbance. But make sure to book your display screens in advance. You can have products only here!

  • Indoor LED screens
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Rental LED screens
  • Lighting

LED Screen Companies in Egypt


It is the forefront LED screen and digital signage company in Egypt. They have the services of consultation, installation, and content development. Their team is trying its best to provide intelligent solutions to buyer problems. So you can have the best experience while buying their digital signage.

They have a broad spread of their projects. You find their displays at:

  • Vodafone video wall screen
  • McDonald’s
  • Mazloum Musddak
  • Mahgoub
  • Hotels and Malls
  • Banks and gas stations

Your curiosity can make you attracted to their products. They have many services for their clients. For example, they have displays that include:

  • Outdoor LED display
  • Indoor LED display
  • Billboard signage
  • Rental LED display

LED Screen Companies in Egypt


You have read about the top 5 LED companies in Egypt. Although there are a limited number of companies, the demand is enormous. Say you are living in Egypt.

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