Top 5 LED Screen Companies in Kenya

LED Screen Companies in Kenya

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One cannot underestimate the importance of LED screens in today’s world. They are quickly becoming more and more essential for businesses and organizations. It is because they offer visibility and interactivity that traditional methods cannot match. Besides, LED screens provide unprecedented flexibility and control over the content.

I will discuss Kenya’s top 5 LED screen companies in this post.

Excel LED:

Excel LED is one of the leading companies in Kenya. They have excelled in display screens in a short time. They produce prime-quality LED screens. They design the screens through careful research. As a result, their display screens have ISO specifications with the highest standards. 

You can find their screens highly durable and reliable. Their LED screens are in high demand in the following ways:

  • Churches 
  • Auditorium
  • Conference rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels

You can encounter their products in churches. They display sermons live on LED screens. You always want to go on a good show. Meanwhile, their products please you with HD-quality displays. They produce different types of LED screens:

LED Screen Companies in Kenya

7 Media:

It is a dynamic and innovative company in Nairobi, Kenya. They have given the services of indoor and outdoor displays with content creation. They aim to upgrade Nairobi to the level of Manhattan. They are bringing unimaginable revolution via display screens. 

You can start up your business with their displays for advertisements. They have a dynamic team that aids in content creation and management. They manufacture displays according to customers. They aim to give publicity and information on their screens.

Their countless products list includes:

  • Digi events truck
  • Digi bus
  • Digi truck displays
  • Eyepoint units display

LED Screen Companies in Kenya

Parklane Africa:

Parklane Africa is a managemental event company. It provides high-quality LED screens for events. This company believes in the delivery of quality performance. It measures its success against the client’s satisfaction. Parklane Africa offers the following services:

  • Event Management
  • Printing services
  • Language solution services
  • Equipment rental

This company has worked with some of the region’s corporate clients. It offers LED display screens rental

LED Screen Companies in Kenya


It is an interactive digital marketing and digital signage company. This company offers customized digital solutions for business applications. They aim to give a digital and interactive experience to the audience. 

NeoMedia provides excellent mobile LED displays and advertising LED displays. These mobile displays are present on moving vehicles. You can move these displays around the city while advertising your product. In addition, they are suitable for advertising at concerts, functions, and conferences. 

LED Screen Companies in Kenya


Smoothtel is an ISO-certified company. They excel in various fields. You can buy cheap and vibrant displays here. They are making the latest cutting-edge technology displays. Their focus is to provide solutions to the customer’s needs. 

They give tailor-made solutions to all advertising companies. They have collaborated with the companies like:

  • Polycom
  • Clear one
  • Bosch
  • Alcatel

It has its eye set on leading LED displays across Africa. You can get effective audio-video solutions here. Besides, they are giving the services to install display screens. Let us find their products!

  • LED video wall
  • Digital signage
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Interactive whiteboard displays

LED Screen Companies in Kenya


Display screens are in huge demand all over the world. They are an essential element of every business setup. Having a display screen can boost your growth. Above, we have discussed the top 5 LED screen companies in Kenya.

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Sunny Wong

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