What is a Stadium Perimeter LED Display?

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

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The stadium perimeter LED display is a vital component of modern sports. LED technology in sports facilities has revolutionized the way fans watch live games. These LED screens provide an immersive experience to the spectators. Besides, they also generate revenue for the teams and sponsors.

We aim to explore some aspects of perimeter LED displays in this article.

What is a perimeter LED display?

A stadium perimeter LED display consists of many LED panels. It is around the perimeter of a sports stadium. It provides advertising to the spectators in attendance.

We can configure the panels to create a custom display in any size. They offer high-resolution, vibrant colors and have a bigger viewing angle.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Features of the stadium perimeter LED display:

The stadium LED perimeter display is a highly customizable technology. Here are some features:

Customizable content:

You can customize the content on perimeter LED displays to fit your needs. They provide an additional revenue stream for teams and sponsors through advertising. Generally, they show sponsor logos, product promotions, and other advertisements.

Customized design:

We adopt soft masks for LED perimeter boards. It has several functions:

  • Prevent the damage from the impacts.
  • Improve the visibility of the LED display.
  • Enhance the display color.
  • Create a seamless appearance.

Besides, there is a support bracket on the back of the display. The angle is adjustable. So it can bring a more extensive viewing angle.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Control system:

The control system is a critical component of stadium perimeter LED displays. It is responsible for managing the content showing on the screen. Here are some features:

Content management:

It includes graphics, animations, and advertising messages. You can schedule in advance and update in real time.

User-friendly interface:

The interface is typically web-based. You can access it from any equipment with an internet connection.

Real-time monitoring:

The control system includes real-time monitoring capabilities. You can monitor the status and performance of the LED display anytime. It includes metrics such as temperature and humidity.

Brightness control:

You can adjust brightness levels to make them visible even in bright sunlight. This feature ensures that all spectators can see the content on the LED display.

Weather resistance:

Stadium perimeter LED displays are weather-resistant. So it is acceptable to use them outdoors. They can withstand rain, wind, and extreme weather.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Benefits of using perimeter LED displays for sports:

There are many advantages to using perimeter LED displays. Below we will cover some benefits:

Increased revenue opportunities:

Perimeter LED displays provide valuable advertising space for sponsors. They can create new revenue streams for them. Sponsors can display their logos, ads, and other promotional content. And it can impree on a large audience.

Flexibility and customization:

Perimeter LED displays are customizable. They allow sports teams and venues to build displays of any size. As a result, they provide flexibility to match the event’s specific needs.

Increased brand awareness:

They provide branding opportunities for sponsors. It can help to increase brand recognition.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

How to choose the right stadium perimeter LED display:

Choosing the right perimeter LED display is essential. It requires careful consideration of several factors. We have collected some points for your review:

Size and resolution:

The display size and resolution are the basic ones to consider. They depend on the venue size and viewing distance. The display should be large enough so that spectators can view it easily. However, it can become overwhelming if too giant. Besides, the resolution should be high enough. This way, we can ensure the content is clear and crisp.

For example, the standard football field size is as follows:

Length: 90-120 meters

width: 45-90 meters

According to these metrics, you can choose a suitable size.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Brightness and contrast:

The display brightness is an essential aspect, especially for outdoor venues. The display screen should be bright enough to be visible in direct sunlight. Besides, it would be better for you to pay attention to the contrast. High contrast is always good for delivering a fantastic result.

Our perimeter LED displays are high brightness, ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 nits.

Durability and reliability:

Perimeter LED displays need to confront a range of weather conditions. Therefore, it is critical to choose a durable and reliable display. So it should be with a robust design to withstand wind and rain.

Energy efficiency:

LED displays can consume a significant amount of energy. It is evident when there is white background. So it would help if you chose an energy-efficient screen. It can reduce the long-term operating costs of the display.

Control system:

The control system is an essential component of stadium perimeter LED displays. It is good for you to choose a system that is reliable, easy to use, and offers customization options. Besides, it should be compatible with different devices and protocols.

Service and support:

Finally, it would help if you chose a reputable manufacturer. He can provide unrivaled service and support. Look for manufacturers that offer a warranty and support for installation and maintenance.

How to operate perimeter LED displays?

Operating perimeter LED displays requires a combination of hardware, software, and technical expertise. Here I want to share some tips with you:

Installation and setup:

The first step is to install and set up the hardware and software components. It includes installing LED panels, mounting brackets, and a control system. Then, you can connect the display to power and network sources.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Content creation and management:

Once you set up the display, you can create and manage content. The content includes graphics, videos, and other multimedia formats. There are various software tools. Just opt for one reliable and robust.

Display configuration:

As mentioned above, perimeter LED screens are highly customizable. You can configure the display to meet your specific requirements. It includes configuring the display resolution, brightness, contrast, and other settings.

At Dreamway, we configure all projects for our clients before the delivery. So it is worry-free for you to use after getting the display.

Maintenance and repair:

Last but not least, perimeter LED screens require regular maintenance and repair. So they can operate reliably and deliver high-quality content. It includes cleaning the display panels, replacing faulty components, and upgrading software.

We offer 3% spare parts for free for every project. In addition, you can purchase some more LED modules to keep as parts for repair. This way, it can make sure you can replace it without delay.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display


Stadium perimeter LED displays offer branding opportunities and enhance the overall spectator experience. They also generate revenue for teams and sponsors through perimeter advertising.

If you are looking for perimeter LED screens, contact us.

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