Common Cathode LED Display Technology

Common Cathode LED Display

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LED displays are now part of every industrial unit. But, with the advanced use of LED, we suffer problems related to cost. Expenses are a crucial part of any industry. Common cathode led displays proved to be successful in such cases. 

To overcome cost problems, we introduce a common cathode LED display. This display has an energy-saving effect. It reduces power consumption. It can save a lot of electricity costs every year. As the industry chain matures and stabilizes, we must consider the costs. 

If we focus on low cost, it puts the common cathode LED display into the public view. Its energy-saving effect can reach up to 30% to 70 %. This factor makes its use customary. Let us move forward with the article. 

Common Cathode LED Display

What is a common cathode LED display technology?

First, I will explain the common cathode LED display technology. And then, we will discuss its features and use.

In simple words, it refers to using a common cathode to power the LED display. It is energy-saving technology. It adopts the method of supplying power to the LED lamps R, G, and B (red, green, and blue) one by one. 

Three beads of different colors are present. These beads do not have the same current. In such a setup, the forward voltage drop is low. The internal resistance is smaller due to the low voltage drop.

Difference between the common cathode and anode LED display:

A technology somewhat like a common cathode is the common anode technology. But there are primary differences between the two. For example, they have different power and voltage supply mechanism. 

Power supply:

There are many scientific things in it. I will try my best to explain it in simple words. A common anode has the same power supply in three green, red, and blue beads. Thus, the same current flows through them. As a result, there is a significant forward drop in the circuit. 

In the case of the common cathode, the current passes through lamp beads first. The same current then passes through the negative electrode. In this way, forward voltage drop and internal resistance are low or reduced.

Different voltage supplies:

In the common cathode, R, G, and B beads have different currents and voltage. This is because it does not have a common supply. Thus, there is less loss of power in such a setup, and heat generated in this process is low.

There is the same voltage among the three beads in the common anode. In this case, the current is constant. When the current is constant, there will be higher voltage and higher power. So, we have greater power consumption and more heat produced.

Common Cathode LED Display

Why a common cathode LED display to produce less heat?

Let us discuss this factor. We have already discussed that a common cathode display has less power consumption. Low power consumption means low production of heat. Power consumption is 50% down in the common cathode compared to ordinary LED video wall.

Features of the common cathode LED display technology:

Now, I will explain the features of this technology:

Independent power supply:

In a common cathode LED display, we have precise electronic control. There are three beads red, green, and blue. They have different electronic characteristics. But, these beads have a common control system that is cathode IC.

Less heat production:

We have already discussed this feature. This is an essential feature. Due to this, there is low thermal resistance and less power consumption. This feature makes this display more useable. It has 20% less temperature as compared to an ordinary LED display.

True long-lasting color: 

There is no drift in wavelength in this technology. Furthermore, there is precise control over the voltage. As a result, there is less heat production and less power consumption. All these factors make it able to form a stable display with true colors.

Longer lifespan:

There is less energy consumption in the case of a common cathode LED display. Less energy consumption means less rise in temperature. Such factors will reduce the probability of LED damage. As a result, it enhances its life. Besides, it will make it more stable and reliable. As a result, the entire display system will be sound. And in this way, its life span increases.

Common Cathode LED Display

Advantages of common cathode LED display technology: 

Experts view this technology as more valuable. This is due to the following advantages:

1. Energy saving is always the main focus of any industry. It makes your product more environmentally friendly. It is the main advantage of common cathode LED display technology. It does so by lowering: 

  • Heat production
  • Power consumption
  • The temperature of the display screen

 This technology also provides effective heat dissipation.

2. It reduces the failure rate and operating cost — Low power consumption results in less loss of drive circuits. Hence, the operating cost of the display screen will reduce. In addition, if a display screen uses less power, there are fewer chances of failure. In this way, this technology saves the display screen from disaster. 

3. It has excellent waterproof and dustproof qualities. It has high fire resistance and protection from ultraviolet rays. It can withstand high temperatures. And it can work in water without any fault. 

4. The common cathode technology increases the lifespan of the display screen. Some studies suggest that it increases the lifespan by 2-5 times. But, it is not an absolute fact. 

5. It has a high refresh rate and high frame-changing speed. Its display box is tiny. And the display effect of the common cathode LED display is also good.

It is hard to achieve all the above benefits in one display product. However, the future of common cathode LED display technology is very bright. It just needs the efforts of the whole industry.

Common Cathode LED Display

How is common cathode LED display technology saving money?

The hype about the common cathode technology is due to its energy-saving property. And the money it can save from this feature. Here, you must be thinking about how this technology saves your money. So let me explain it to you. It minimizes your budget in three ways:

  • It reduces the use of electricity and operating costs. As explained above, the common cathode technology provides a precise power supply. By doing so, it controls the power consumption of the display screen. 
  • If the power consumption is low, the heat produced by the display screen is also low. Hence, there is less need for any cooling system. It also saves the cost of maintenance. 
  • Heat production damages the components of any electronic appliance. But as we all know, this technology causes less heat production. Thus, it increases the lifespan of the display screen.

Because of these features, the common cathode LED display technology is very cost-effective.

Applications of the common cathode LED display technology:

Experts call it the LED energy-saving display. And this is not without any reason. This technology reduces power consumption and operating costs. Due to this, its use in outdoor applications is very beneficial. 

Customers often put in this technology for outdoor LED displays. This is because such displays have a large display area. And they operate almost 24/7 all year. Hence, it can save a lot of money for such applications every year.

For now, you will often see common cathode technology for outdoor displays. 

Common Cathode LED Display

The trend of common cathode LED display technology:

The common anode LED display technology still holds 80% of the market. It is due to the high production cost of the common cathode technology.

But, in my view, its emergence is essential. You cannot ignore the energy-saving ability of this technology. The common cathode LED display is fast becoming the pillar of the LED display industry. But, there is still a very long way to go. It demands the joint efforts of the entire industry. 

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