How to Choose the Right LED Display for a Church?

Church LED Screen

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One cannot neglect the importance of LED displays, even in worship places. Hundreds of people attend the church every week. Without display screens, pastors wouldn’t be able to entertain such masses. Thus, LED displays are a must for churches.
But you cannot select a display screen without a hitch. Thus, significant knowledge is essential for choosing the right LED for a church. In this article, we will discuss the factors that help us in this selection.

The environment of the church:

The inside conditions of the church play an important role in choosing the right LED display. Due to their structure, there are lots of windows in most churches. These windows are a source of ambient light. Thus, choose an LED display with excellent brightness control. Such a display screen will be able to control this ambient light.
High brightness LED displays can be both good and bad. It’s a good thing in many cases. People can easily see the content even in the case of bright light. An LED display with good brightness and a high refresh rate is ideal. Yet, such immense brightness can make other things look dim. So choose wisely.
Church LED Screen

Installation place:

It is essential first to consider the site where you want to place the display screen. For example, we often see display screens on the church’s outside wall. You will need an LED display with extra protective gear in such cases. So that weather conditions cannot affect its performance.
For indoor use, we have three different possibilities. I will discuss them one by one.

Hanging installation:

In some churches, you will see hanging LED displays. It would need a hanging bar or a proper grip system to support such display screens. Thus, you will have to choose the LED display according to this.

Wall-mounted installation:

As the name indicates, the display screens are present on the church wall. Such type of installation needs LED displays with a flat back surface. So that you can place it on the church wall. This kind of installation has an advantage. It occupies little space and looks lovely in a church.

Ground installation:

Some churches have display screens installed on the steel or iron base from the ground. You will need an LED display fixable to such bases for such installation.
Choose the LED display that fits the type of installation you want.
Church LED Screen

Church space:

It is no science that you will have to consider the church space. If the church is large, you will need a large LED display. A small display screen would look weird in a large church. Moreover, such a screen will not be able to display the content to large masses.
For an average-sized church, use a medium or small-sized LED display.

Type of content that you want to display:

Often people don’t ponder on this point. They don’t consider the type of content the display screen will play. In my view, it is crucial to think about it. Otherwise, you will complain that the content on the display screen is blurry.
The reason behind this is that the content quality is not correct. For example, it is not accurate to put 720p content on a resolution screen over 2k. So you will have to match the content quality with the screen’s resolution. That’s why always choose the right LED display according to the type of content.

Pixel pitch:

I know what you are thinking. What is a pixel pitch? Pixel pitch is the distance between any two adjacent LEDs. It refers to the thickness of the pixels.
You will have to keep in mind the pixel pitch while choosing the LED display. A screen with a small pixel pitch can show the 1080p content in a small area. But, you will have to buy a large pixel pitch LED display for a larger space. Without this, you would not be able to exhibit high-quality content.
Church LED Screen

Viewing distance:

It is essential to note the distance to the front row while selecting an LED display. It will help you decide the pixel pitch of the display screen. From our experience, we recommend a 2.9mm or 3.9mm display screen for church applications.
Such a screen will be able to cover the issue of viewing distance from the front row. The viewing distance will help you determine the display structure that you want. For example, if the viewing distance from the back is significant, you need a giant LED display. So that everyone can watch the content on the display screen. If the viewing distance is less, a small-sized display screen can work.
Apart from this, it will help you decide on the resolution of the LED display. If the distance between the screen and the viewers is less, you will need a higher resolution screen. Such a display screen will have a high-quality picture. On the other hand, a lower-resolution LED display will be ideal if the viewing distance is significant.
From these points, I think you will get to know the importance of the viewing distance.

Product quality:

It is a wise saying that one should take quality over quantity. Sometimes, we go for cheap products to save a little money. But in the end, these cheaper products can become expensive for us. The same is the case here.
It would be best if you were looking for a reliable LED provider. A good quality LED display will last longer than an average display screen. It is my advice. You can save a whole of your money if you go for the quality of the product regardless of the initial cost.


There is a point where the price of any electronic appliance goes exponentially high. Thus, your budget will determine how high you can go for an LED display.
But don’t worry. Our company offers LED displays of top-notch quality at affordable prices. We have a team specialized in manufacturing such products. So we will not let you comprise on the product quality or the price.
Church LED Screen

Customer support:

Last but not least. It is another factor to consider while selecting an LED display for the church.
Customer service is vital in case of any mishandling or problem in the LED display. Many manufacturers have specialized in the LED display markets. They provide excellent technical help to the customer. At the same time, some manufacturers open up an LED business overnight. And then they disappear suddenly. In such cases, once your display gets broken, where will you go?
Thus, I recommend that you always choose an LED display from a reliable provider. Then, again, you can trust our company for excellent technical support.

Bottom Line:

You need to pay attention to the above points while choosing the display for a church. After this, it is simple. An LED display that meets the above criteria is best for the church.
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