Top 10 LED Screen Companies in Australia

LED Screen Companies in Australia

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There is a vast demand for display screens in almost every field of life. In each country, many new suppliers of displays are emerging. If there are many companies present, it increases the competition. Thus, each company offers the best products at affordable prices. Moreover, each company specializes in a particular product. 

This post will discuss the top 10 LED companies in Australia. 


It is one of the leading display technology companies in Australia. It is an established LED company being 100% Australian-owned. We can say that it is a leader in the LED signage industry in Australia. It proudly claims to have Australia’s largest mobile full-color LED sign fleet. Voxson offers a wide variety of permanent and rental products, including:

  • Outdoor LED signs
  • Mobile LED signs
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Interactive kiosks
  • LED traffic signs

Voxson has experienced IT and engineering personnel. Furthermore, there is a hands-on management team. It delivers and installs your LED solution at your location. You can either buy or rent quality display tech from Voxson. 

Being a professional company, Voxson provides an end-to-end solution to your problem. This end-to-end solution includes the following:43ewwe

  • Obtaining council permits
  • Design/construction of signs
  • Management of your advertising content
  • On-going service and maintenance

LED Screen Companies in Australia


This company brings more than 25 years of experience in the display industry. It designs and builds quality indoor and outdoor LED displays. Signtronic has a diverse and local customer base. This customer base also includes some of the leading retail and corporate companies. Signtronic has a manufacturing facility based in Sydney. It supplies a wide range of products all across Australia from this facility. These products include:

  • LED signage
  • Indoor LED display
  • Outdoor LED display
  • Retail LED screen
  • Transportation LED screens
  • Sports LED screens

Signtronic has the aim of keeping up with the latest innovations. It understands the needs and problems of clients. There’s no doubt that it is a leading company in this industry.

LED Screen Companies in Australia

Octopus LED screens:

This company deals with RGB LED screen technologies. Starting in 2008, it has mastered the art of building quality LED screens. Octopus LED screens believe in the principle of working through a method. This method has enabled this company to produce quality display screens. Moreover, this method has helped to ensure the timely execution of all jobs. It offers the following products:

  • Retail digital LED display
  • Pubs clubs’ digital LED display
  • LED signage displays
  • Schools’ and churches’ LED displays
  • Trailer-mounted LED displays
  • Corporate foyers LED displays
  • Digital LED facades

LED Screen Companies in Australia

Big Screen Video:

BSV can be your true partner in big display technology. This company has completed over 900 projects in 3 countries. It proudly claims to complete 3.6 installs per week. It aims to create moments and memories for people to remember. It is an Australian-based company with services even in New Zealand. With over a decade of experience, it is a fast-growing display company. It has the following products:

  • LED video walls
  • LED billboards
  • LED scoreboards
  • LED signage
  • LED ribbon boards
  • Flight information displays

BSV is the preferred supplier for JCDecaux, and oOh! Media. It has successful partnerships for three theme park projects: 

  • Village Roadshow
  • Wet n Wild
  • Movie World and Sea World 

It understands the client’s problem and provides practical and pragmatic advice. Big Screen Video believes in the following five values:

  • Utmost respect
  • No-receipt certainty
  • Doing things properly
  • Relationships
  • A sense of fun

LED Screen Companies in Australia

Buy LED Screens:

This company is a branch of OmegaLED Lights. It aims to supply the best products to clients at affordable rates. This company understands the dynamics of the LED display industry. That is why it is growing at such a rapid pace in the market. Buy LED screens offers the following products:

  • Outdoor LED screens
  • Indoor LED screens
  • Shelf LED screens
  • Transparent indoor LED screens
  • Cylindrical LED screens
  • Shop poster LED screens
  • Conference or Boardroom LED screens

Buy LED screens work on the prices of its products. Therefore, it provides affordable products as well as keeps quality high. Besides, this company offers lifelong maintenance packages depending on the projects.

LED Screen Companies in Australia

Aurora Signage:

This company has over 13 years of experience in the production of displays. It is a supplier of premium LED technologies. The sales and engineering team of Aurora Signage began in 2006. It has offices in Australia, and China. Aurora Signage offers the following products:

  • Indoor LED display
  • Outdoor LED display
  • Creative LED systems
  • Fine-pitch LED displays

LED Screen Companies in Australia

Event Pixels:

It is the distributor of quality LED displays and custom LED screens. This company provides complete technical support to its clients. Event pixels offers the following products:

  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Advertising LED displays
  • Transparent LED displays
  • Small-pitch LED displays
  • Irregular LED displays
  • Dance floor displays

LED Screen Companies in Australia

Epower Media:

EPOWER Media is the leading company in the field of mobile LED screens. It was the first company to introduce mobile displays in Australia in 2010. It is the top producer and supplier of mobile and fixed LED displays on trucks or trailers. Based in Sydney, it covers clients all across Australia. It also offers customized solutions for your problems. EPOWER Media has the following products to provide:

  • Mobile LED displays
  • LED trailer screens
  • LED screen billboards
  • Retail LED displays
  • Outdoor and indoor LED displays

EPOWER Media has increased the fleet of its LED screen vehicles. These vehicles are readily available in the following cities:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth

This company has its research and development team. This team is always busy looking for new tech and innovations. 

LED Screen Companies in Australia


It is a growing and leading display company in Australia and New Zealand. It is an expert in digital screen solutions with excellent end-to-end services. This company has particular expertise in the following:

  • Sports stadiums
  • Retail centers
  • Out-of-home advertising
  • Venues and offices
  • Events and party hire

This company has the expertise and experience to produce quality solutions. 

LED Screen Companies in Australia


Based in Brisbane, it is the leading supplier of LED displays and signage. It also provides customized display screens for rental purposes. Oi LED has the following products for its clients:

  • LED screen hire
  • Outdoor LED screen
  • LED installation & servicing
  • LED signs 
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Indoor LED displays
  • Events screens
  • LED advertising screens
  • Entertainment screens
  • Digital signage
  • LED billboards
  • Display screens for retail, corporate, and educational purposes
  • LED scoreboards 

This company has one of the best hire rates for display screens. Its experts work with the client to build the best LED solution. 

LED Screen Companies in Australia


We have discussed above the top 10 LED screen companies in Australia. There is no doubt about the demand and latest technologies in the display market. These two things increase the competition between the companies. As a result, each company brings out the best products. Furthermore, you can read which company provides the display solution that suits you. 

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