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LED Screen Rentals

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Have you ever seen a concert stage come alive with captivating visuals, or a corporate event take presentations to the next level? If so, you’ve probably experienced LED screen rentals in action. This guide will introduce you to LED screen rentals, a game changer in the event & entertainment industry.

What Are LED Screen Rentals?

Let’s talk about LED screen rentals. We actually sell these screens to clients who then rent them out locally. The name comes from their design. They’re lightweight, easy to set up and take down, and perfect for transport. And our customers can rent them out for events like concerts or conferences. It’s a great way to provide high-quality displays that are super convenient and versatile.

LED Screen Rentals

Types of LED Screen Rentals from Dreamway:

We have two main types of LED display screen rentals: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor LED Screen Rental:

For indoor events, you can always choose a suitable type from us. Our indoor rental LED screen delivers vibrant colors and sharp details. They are great for stage, conferences, trade shows, or product launches. The common types include P2.604, P2.976, and P3.91. They come in 500×500 mm and 500×1000 mm cabinet sizes, giving you flexibility in setup. You can even create curved LED screen panel with our adjustable-angle cabinets.

Outdoor LED Screen Rental:

If you are planning an outdoor event, you can consider our popular types of LED outdoor screen rental. They include P2.976, P3.91, P4.81. They can withstand any weather and still look amazing in daylight. You can choose either 500×500 mm or 500×1000 mm cabinet sizes. These designs make the setup quick and easy. Their weights are light. For instance, it is about 8 kg per cabinet with 500×500 mm, and about 15 kg per 500×1000 mm cabinet.

LED Screen Rentals

Advantages of LED Screen Rentals:

There are a lot of advantages of LED screen display rental:

Various Sizes and Types Available:

We have different sizes for you to choose from. If you need a smaller one, you can buy a screen with 1×1 meter, or bigger if you prefer a larger one. Besides, if you start with a smaller screen and want to go bigger later on, you can add more panels on it. As for types, we have various options for you, such as P1.953, P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81, and more.


Renting LED screens is like getting a fantastic deal on something you want. It’s cheaper than buying them. So you can get top-quality displays without spending too much. And it is especially perfect for people who only need LED screens for a few events.

Enhanced Audience Engagement:

LED screen rentals make your event like a captivating show. They can keep everyone hooked. With vibrant colors and dynamic content, your audience stays entertained and engaged. It’s all about creating memories that last.

Versatile Applications:

There are many applications of rental LED display screen. You can use them for meetings, trade shows, concerts, product launches, festivals, and so on. They add that wow factor. No matter what events are, LED screens make it look professional and exciting.

Quick Setup and Disassembly:

Setting up LED display screen rentals is not difficult. For example, it takes about 15 seconds to set up two 500×1000 mm cabinets. You can handle them quickly and efficiently. When the event is over, you can also take them down easily.

LED Screen Rentals

Applications of LED Screen Rentals:

Let’s come to the next part. We have talked about types and advantages of LED wall screen rental. Now we will discuss their applications.

Concerts and Music Festivals:

LED screens rentals have become necessary to concerts and music festivals from 2017. Everyone gets a great view, no matter where they are standing. The stage LED screen rental adds so much excitement. Your audience will have a truly spectacular experience.

Corporate Events:

For corporate events, we can say LED screen rentals are a must-have. They make presentations clear and captivating. You can use them for conferences, seminars, or product launches. Your audience will stay engaged and impressed. LED screens can help your message delivered effectively and can leave a lasting impact.

Outdoor Movies:

Hosting an outdoor movie night? Our outdoor rental LED screen is perfect for that. The screens provide a bright, clear picture under the stars. It’s a fun way to bring people together. They have high brightness (≥4,000 nits) and high refresh rates (≥3,840Hz). Even with bright lights around, the viewing experience is great. When you film with your phone, there is no annoying flicker. Everyone gets a great view, and the movie looks fantastic. Your outdoor movie night will be memorable and fun for all.

Weddings and Special Occasions:

LED wall screen rentals add a special touch to weddings and other celebrations. You can use them to play a series of beautiful stories about your journey together. Our wedding LED screen can help you create a unique and personal experience. Your guests will love the visuals, making your special day even more memorable and fun.

Sporting Events:

LED screens bring sporting events to life. They show clear replays, live scores, and vibrant visuals. Dreamway’s LED screen panels rental for sports make sure everyone catches the action, no matter where they are. The bright, high-quality display keeps fans excited and engaged. Fans will feel closer to the action, making every game more thrilling.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

LED display screen rentals are fantastic for trade shows and exhibitions. They make your booth stand out in the crowd. You can showcase your products, run demos, or display stunning graphics. People will be naturally drawn to your booth. LED screens help you connect with visitors and make your message memorable.

LED Screen Rentals

LED Screen Rentals Installation Process:

Here we will talk about the whole installation process of LED video screen rental.

Installation Preparation:

  1. Design the layout:
  • Plan the right LED screen size and layout for your venue.
  • Consider the viewing angles and audience to make sure everyone gets a great view.
  1. Calculate equipment needs:
  • Figure out how many LED screen wall rental you will need. For some concerts, it needs more than 1 screen to fulfill the needs.
  • Check the layout of power cables, signal cables, and other necessary equipment.
  1. Choose installation method:

Decide which installation method is more suitable, hanging or stacking. It depends on the venue environment, viewing experience, support structure and weight, etc.

  1. Prepare the team:

Provide your operation team training. It can ensure they know how to handle the screens safely and efficiently.

Installation Process:

  1. Unpack carefully:

Please pay much attention to the LED cabinets when taking them out from flight cases. Generally, mobile LED screen rentals are packed with flight cases. It can make the transportation much easier. During this process, you need to handle them very gently to avoid damaging the LED lamps on the edge.

  1. Set up the LED screen:

You can set up the screen now. If the supplier provides the LED panel screen rental with serial numbers attached, you can set up the screen according to these numbers. It can save your time, as you don’t need to configure again. Dreamway always attach serial numbers on all cabinets, so that our clients can set up the screen easier.

During this process, please make sure the cabinets are locked in place for a seamless display.

  1. Connect cables neatly:

Please connect power and signal cables in a clean and organized manner. Make sure all connections are secure to prevent any issue during the event. Dreamway provides 5~6 meters main power cables and 10~15 meters main signal cables in default.


After the event, you dismantle the event LED screen rental. You need to take care during this step. Then you can store the cabinets in flight cases. Keep them in a dry, cool storage area.

LED Screen Rentals

How to Control an LED Screen Rental?

In this part, we will discuss how to control your LED screen display rental. Here are some steps:

  1. Connect the power:
  • Find the power port on the sending controller. There are different brands in the market. You can ask the supplier to equip the one you prefer, or the supplier will recommend according to their experience.
  • Connect the power cable between this controller and the city power, and turn on the controller.
  • Check if the power indicator light is on, so to confirm the controller is powered on.
  1. Connect the playing equipment:
  • Find the same video outputs or inputs on the playing equipment (such as control PC) and the sending controller. Common input ports include HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.
  • Connect the corresponding video cable between the playing equipment and the controller.
  • Check the small LCD on the controller to see whether these ports are connected well or not. If connected, it will show connected.
  1. Connect the LED screen rental:
  • Find the ethernet port outputs on the controller. Use the ethernet cable that the supplier provides to connect them with the LED screen. Generally, one ethernet output can support 650,000 pixels at most.
  • Check whether the LED video screen rental can show contents correctly. If not, check the video output on the controller. Besides, make sure the rcfg file is correct.
  1. Play the contents:
  • Open the video, image, or other contents on your playback device. And they will show up on the LED screen in real time.
  • Use the Menu button on the sending controller to enter settings. Generally, we set everything up for you in advance. You don’t need to adjust settings unless you have different requirements on the site.

LED Screen Rentals

Factors Influencing LED Screen Rental Prices:

There are many factors to affect LED screen rental prices. We will discuss them in this part.

  1. Screen size and resolution:

If the same pixel pitch type, the LED screen rental cost is more for a bigger one. Also, if the same size, it will cost more for a smaller pixel pitch LED screen. For example, a 8×12 LED screen rental of P2.976 is more expensive than that of P3.91 type.

  1. Installation method:

How you install the LED screen affects the price. Generally, there are two installation methods: hanging and stacking. It needs trusses and hanging beams if you will hang the screen, and it requires floor standing structure for stacking installation.

  1. Rental duration:

Renting an LED screen for a day or two is great for one-time events. However, it is expensive per day. If you rent longer, such as a week or a month, you can get some discounts. It means it is cheaper per day. Because you don’t need to set up the LED screen for many times.

  1. LED screen rental services range:

If you have no experience of renting LED screens, we suggest you choose full-service rentals. It includes installation, testing, maintenance, and dismantling. Although full-service costs you more, it can make sure your events can be held smoothly.

  1. Brand and quality:

Different brands and quality levels also come with different prices. Famous brands will charge more. High-quality LED screens can last longer. They are a good investment if you plan to use them often.

  1. Region and market:

Except for the above common factors, we can’t ignore this aspect either. Demand can count a lot in your area to decide the rental prices. High demands generally cause higher prices.

LED Screen Rentals

Tips to Start an LED Screen Rental Business:

If you are planning to step into LED screen rental business, you may read the following guidance we provide.

  1. Provide quality products and services:

Choose LED screens from reputable brands or reliable suppliers. It can ensure high quality and good after-sales service. Besides, use LED screen panels rental with easy maintenance. If you have enough budget, you can consider our portable LED screen rental without cables inside cabinets. It reduces the defective rate and saves a lot of time in maintenance and setup.

  1. Understand your customer needs:

It is the basic need. You should know your customer’s purpose, venue, budget, size, and viewing distance from the beginning. Then you can recommend the suitable type based on indoor or outdoor application. The most popular type used for LED screen rentals is P3.91, no matter outdoor or indoor. It is because this type is very competitive, and there are many designs to choose. The common cabinet sizes are 500×500 mm and 500×1000 mm. The latter one is cheaper.

  1. Offer flexible rental solutions:

Although the common type for LED display screen rentals is P3.91, there are other different types to choose, such as P2.604, P2.976, P4.81, etc. So you can keep different types as stock. It can meet different budgets and needs for your clients. You can provide a variety of LED screen sizes, resolutions, and rental durations for them.

  1. Focus on logistics and time planning:

Before the event, you should create a detailed logistics plan with your clients. It includes transport, delivery, and dismantling schedules. You need to ensure timely installation to avoid impacting the client’s event schedule.

  1. Pay attention to the packaging and storage:

Use protective packaging materials to carefully pack each LED panel screen rental. Generally, we provide flight cases to pack them. It is very convenient to transport, and can protect the panels inside well. Besides, you should store LED screens in dry, ventilated environments for long-term storage. And you need to perform regular inspections to make sure they can operate well in the next event.

LED Screen Rentals

Rent or Buy LED Screens: Which is Better for Your Event?

To answer this question, here we will discuss their advantages.

  • Advantages of renting LED screens:
  1. Cost-effective: Renting an LED screen is cheaper than buying one generally, especially it is for one-time or infrequent events. You only need to pay short-term rental fees without high costs to purchase and maintain an LED screen.
  2. Flexible choices: As we have discussed above, LED screen rental companies offer various sizes, resolutions, and types. You can choose a suitable type based on your event’s needs.
  3. Free from worry: LED screen rental companies also provide professional installation, operation, and technical support. You don’t need to worry about transport, storage, or maintenance.
  4. Access to latest technology: Renting LED screens allows you to use the newest LED display technology. It develops very fast in this field. One cabinet design can be outdated after two or three years. Or, the refresh rate has been improving in these several years. Before, we can achieve 3,840Hz only. Now, it is even no problem to get 7,680Hz refresh rate. The display effect will be much better.
  • Advantages of buying LED screens:
  1. Cost-effective for frequent use: If you need to use LED screens for multiple events a year, buying an LED screen can be more economical than renting one. You can consult LED screen suppliers from China to get prices to buy an LED screen, and compare to the LED screen rental company price to rent.
  2. Full control: If you have your own LED screen, you can use them anytime. You don’t need to check with the LED screen rental company to see when you can rent, and make a schedule according to their time.
  3. Asset ownership: Buying an LED screen means it becomes your asset. It is like a house. If you buy a house, you own it. It is your asset. You can decide to see or rent out later for extra income.

LED Screen Rentals


In this article, we discussed all aspects of LED screen rentals. We hope you can get some useful information when making a decision to rent an LED screen.

Dreamway sells LED screen rentals. If you plan to buy one to rent to your clients at the local, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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