What is an LED Floor Screen?

LED Floor Screen

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LED displays have taken the world by storm. They are beneficial in almost every aspect of our life. New and new technologies are arriving at the same time. There are such wide varieties of display screens that we can’t even count. In this post, I will discuss the LED floor screen.

What is an LED floor screen?

As the name indicates, we install these screens on the ground. This type of display enhances public attraction towards events like concerts. Thus, we can find their usage in events, exhibitions, and shopping malls.

There is no compromise on their performativity. Like other LED displays, it can display high-definition and dynamic images.

The most distinguishing feature is its load-bearing capacity. It can bear heavy loads up to 2,000 KG or more for a single force-bearing point. We can drive a car over it. There will be no effect on its performance after taking such a heavy load.

LED Floor Screen

Another important feature offered by such LED floor screens is interactivity. When people touch, there is an instant response. Moreover, it gives feedback in real time. So, this feature makes it more captivating.

Moreover, it is waterproof. It has high brightness. So it is suitable for installation outdoors and indoors.

In my option, it is one of the best options to attract traffic. We can effectively increase public interest via dynamic displays.

Forms of LED floor screens:

Let us discuss the different forms of floor LED screens. There are two forms which include:

  • Traditional mode
  • Interactive mode

Let’s have a brief description of both forms.

Traditional LED floor screen:

In this type of screen, we can achieve similar effects. We can make it possible by pre-designing videos. But, the use of such is tricky. We need specialized staff for its functioning. It is because on-site activities are full of many uncertain factors.

So the specialized staff handles on-site video playback. The team is responsible for its proper adjustments. So it has a drawback because it consumes many human resources.

Interactive LED floor display:

This type of display is opposite to the traditional mode. We find it free from labor costs. As you know, we do not need any on-site staff for its adjustments. Moreover, we do not need to hire someone to take responsibility for playback videos.

It can entirely rely on the design of the video playback source. It shows interactivity. It has suitable sensors. It can detect touch and gives feedback. So it can collect the interactive points of the audience. This mode offer communication between people and the screen. So people can interact in real-time. This mode is more appealing and has an immersive impact on people’s minds.

How does it work and differ from a typical display screen?

It is a display screen having interactive features. Like other floor screens, we install them on the ground of any building. We can input commands on the LED screen through physical movement, also. As the movement changes, different content can start playing. In this way, we can interact with the screen.

In the case of a standard display screen, it mainly plays a display role. We can input the commands by using the control. In contrast, interactive screens can sense instructions.

Installation of LED floor screen:

We will discuss here one essential and standard installation procedure for these screens. This method is:

  • Measure the location where you want to install the floor LED screen. Then, buy a display screen accordingly.
  • Install the structure.
  • Establish an underground ventilation system.
  • Then, install the screen cabinet.
  • Connect all the wires carefully.
  • Finally, connect the control system and power it on.

LED Floor Screen

Advantages of LED floor screen:

Now I will focus on the advantages of floor LED screens. These screens have a range of benefits. Besides, it has some features which make it unique from the other displays.

  • Strong adaptability
  • Eye-catching interactive features
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Multipurpose
  • Excellent display performance
  • No need for additional devices
  • Multipoint response
  • Fast reaction
  • Real-time picture effect according to human body activities
  • Ultra-high strength
  • Wear resistant

Now I would like to explain these features one by one. So let us start.

Strong adaptability:

It can withstand massive pressure. It has a wide temperature range. Moreover, it is waterproof. All these features make them adaptive to the required circumstance.

Other adaptive features include a wide viewing angle and adjustable brightness. Besides, it can make clear images.

The best feature offered by such LEDs is load-bearing capacity. It also has an anti-skid ability. Due to such features, we find such LEDs more applicable in harsh environments. For example, we can apply it to large-scale exhibitions. These include auto shows, large squares, and places with large passenger flow.

LED Floor Screen

Eye-catching interactive feature:

This feature is an innovative one. Unlike other displays, they have sense detectors. In short, we can say they offer interactive entertainment. For example, when people step on the LED floor, they can interact in real-time. It is all because of the smart chip on the sensor present in the LED display. It can capture the user’s real-time movement.

This feature shows accuracy in displaying effects. Moreover, its displaying results are flexible. They capture the human steps and display effects accordingly. I must say this is a unique experience so far. We have never experienced such an effect in any other display.

When we offer such enchanting experiences, foot traffic increases automatically.

Easy to install and operate:

It adopts a modular design that we can quickly assemble. All we need to do is to connect the cabinet with a bracket. The installation process is complete after this simple connection.

We use brackets to hold the cabinet. All other accessories are present at the bottom of the screen.

Its assembling seems relatively easy, and so is disassembling. It is far easy to disassemble the LED floor screens. We can use a suction cup for this purpose.

A simple installation structure makes maintenance very convenient. For example, if the screen gets dirty, you can clean it via mop.

So we must say it offers fast installation. It can immediately deliver the fun of interactive LED floors to your desired space.

LED Floor Screen


This feature makes these screens cost-effective. In addition, we can use these screens for other purposes rather than making only floors.

We can place the screen upright and use it like regular LED screens. So we can use them in weddings, stage, and concerts. For investment, it could be the best choice. Leasing industries can take advantage of this feature.

Besides, it has high brightness. Its surface has matte PC masks covered. Covering does not lower its brightness. Its brightness can reach up to 4,000 nits. This feature allows flexibility in the ambient environment. It simply ignores ambient lights and performs well.

Excellent display performance:

Its display performance can beat the level of regular LED displays. They have large viewing angles. Their brightness is high enough to ignore ambient lights. Moreover, it offers sharp and clear images.

LED Floor Screen

No need for additional devices:

This feature is also cost-effective. We do not need many devices for the LED floor for its setup. We only need some support bases.

Multipoint response:

These screens can respond to different touches at the same time. For example, many people are standing on the floor. This screen is responsive to every touch of every individual. All this co-occurs without any delay.

Fast reaction:

These screens are fast to react. They are responsive to each touch without any delay. People can experience a smooth display. They don’t show any lag.

Real-time picture effect according to human body activities:

We have already discussed this feature. But this is a unique feature. It offers real-time output. Real-time output means the video doesn’t take much time to render.

Picture effect results from an act done by the human standing on it. Thus, it doesn’t take long to generate and displays the output as soon as an input happens.

Ultra-high strength:

These screens are adaptive to bear loads. These are of ultra-high strength. It is durable and reliable.


It is resistant to harsh conditions. It is good at resisting any water damage or scratches. Moreover, it is of high strength, so do not crack easily. It is highly adaptable to stress.

It has some unique advantages that other LED displays do not have.

These include:

  • Anti-stomping property
  • Anti-compression property
  • Anti-scratch property
  • Besides, it has excellent load ratings and toughness.

Differences between advertising and floor LED screen:

You all are pretty familiar with the advertising LED screens. However, most of you are not well aware of floor LED screens.

So, I will tell you the differences between these screens. Three different aspects differentiate them. It includes:

  • Site or Surrounding requirements
  • Functioning Difference
  • Positioning and Outcome Difference

Let me explain these differences.

Site or surrounding requirements:

For advertising LED screens, the place of installation is essential. You first have to select where you would install the screen. Location will ensure to what extent your advertising will be successful.

Places with high traffic loads are usually preferred. First, it is because we can quickly grab the audience’s attention. It is because such sites offer a high rate of potential customers. So we select places that have a high exposure rate.

When it comes to floor LED screens, we do not have to worry about the place of installation. Its fun experience is enough to grab attention. We can attract more customers by providing a fun experience. Thus, these screens don’t demand installation in a high-traffic place. Instead, they can get high traffic around them when people find them entertaining.

LED Floor Screen

Functioning difference:

We present advertising LED screens on the outer wall of buildings and shopping malls. Their function is to advertise effectively. Other effects include data displaying and photo and video playing.

You can use them as sign boards and other purposes to inform the public. Moreover, the display combines sound effects. Therefore, it can attract attention in a better way.

When it comes to floor LED screens, we can say that they perform similar functions. Their displaying and magnification functions have no difference. But it does not provide this function only. It has an updated feature. It has an intelligent interactive role. This feature tends to make it different from advertising LED screens.

Positioning and outcome difference:

Advertising LED screens serve to publicize a brand or business. Their positioning revolves around advertising a single brand near the business district. For instance, we put them in shopping malls to promote different brands. People come and get knowledge of the respective brand. So by these screens, we can promote our brand. We urge people to make purchases. The outcome of these screens depends upon the brand that it is promoting.

Now, if we talk about floor LED screens, they do not serve any brand. We do not have to position it for the brand it will advertise. Instead, due to its unique feature, it can attract more audiences. These can attract more customers and gather them in public places. We can get high foot traffic in shopping malls and public squares by installing these LEDs.

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