What is an LED Video Wall, and How It Works?

LED Video Wall

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People are using digital displays for advertising and promotion. You can display text, images, video, and animation graphics. LED screens are on a roll for this purpose.

As they can display the content in many different ways, they are a real attention grabber. In this post, I will discuss what LED video walls are. Then, we will discuss how they work and their benefits and uses.

First, let us know what the LED wall is.

What is an LED video wall?

It is a large screen that consists of light-emitting diodes. These diodes can display visual content like videos and images.

It gives apprehension of the giant luminous wall. There is continuity in the wall with no junction visible. So, it can cover the whole wall in continuity. It then displays different videos and other forms of graphics.

LED Video Wall

Initially, people used these walls outdoors, beginning as monochrome. But now we use RGB LED color. Due to this innovation, the LED field has changed a lot.

Now we will discuss the construction of the pixels, which are the basis of the LED wall.

Construction of pixel:

With the improvement in the LED market, there is also an improvement in pixel densities. Thus, the gap that once separated LCD and LED is now closing. Furthermore, they tend to add shades between the lights to reduce reflectance.


The LED display consists of several LED display modules mounted on a flat panel. Thus, we must keep the average viewing distance in mind while installing.

For people to watch it closely, you need a finer pixel pitch. A pixel in an LED video wall and one SMD (surface mount device) are equal. We can get the number of pixels per square using the pitch. So, the distance between each SMD LED determines the pixel pitch.

LED Video Wall

How do LED video walls operate?

No doubt, LED video walls are pretty impressive. They attract a lot of people. But, many wonder how these devices work. How do these video walls display content? How do these walls have so much clarity and brightness?

You must be pondering these questions. Let me explain the working of the LED video wall in simple words. It consists of many panels aligned together. You can show the content over different displays at the same time. It helps to produce and display content without interruptions.

Structure of LED video walls:

Video walls consist of multiple panels. Other smaller modules have RGB light on them. The light emitting diodes LEDs emit the light. A black plastic housing surrounds them. Thus, these LED video walls have a high contrast ratio. Due to this, LED walls are suitable for outdoor and indoor advertising.

LED Video Wall

Image resolutions of LED video walls:

The screen resolution refers to the number of pixels a screen can show. It is the LED screen pixel in length multiply the pixel in height. Pixel pitch plays an essential role for LED panels in LED video walls. Outdoor video walls generally have a wider pixel pitch due to two reasons:

The viewing distance for outdoor displays or video walls is more than for indoor ones.

Due to greater viewing distance, there is difficulty in determining the individual LED.

When the viewing distance is less, it will have a finer pitch.

Control system of LED video wall:

Generally, the control system of LED video walls is synchronization control. In this control system, the screen displays the content in real-time. The computer sends the content, and the screen shows it. The display screen will not show the content when the computer is off.

Along with this control system, there is a video processor added. It gets the input signals like HDMI, DVI, SDI, etc.

LED Video Wall

Hardware controller:

The benefit of these operating controls is that it has high performance. It is reliable. But the hardware controller doesn’t have flexibility. For example, you cannot show more than one display on the video wall with the hardware only.


The software is an essential component of LED video walls. There are two types of software. One is control software. We can configure the video wall using this one. The other one is play software. It is to show content.

Some universal software includes Novastar, Linsn, Colorlight, etc. They have various general functions:

  • Setting the display window

You can open either software mentioned above, for example, Novastar VPlayer. Choose the display option. Set the position, size, and other settings of the display.

  • Locking screen

You can use this option to make the screen stay in its current status.

  • Setting system information

In this option, you can choose the language and sync time. You can enable the network time. You can turn off the video volume and many other options.

  • Checking software information

You can see the information such as copyright and version of the VPlayer.

  • Using VPlayer help

In this option, you can visit the following:

  1. Logs
  2. Clear cache
  3. System information
  4. Playback environment

Types of video walls:

Due to extensive use, the demand for video walls is increasing daily. There are different types of video walls.

LCD video wall technology:

It is the blend of multiple LCDs to show the content. There are liquid crystals present. When electric current passes, the crystals shift to let light pass through. In this way, it creates an image.

Crystals don’t emit light directly. Instead, behind the crystals, some LEDs act as backlighting. As a result, these screens have fewer bezels.

LED Video Wall

Indoor LED video wall:

Indoor LED walls contain surface-mounted LEDs. It can display content at a high resolution. These indoor walls are available in various shapes, including curved ones.

Indoor video walls are common in use in various fields, including:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Indoor advertisement

LED Video Wall

Blended projection video wall systems:

In this, there is the use of different projectors. This multi-projector system has relatively high resolution. It can generate images of different shapes and sizes. These images are of high resolution compared to a single projector’s resolution. We can get a picture of any shape and size.

LED Video Wall

Benefits of LED video walls:

Before doing anything, everyone always thinks, why should we do this? We always find benefits. So is the case, you must think, why should you buy and install video walls?

Here I will tell you the benefits of using these video walls. We have a list of benefits, and I will share them with you individually. Here is the list of benefits:

  • Grabs attention
  • Used for various purposes in offices
  • Different types of content simultaneously
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries
  • Flexible installation
  • Support content customization
  • Increase sales
  • Improve customer experience

Grab attention:

As their size is large, they can quickly get the attention of potential customers. So, it can be an ideal tool for informational campaigns or advertising. Moreover, due to flashing visuals, it is hard to ignore by the public.

Used for various purposes in offices:

We can make these walls work for us, which the employees usually do. A single display can save us time and labor. We can display the necessary information on it. The report usually includes the staff who typically answers that.

Different types of content simultaneously:

It makes it possible to display different contents at once. For example, a campus can simultaneously use a video wall to display maps and school events.

Suitable for a diverse group of industries:

Due to diversity in size and price, we can use them for both large and medium businesses. We can find its application in corporate offices, hotels, schools, churches, and houses.

Installation is flexible:

There is great diversity in their design, so they are flexible to install. For example, these can curve to fit in corners.

Support content customization:

You can easily customize the content. Besides, it will support having different displays at the same time. For example, restaurants can display other content at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time.

Can increase sales:

Its role in business is always prominent. For example, we can increase sales vastly by using these video walls.

Can improve the customer experience:

We can increase customer satisfaction scores through these video walls. These walls can give more information to the customer. The chances of buying will increase significantly by installing these video walls.

LED Video Wall

Use of LED video walls:

Now you must be wondering what the purpose of these video walls is. Let me tell you about its usage in daily life. There are different aspects of life where we found its use. There is diversity in its use because you can design them depending on their intended use. Though its primary role always is an advertisement. Different industries tend to make them active in their daily routine. These features include:

  • Captivating nature
  • Seamless graphics transitions
  • Ease of customization

All these features collectively made these walls more operational. Here is the list of some uses of video walls:

Amusement parks:

One of its main features is to provide clear graphics with seamless transitions. So, they tend to deliver thrilling moments to amusement parks. We can also use it to display videos to the public gathered in the garden to have fun. This display in the park is also made possible by counting the laps covered by the person. We can deliver visual messages and advertise different products.


Here comes another area where LED video walls found their extensive uses. In the church, there is a large audience with which you have to engage. It can make possible by using LED walls. We can fit them in such a place where everyone can see them or have access to it. Everyone in this Holy gathering likes to have a visual experience of what is happening. These walls provide visual communication for the religious song. We can display the verses on the screens. In this way, everyone can read the poem and understand it easily.

LED Video Wall


I believe the most important service offered by these walls is an advertisement. A business is nothing without advertising or promotion. It can only flourish if you have access to your clients. These screens become a communication bridge between the audience and the businessman. So, the best role these walls can play is advertising. We can apply them for both outdoor and indoor advertising services. Outdoor LED video walls can capture the attention of the expected customers. For outdoor displays, they can efficiently work in sunlight. By adjusting their brightness, they can work under any amount of light. There is a smooth transition between the frames due to the absence of bezels. Due to these aspects, we can advertise outdoors and indoors.

Shows, cinemas, and events:

LED walls are the mean of entertainment as well. For a music artist and a cinema hall, they are precious assets. Due to their captive nature, they found many applications in different areas. For instance, we use them in night concerts due to their captivating visual flashes. Moreover, the audience is always eager to see the artist. Thus, LED video walls prove to help give intensified experience. Through these LED walls, they can view the artist and their movements. Such an experience can better engage the audience.

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