What is Creative LED Display and Its Types?

Creative LED Display

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The world is moving ahead at an incredible pace. As a result, the advertising and display industry has progressed a lot. But this field has to reinvent itself to match the needs of the modern world. And no doubt, related manufacturers and companies are working hard for innovative technologies.

Due to these efforts, we have creative LED displays. This post will discuss these display screens and their different aspects.

What is a Creative LED Display?

It is a specially shaped screen. We can cut and transform it based on a conventional rectangular screen. It has good flexibility to adapt to the overall structure. We can adjust it to a complex installation environment.

Creative LED Display

These screens allow you to bring creativity to your environment. You can customize it according to your need. You can get a unique visual experience for your audience. These screens can bring your creativity to the next level. They include:

  • Curved
  • Diamond
  • Spherical
  • Brackets
  • Magic cube
  • Cylinder

These screens are more functional if we compare them with traditional displays. You can better attract the audience. It can bring innovation to the field of LED designs. You can make different designs according to your own will.

Creative LED Display

Applications of creative LED screens:

We all are now familiar with LED displays. The technology in this area is adapting well. But, it is in the stage of development and growth. Due to expansion, we now have a different segment of displays in the market. It includes floor display screens, football field screens, creative LED screens, etc.

We have progressed a lot in the display world. These creative displays are the result of the development of LED display technology.

Due to creative display screens, the concept of the rectangular display screen is no more. Now, the commercial display has become better and promoted. We can widely use them in commercial occasions like:

  • Bars
  • Shopping malls
  • Squares
  • Performing art venues
  • Outdoor media
  • Exhibition halls
  • Other high-density crowd places

In short, we have a wide range of applications for such display screens. Moreover, we have various installation sites. Due to aesthetic appreciation, we have more market demand for creative display screens. In addition, it has other features like brightness, color fidelity, and energy consumption.

Creative LED Display

Types of creative LED displays:

Creative displays have given us new directions. These displays have provided new ways to use this technology. Like other display screens, there are many types. We classify them into:

  • Flexible LED display screen
  • Transparent LED screen
  • LED cube display
  • Dance floor LED display
  • LED curved screen
  • Mask-shaped LED display
  • Diamond-shaped LED display
  • Spherical-shaped LED display

Flexible LED screen:

It is also referred to as a soft LED screen due to its flexibility. These screens are bendable. We can install them at the curved installation site. So here comes its first application. It finds its application where we usually can not install traditional screens. Traditional screens are stiff; we can not adjust them at curved sites. According to specific needs, we can splice them into the following forms:

  • Curved LED screens
  • Cylindrical LED screens
  • Floating Ribbon LED screens

There are also other forms; it all depends on the structure in which we want to install them. Its site application includes hotels, stages, shopping malls, sports stadiums, and concerts. We especially find their application in places with irregular buildings and structures.

Creative LED Display

Transparent LED screens:

Such screens offer you a unique type of technology. It adopts stunning transparent glass display technology. We can install them at business places with glass windows. Other structures which we can use include glass curtain walls. Mostly we find its application in large indoor shopping malls. Via this, we can attract audiences quickly.

Moreover, people find it more fascinating as compared to the traditional ones. We can then maintain the original appearance of the location. It will give the audience a more exciting visual experience.

Creative LED Display

LED cube display:

This type of screen offers you a forward fashion appearance. These screens seek the attention of a lot of customers. It has four sides at which you can display your content. In this way, we can display enlarged content. Moreover, it offers various installation sites.

We can find such screens in shopping malls. We can also witness its applications in other public places. It is the best addition to your business. You can now better attract the audience. You have to know more opportunities to install them with different methods.

Creative LED Display

Dance floor LED screen:

In this part, we will discuss another type of creative screen. We can use these screens as dance floors. It is its application that makes it more workable.

It is the unique and fascinating one. When people step on it, there will be display effects. People find it amazing. It would be an excellent experience for people to have such screens. So they can better enjoy the event. We can bring our events to the next level by using such screens. So it is the best way to control the mood of the people. We can also make sure everyone has a good time. All this will ensure that our event is successful.

There are many benefits of using such screens in your event. They will ensure that your event will go off without a hitch. For example, we can customize it with great flexibility. We can impress people deeply.

You can control the whole video if you have displays at your event. For example, you can make people more enthusiastic about the event via lightning. You can make a retro dance theme by lighting the dance floor. People find it more exciting and will be ready for anything. Moreover, we can gain potential customers if we use them in shopping malls. It will leave an innovative impression on your customers.

All these screens, as mentioned above, contain abundant creativity. We all know creativity is always eye-catching. So your need to attract people can now be more accessible due to these screens. They can play an advertising role perfectly. They can easily catch the eyes the first time. They have the incredible ability to display detailed content.

The market is growing due to innovative ideas for installation.

LED curved screen:

These display screens are one of the most commonly used creative screens. We use these curved screens to create bends at corners. We divide these screens into two types:

  • Inner curved screen
  • Outer curved screen

We classify into these two types based on two points:

  • Limitation of exterior wall
  • The demand for curved visual effect

These display screens find applications in cinemas, conference rooms, etc.

Creative LED Display

Mask-shaped LED display:

You may have seen people with face masks on the TV or the internet. These face masks are mask-shaped LED displays. It is a new trend on the rise. And no doubt, it has become an explosive one.

Manufacturers have created and designed these displays based on culture and modernity. But the structure of these displays is very complex. It is due to the different shapes of the human face. Thus, though this product is widespread, the difficulty in its production is massive.

Creative LED Display

Diamond-shaped LED display:

It is another type of creative LED display. As the name indicates, this diamond shape is mainly for creative purposes. These displays find applications in bars, discos, and exhibition halls. Such places have DJ stands where we use these displays.

We can use a straight-shaped module as a triangle to form the diamond shape for these displays. And P3 indoor screen is the most commonly used for these displays.

Creative LED Display

Spherical LED display:

It is a type of creative display with a ball-like shape. These displays have a 360-degree viewing angle. They can display the content in all directions. Undoubtedly, these displays’ design and manufacturing processes are complex. If this process is not correct, it can cause problems such as:

  • Surface fixation of the module
  • The flatness of the splicing
  • Affect on the visual experience

These display screens are available in various sizes and pixel pitches. They have many applications, such as:

  • Shopping malls
  • Outdoor plazas
  • Building broadcasts
  • Exhibitions
  • Science and technology museums
  • Hotel lobby
  • Showrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Stadiums

Creative LED Display

Features of Creative LED display:

Easy installation:

These LED displays are straightforward to install. They have a one-step installation method. First, we install these displays using magnetic suction. This method is the same as that of a simple indoor screen.

Every customer has some unique needs for displays. The company manufactures the screen according to these needs. The cabinet cable is reliable and firm, connected by a quick coupling. We can hang, lift, and mount these displays.

City landmarks:

Creative displays can be a demonstration of urban landmarks. We can use these screens to represent the culture of the area. We can use them to create a vibe or hype in the area. For example, we can use them to present the following:

  • Landscape
  • Architecture
  • Symbols of cities

These displays can blend with the buildings perfectly. It can create a whole new atmosphere in the city center. In addition, these displays can give the area an aesthetic and artistic look.

Creative LED Display

Visual experience:

Creative displays have excellent display ability. As the name indicates, these displays are different from normal ones. The innovative and creative design fits perfectly with the colorful content. It helps to attract people. People note such display screens more.

Creative things can attract our attention more quickly. In this age, you should stand out differently from others. Otherwise, people will ignore you. Thus, these displays help a lot, especially in advertising.

Higher technical requirements for R&D and production process:

These display screens have unique designs and structures. As a result, the technical requirements are more. If the manufacturing process is not up to the standard, there will be problems.

For example, there will be a discontinuous splicing surface and a large seam gap. Due to these, there will be an uneven appearance. It will affect the visual experience. As a result, we lose the primary purpose of display. Thus, the technology should be excellent. All the requirements should be present. It includes the R & D capability. And there are also higher specifications for the production process.

Better modeling ability:

When there is a problem with seam and flatness, it can result in the following:

  • Inconsistent display
  • Mosaic problem
  • The poor overall effect of the LED display

We can resolve this issue with special-shaped modules. It includes trapezoid and triangle-shaped modules. Using these modules, we can produce the following:

  • Spherical LED displays
  • Diamond LED displays
  • Gem-shaped LED displays
  • Star-shaped LED displays
  • Other regular or irregular geometric graphics LED displays

These specially shaped modules enable creative displays to have better modeling ability.

Creative LED Display


I have tried the above to give you a basic understanding of creative displays. What are the features and applications of creative LED displays? Of course, these display screens are a great addition to the display industry. They provide us with new innovative ways of using display screens. Please get in touch with us if you have yet to book a creative LED screen.

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