7 Tips for Installation of LED Displays

LED Screen Installation

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Installing a device can be a very delicate process. If the installation goes wrong, it can affect the device’s functioning. There are many factors that we have to take into account during the installation.

The same is the case with LED displays. It would help if you considered certain factors, whether the indoor or outdoor screen. I will share a few tips on how to install a display screen.

  • Be aware of the environmental factors.
  • Please take a look at the installation site and plan according to it.
  • Focus on the viewing angles.
  • Select the installation method.
  • Ensure tight connection between LED cabinets.
  • Preventive measures.
  • Additional Remarks.

Be aware of the environmental factors:

The environment is the first thing we need to tackle during installation. There are many environmental factors to consider about the setup of LED screens. There are many types of LED screens available in the market. First, look at the conditions where you want to install the screen. Then, buy the display screen according to these conditions. We suggest you get the LED screen with protective features for this environment. Let us move forward.

First, we have to check the light emitting range and luminance acceptance ability. Next, we have to consider the condition of the ground. The workforce should keenly observe every piece of equipment before use.

For smooth installation, a uniform hoisting scheme is necessary. All this will result in a standard and stable structure. We also have to do different measures in different situations.

LED Screen Installation

Waterproof design for outdoor LED display:

We were discussing environmental factors and the field survey above. Let’s continue it. The installation location should not have water standing there. And secondly, the LED display must be waterproof. Also, we need a sound drainage system to discharge the gathered water.

For a good quality outdoor LED display, we need to make it waterproof. We are dealing with electronic devices. If it is not waterproof, it can lead to a short circuit. It can also lead to catching fire. There could be a severe disaster. Fire hazards will lead to significant losses.

Moreover, moisture is not suitable for smooth LED displays. It can cause corrosion of the equipment. Any damage will lead to affect the quality of the display.

Temperature regulation:

After water, heat is the next major environmental challenge that we face. High temperatures can badly affect the performance of LED displays. We need to install a ventilation system for proper working. We have to keep the display screen cool. The internal temperature should be between -10℃ and 40℃.

For this purpose, we can install an axial flow fan. We have to protect our display from overheating. The installation of a fan above the back will discharge the heat.

During the operation, the LED screen will generate heat. If the cooling system is ineffective in eliminating heat, it can burn down. It will make the display unable to work. Thus, it is crucial to regulate the temperature of the display screen.

Installation of lightning arrestors:

Lightning is also a factor we need to take seriously. Any damage due to lightning can be dangerous. It can lead to significant losses.

We need to install lightning arrestors. These should usually be part of both displays and buildings. We need to keep the main body and shell of the LED display well-grounded. The grounding resistance must be less than 5 ohms. We need this resistance to discharge a large amount of current caused by lightning.

Lightning can cause magnetism. Moreover, vital electricity is a significant hazard. In this part, we need to make it resistant to extreme damage.

LED Screen Installation

Please take a look at the site and plan according to it:

When you are installing the LED displays, you should take a look at the site. First, you should examine the area, especially for outdoor display screens. And then, plan the installation process according to your survey. It would be best if you had an idea of the installation process before starting.

Safety and accuracy should be on the top of your list during installation. It can be dangerous for the lives of people. And if the setup is incorrect, the LED display will not perform up to the mark. Thus, it would help if you did not hurry during the process. In contrast, there should be proper communication between the personnel.

Focus on the viewing angles:

If you are using displays for advertisement, every person should be able to read or view them. Then, it can give us the best advertising effect.

You should install the displays in such a way that every person can see clear, bright images. There can be different viewing angles required. For outdoor use, a wide viewing angle display screen can be significant.

Select the installation method:

Yes, you can install the LED display wherever you want. But it can give you the best results if you want it at a good site. So, for sound installation, we need to choose the right way of construction.

Some popular installation methods for LED displays are as follows:


This method is usually applied when we have to stand the LED on the ground.

LED Screen Installation

Wall mounted:

We use this when we have an option for mounting on a building. For example, we can mount the screens on the walls.

LED Screen Installation


For hanging the screen, this method is more appropriate. It is useful when you install the screen in heavy traffic places. To compensate for the space, we make it hanging.

LED Screen Installation

Pole mounted:

We usually find this method more workable when we do not want to interrupt the traffic. We avoid this by using poles when there is significant traffic and construction. We can mount the screen with a vertical bar. It can be single pole mounted or double, depending on the structure.

Truss supported:

We use the aluminum truss for mounting. It is more workable when installed in concerts.


In this solution, we mount the screen on a truck, trailer or taxi. It is generally for advertisement purposes.

LED Screen Installation

Ensure tight connection between LED cabinets:

There should be a tight connection between the LED cabinets. It is essential. You should pay full attention to it. This connection has a significant impact on the safety and flatness of the screen.

The method to ensure a tight connection between cabinets is:

  • First, make sure that the steel structure is very flat.
  • It would help if you started from the 1st bottom row. Next, make sure that it is flat. There is no gap between the cabinets.
  • Once you do this, you can install the other rows with an even appearance.

LED Screen Installation

Preventive measures:

In the end, I will share some preventive measures with you. Then, you can adopt these measures while installing the display screen.

  • LED displays are electronic devices. And just like other electronic devices, they are also very delicate. So it would help if you were careful while handling them. For example, be aware not to drop it on the floor during installation.
  • It would help if you also avoid any bumps. Be careful not to damage any corner of the screen. It happens very often.
  • It would help if you did not place the LED display upside down on the floor.
  • Don’t let the screen come in contact with water, hot or high-power devices.
  • It is better to touch the display screen with gloves while installing them.

Additional Remarks:

The visual quality of LED screen:

For a display screen, it is all about its visual experience. If it is good, the performance of the display screen is good. If it is not good enough, the display screen is of no use. The quality of the image has a significant effect on the message you want to show. The screen should display the colors accurately.

For example, if the skin tone appears faded, it can negatively impact. It is because the audience may not give proper attention to your message. Another critical factor to look at in this regard is the pixel pitch.

You should select the right pixel pitch for the proper viewing distance. For example, if the minimum viewing distance is 10 meters, the pixel pitch of 10 mm is enough. If the pixel pitch is less than needed, viewers in the back will not have good visuals. Similarly, if the pixel pitch is more, it can affect the visual quality. It can lower the visual experience. Thus, it is a must to consider these factors while installing an LED display.

The brightness of the LED screen:

Brightness plays an essential role in the image display of the LED screen. If it isn’t correct, the audience may not be able to view the content properly. For indoor screens, we generally need lower brightness. For outdoor screens, it requires higher brightness.

High brightness with high contrast can be a great way to capture the audience’s attention. But high brightness can also cause light pollution. So, first, you need to understand the purpose for which you are installing the screen. Then, select the brightness of the screen. It would help if you focused significantly on this matter.

LED Screen Installation

Follow-up inspection and maintenance:

We should make follow-up inspections and maintenance for smooth delivery. For the follow-up inspection, we have to look for many parts of the LED screen, which include:

  • Appearance
  • Heat dissipation
  • Power and signal cables
  • Rain shielding area above the display
  • Power supply and receiving card

Considering all these features, we can make a smooth installation. These are the essential parts an LED display requires for a pleasing display. So, these parts should always be in good condition. So, after deliverance, technical maintenance is of great importance.

For smooth and fine display, it is a must for LED display to be rust-free or dust-free. So we have to maintain it. From time to time, we can check for any damage. We need to repair any defects in time. Only by doing this can we ensure it is safe to use.

Advancement in LED technology:

Here, we will discuss the advancement made in LED technology. First, we should use a new type of LED. These LED screens should have a wide visual angle. We use SMD encapsulation technology nowadays.

It can prevent sunlight, dust, water, high temperature, and short circuit. There is a conformal coating on the PCB.

These matters will affect the future life of displays. So, it is necessary to take these matters seriously.


I have tried above to share some tips or factors with you. I hope these tips will help you greatly while installing an LED display. You have to look after certain things.

I am sure installation won’t be a complex process once you have taken care of these points. And if you haven’t bought an LED display yet, contact us. Dreamway Technology offers one of the best products in the market.

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