Differences Between Rental and Fixed LED Displays

Rental and Fixed LED Display Differences

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LED displays have become a vital part of our daily life. These are available in many varieties. Two of these are rental LED displays and fixed LED displays.

In this article, we will see these two LED screens. And discuss what’s the difference between them.

How does the rental LED display differ from the fixed LED display?

First of all, you can get a bit of an idea yourself from their names.

The fixed LED display is such a display that you cannot move to another place. But, you can install it in a fixed position. The Rental LED display is such a display that you can install, disassemble and transport at your own will.

Fixed and rental LED displays differ in various aspects. These include:

  • Different Installation Methods
  • Handling
  • Cabinet/ Panel Structure
  • Cabinet Cooling Fan
  • Different Product Models
  • Uses
  • Price

Let us discuss these differences in detail one by one.

Installation, Dismantling, and Transport:

This is a significant factor of differentiation. I will explain it in detail.

The rental screen is available for hiring or renting purposes. You have to install and dismantle such screens now and then. Let me explain it by quoting an example. In concerts, LED displays are a must. No doubt, the LED video wall adds grace to the show. However, there is no need for it after the concert is over. In this situation, rental LED displays are the best. You will install it for the event. Then when there is no need for it, you can deconstruct it. But there is a defect here as well. Its use demands particular size, structure, and more. Sometimes, it can be hard to meet these demands.

Rental and Fixed LED Display Differences

While the fixed LED displays have limitations, you cannot change their position. Such display screens are for permanent use. They have a selected location and set size. Due to this, it cannot meet the needs of customers.

After this, let’s discuss some more about their handling.

You can transport the rental displays anywhere. It is their characteristic feature that they are transportable. They have a solid built-in resistance to bumps and knocks. Their structure protects them from damage during transport. You cannot transport the fixed installation displays with much ease.

If I conclude this, I must say that rental displays are more convenient to install and transport. They have more humanized service. As a result, they have widespread applications. At the same time, the fixed installation screens are very limited in this aspect. They have set screen size and position. Thus, they are not that much helpful.

Different Cabinet/ Screen Frame:

Rental and fixed LED displays also differ in the cabinet or screen frame. The cabinet is the structure in which you install the display screen. The fixed display screens have simple or waterproof cabinets. These are bulky or huge. You cannot dismantle them easily. But rental displays have the die-cast aluminum cabinet.

These are thin and light in weight. And the stability is good. It is far easier to dismantle and pack such display screens.

Rental and Fixed LED Display Differences

Cabinet Cooling Fan:

An LED display has a cooling fan in the cabinet structure. This cooling fan lowers the temperature and humidity. It maintains it at an optimum level for the normal functioning of LED displays. It does so by dissipating heat.

We install the fixed display screens for long-term use. We cannot change its components regularly. Thus, there is a need for a cooling fan. Otherwise, the display screen may start malfunctioning. At the same time, the rental display screens do not need such a cooling system. Their display time is short. Its aluminum cabinet can absorb the heat produced. Moreover, we can change its components more quickly.

Different Product Models:

There are various models used in rental and fixed LED displays. For example, we have P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, P2, and P3 models in fixed indoor LED displays. On the other hand, outdoor types have long viewing distances. Thus, P10 is the most common model used for such fixed screens. Nonetheless, P4, P5, P6, and P8 are also available.

In the case of rental display screens, there are many product models. These are:

  • P2.5
  • P2.9
  • P3.9
  • P4.8
  • P5.9

Rental and Fixed LED Display Differences

Different Applications:

Let us discuss their difference based on their uses. Everybody cannot afford to buy a new fixed installation led for an event. Rental LED displays have solved this problem. Due to this property, we have a wide range of uses for such display screens.

For stage performances, we use rental LED displays. It is a must-have tool for perfect stage performance. The thing which makes the concerts appealing is the glowing LED screens. The audience finds it more appealing due to these brightening innovations. Thus, the need for LED rental displays continues to increase.

Besides its use in concerts, customers also use it in hotels. For example, corporate organizations are using them for business meetings in hotels.

Many recreational events demand LED displays. In such conditions, people can afford rental display screens only. Therefore, we found its application in weddings, sports events, races, etc.

We use rental display screens where there is a need to install and dismantle the display screen. As the world grows, the rental market LED displays booms with every passing second.

We use the fixed LED displays for various other purposes. We use such display screens for a more extended period. For example, for advertising purposes, we need fixed display screens. Restaurants, theatres, museums, airports, and many other places need fixed LED displays.

Rental and Fixed LED Display Differences

Price Difference:

A question arises in mind is there any difference in their price? Let me answer it. Yes, the rental and fixed LED displays have different prices. If the pixel pitch is the same, a rental LED display is more expensive than a fixed display. We calculate the cost of the display screen per square meter.

Apart from this, rental screens are available for renting purposes. Thus, clients can pay daily. In this way, people don’t need to buy the display screen for permanent. Therefore, it saves lots of money in simple words.

How rental LED displays expand the use of LED displays?

Rental LED displays have increased the demand for LED displays. The concept behind this is simple. People cannot afford to buy display screens. But, in everyday life, we need these screens. Rental display screens make it easy for us to enjoy these events. So, in this way, these displays have expanded the market of LED screens.

In 2020, the global outdoor LED displays market had a worth of 6398.30 million dollars. Experts have the view that it will reach 14522.40 million dollars by 2030. I would say that the rental displays will contribute much to this growth.

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