How to Save Your LED Display from the Fire?

Save LED Screen from Fire

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At present, the LED display industry is booming. These display screens are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. But, as we all know, fire problems are common in the case of every electronic appliance.
The LED displays have not remained immune from this. You cannot overlook this problem in display screens. I will tell you how to save LED displays from fire in this post.

How does it keep LED displays fire-free?

There is a common saying that prevention is better than cure. Several factors help us to prevent these fire hazards. You must take into consideration these things. These factors include:
  • Effectiveness of electric wire rod
  • Quality of the Power supply products
  • High fire resistance power of the display
  • Quality of the plastic components of the display
  • The firm adhesiveness of the glue on the display
  • The excellent cooling system of the LED screen
  • Correct installation
  • Quality of cable welding
  • Proper cable management
  • Regular maintenance and Aging test of the display screen
We will discuss these strategies one by one later on. But first, I want you to know the root causes of fire hazards in LED displays.
Save LED Screen from Fire

Leading causes of fire problems in LED displays:

In most cases, fire breaks out in display screens due to four things. These are wire rods, power cables, plastic kits, and the cooling system. Any malfunction in these things can cause a fire spark.
As the size of the display increases, its power consumption will also increase. More power consumption means more heat production. More heat production means more chances of a fire breaking out. Hence, there is a need for higher safety and stability of wire rods.
Other than this, the power cables should be of excellent quality. It is always sensible to buy quality power cables for any appliance. Plastic kits used in LED displays are inflammable. They can catch fire easily. Moreover, if the sealing of the screen is not good, rainwater can enter it. It can cause short circuits and fire accidents.
Where there is an electronic appliance, there is heat production. Thus, it should have an excellent cooling system. It avoids burning the LED video wall from the heat produced.
Now, you know the leading causes that can cause a fire. Let’s move forward. I will discuss the factors mentioned above in detail.
Save LED Screen from Fire

Effectiveness of the wire rod:

The power consumption of the LED display is proportional to its display area. Thus, if the display area is larger, the power consumption is more. Therefore, you will need wire rods of excellent quality.
These wire rods should meet national standards. The material used for the wire should be copper. Its cross-sectional area tolerance should be good. And the rubber covering has excellent insulation properties. Only then can we achieve the safety and stability of LED displays.

Quality of the Power cables:

You must have heard of the fire breaking out from the power cables. It is due to excessive heat production. Thus, I will recommend that you should use high-quality power cables. Such wires have greater power efficiency. As a result, they generate less heat. In my view, always use power cables with UL or CE certificates.
Save LED Screen from Fire

High free resistance of the LED display’s components:

First, let me explain the term flame retardants to you. Flame retardants are substances that can prevent the start of a fire. I will recommend you to use high flame retardancy products. It includes fire-proof aluminum-plastic plates. Such plates have high fire safety and fire resistance.
Save LED Screen from Fire

Quality of the plastic components of the LED display:

It is a fact that plastic is highly flammable. The LED panels have some plastic components. These include module casing, module mask, etc.
As we know, LED displays have to face high temperatures, especially outdoors. Thus, the chance of these plastic components catching fire is there. Hence, you should use high-quality plastic material. It can withstand high temperatures. And they also have waterproof property. During raining season, it makes the LED panel more secure.
Save LED Screen from Fire

Use of good sealing glue:

You must have heard of outdoor appliances catching fire during rain. It is because the rainwater enters the electronic devices. As a result, there are fire accidents and short circuits. Unfortunately, these incidents are common, especially in GOB LED displays. Such displays seal the module surface with epoxy glue.
If you do not correctly apply glue, it can result in fire accidents. Thus, it would be best if you always used good sealing glue. And don’t forget to check it regularly.

Cooling system:

Every electronic appliance produces heat while functioning. Thus, there is always some heat dissipation mechanism present. The LED displays have exhaust fans and air conditioners for this.
Sometimes, this cooling system is not working very well. This results in a rise in temperature inside the screen. And it can then erupt into fire. Thus, it would help if you always bought LED displays with a proper cooling system.
An LED display with a thermal balance design is perfect.
Save LED Screen from Fire

Correct installation:

Many people don’t consider this point. The installation method plays a role in preventing fire eruption. The display screen can catch fire if you install it inappropriately. Thus, professional personnel should install the display screens.
The display screens have structural frames for holding them. The material used for the structural frames matters a lot. Aluminum is an excellent material in this regard. It is non-flammable.
Save LED Screen from Fire

Aging test of the electronic devices:

This aging test of the LED display’s components is essential. It helps us find out the potential parts that can cause fire problems.
Moreover, every electronic instrument needs regular maintenance. There is no exception to this in the case of LED displays. These routine inspections can prevent fire hazards in the future.

Quality of the welding:

Often, there are many rosin joints in old display screens. These can cause unexpected fire accidents. It also happens when the welding procedure is insufficient. Thus, you must ensure that the quality of welding meets the standard. The cables should have pressure welding at joints.

Proper cable management:

No wise man will use the display screen while it has faulty connections of cables. These faulty connections can expose the screen to fire hazards. Besides, it can cause abnormal heat production. Thus, the display screen should have proper cable management.
Moreover, there should be the proper protection of cables. For example, they can have sheath over them. It protects the wires from damage. And it reduces the chance of fire accidents.
Save LED Screen from Fire

Bottom Line:

Fire problems are common in LED displays. Many studies are underway to prevent these problems. LED display manufacturers are trying hard to develop strategies. At the same time, there are many things customers should take care of. I have explained certain factors that help us prevent this.
I will end this by saying that it is crucial to consider these factors. Only you can keep your LED screen fire-free.
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