Top 10 Distinguished LED Screen Manufacturers in Europe

LED Screen Manufacturers in Europe

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LED screens are the greatest recent technology in the display industry. It is a booming industry and in high demand across many businesses. And if you ask us, this trend will only get high as the world progresses. This thing makes it difficult to remain outdated in this area. LED screens have become an essential prerequisite for any business, office, or home. It includes people from a vast range of fields and companies. So why settle for old advertising approaches when you can enjoy recent technology?

But there’s more! Getting a quality LED product that meets all your requirements is not easy. No doubt it is a challenge in itself. It is because of the large number of LED display manufacturers worldwide. For instance, we have written LED screen suppliers in the USA. In this article, we would discover top ten suppliers in Europe.

Top Suppliers in Europe

Many companies specialize in a variety of LED display screens. Thus, having extensive knowledge of the product is of paramount importance. Besides, you should always seek the quality and reliability of the manufacturer. So, let’s find out which manufacturer best meets your needs without wasting time. Here is a list of the top ten:

Darepro Ltd

It isn’t easy to compile a list of the top manufacturers without Darepro Ltd. It is one of Europe’s leading LED screen suppliers based in Finland. Known as the pioneer LED technology developer, this firm started working in 1993. It has made giant leaps in color quality, refresh rate, and image quality advancements. Their products are visible in sporting arenas, public places, and digital advertising. Darepro’s international projects have included:

  • World Cup in France in 1998 
  • World Cup in Germany in 2006 
  • Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 
  • KHL arenas (7) 
  • Many European value halls.

I would recommend Darepro’s products for any sporting events. They have made quite a big name in this. 


Expromo is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of professional LED solutions. Its headquarter is in Denmark. It distributes LED displays all over Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. What’s best for me is its exclusive Danish design and image quality. Behind each of their product lie high demands for quality and technical production.

Expromo offers a wide range of specialist LED displays. It takes pride in image quality, innovative functionality, and high energy efficiency. What separates it from others is its reliable operation and the product’s long life. Even better is that they pass each of their products through rigorous tests. In this way, these tests check the reliability of the product. No doubt, Expromo will sell you the solution that you need. 

Euro Display

Euro Display is one of the first and leading companies in Europe. It produces indoor and outdoor LED displays with an experience worth more than 40 years. It can also boost the quality certifications ISO9001 since 1996. I particularly like its hunger to experiment and innovate new technologies. With its plant in Italy, Euro display offers customized solutions to your problems. It produces and sells LED displays from the USA to Asia and Australia to Europe. For Carmine Aversa, Euro Display’s founder and owner, LED is not a profession only but a passion. 


MacroPix is your best bet if you’re looking for a prominent LED display provider. It manufactures, trades and rents LED display products. Available in various sizes and shapes with certified quality. It can deliver some of the most fantastic equipment to your door without you having to do any searching. I will recommend you to at least visit their store once. You will see video walls, message signs, electric billboards, monitors, and LED displays for stage.

Dynamo LED Displays

Award-winning UK-based Dynamo LED Displays has marked its footprints on a global scale. It has emerged as a prime manufacturer of LED screen products. This firm is more extensive than high-end LED Displays. What’s best is that it provides data analytics services and associated signage. It understands your requirements and business and produces the ideal product. In 15 years, Dynamo LED Displays has expanded its services in every imaginable way. Dynamo has everything in its store:

Once you reach them, I guarantee that you will not get disappointed with their services. There is no excuse not to look at Dynamo LED Displays with this excitement.


AVA’s LED is one of the most trusted LED display providers, covering vast applications. They can deliver the quality services that distinguish them. With over 44 years of experience in this field, you can expect the best display product from this firm. There are no limitations when you are looking for media LED solutions. I don’t think you need to look anywhere else for anything with all this.    


The primary use of LED displays is to promote products and services. Every display supplier doesn’t offer LED video panels for marketing purposes. To complete this list, we need to include a respected display manufacturer.

When it comes to LED displays for marketing, Viavisual is one of the top solutions available. Their skill in converting clients’ messages into a full-screen display attracts the onlookers. These LED displays fit in various marketing areas. It also provides maintenance support with repair facilities.

Rotapanel International

LED displays are in high demand in marketing and interior installation. LED traffic and board sign displays are in widespread use. Rotapanel International specializes in developing and producing:

• Prism traffic signs

• Traffic safety displays.

Rotapanel is a well-known name globally for VMS signs used in traffic applications. Over 10,000 Rotapanel LED screens are already in service around the world. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, LED display signs, you can’t go wrong with it.


What else can we say about this? It’s a no-brainer for event planners looking for trustworthy LED display solutions. With cutting-edge LED displays for the event industry, you won’t have to seek a replacement. Nowadays, there are no limitations in the display industry. So let the Eventgear fulfill your demands to the best of its options. I will recommend you to go ahead and check out their series!

Optoma Europe

It is a multinational company with continental headquarters in Europe, USA, and Asia. It specializes in the marketing and sales of display solutions and services. What’s best is its ability to prove the quality products to all kinds of clients and meet all their demands. This supply organization has clients from all over the world. Optoma has award-winning LED displays and premium interactive screens in its array.

This firm places customer needs and user experience at the center of everything. Optoma’s LEDs and flat panel display products use superior image processing technologies. With this, they deliver stunning crystal transparent colors and images with ultimate reliability. As a result, you can rely on Optoma to meet your needs with various products and services. 

Bottom Line

With the above list of top manufacturers, it won’t be difficult for you to choose one. You can select the best supplier according to your demands and requirements. If you would ask me, reliability and quality of the product are the only criteria. Go ahead and try your luck!

Sunny Wong
Sunny Wong

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I entered the LED screen industry in 2008 and have always been in this field.

The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to LED screens from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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