10 Most Renowned LED Screen Manufacturers in China

LED Screen Manufacturers in China

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An LED screen purchase is more complicated than it first seems. Except for assessing the products’ qualities, you must also examine the manufacturers’ efficiency. Besides, you should know about the products’ post-purchase services.

LEDs may be of excellent quality, but the makers may not be able to provide adequate customer service. Thus, choosing the manufacturers is critical. It includes product quality, shipping prices, and import charges. As a result, it’s essential to put in the time to research and assess the top LED screen manufacturers in China.

How to check the quality of the manufacturer?

Buyers hunt for the most significant and most reliable manufacturers to buy the best LED. On-site advertising using the LED video wall has grown in popularity. LED producers are under pressure to provide the finest products available. Is it possible to verify the reliability and quality of the LED display manufacturer? You should be aware of the following things:


The authenticity of a product gives you an idea about its quality. So it is critical to determine if the LED manufacturer is reputable. Those that produce P10 LEDs are the most reliable and trustworthy. And consumers can rely on them to provide them with anything they need. Besides consumer feedback, a company’s reputation also plays a role in decision-making. These aspects are critical in determining whether a manufacturer is genuine.


The next step is to figure out how much money you need to invest. Due to the specific budget, it’s essential to determine how far you can go with an LED display. The price of LED display screens will vary depending on:

  1. Manufacturing process
  2. Quality of the material
  3. Other variables

Extensive knowledge in the field

It is a common saying that Knowledge is Power. Having extensive knowledge is essential in buying any good quality product. Buyers may be confident in the LEDs they will get since they know the sellers’ previous work quality.

Top Manufacturers in China

China has a great deal of promise as an LED market. But which China LED display manufacturers are producing the most distinguished products? Following is the list of the top 10 in this field.


Absen has been China’s top LED display exporter for 11 consecutive years. With more than 30,000 implemented application samples, it has forged its name very high on the list. It has over 30,000 service centers in over 120 countries and regions. Their goods are available in over 120 countries and territories. It is possible to use their LEDs as:

  1. Advertising LED billboards
  2. Sports stadiums
  3. TV stations
  4. Retail malls
  5. Corporate centers
Industry LED display
Year of Foundation 2001
Products Commercial display, digital out-of-home (DOOH), rental & staging, and data visualization
Website www.absen.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China


Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co. is considered a significant player in the LED manufacturing industry in China. It offers solutions for sales, post-sale, and after sales service. Together, they see a better future for these companies. Clients can count on this for high-quality LED displays and dependable viewing solutions. The firm takes pride in producing high-quality, HD LED screens and lighting. They have their support and sales network in over 100 countries via over 700 outlets and 16 offices.

Industry LED display
Year of Foundation 2004
Products Sports LED display screen, rental, professional and commercial, and digital out-of-home (DOOH)
Website name www.unilumin.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China

ROE Visual

ROE Visual is a company that stands by its word and strives to make clients’ dreams come true. The company creates the most significant and distinctive displays. ROE Visuals has manufactured LEDs suited for:

  1. HD transmission
  2. Control rooms
  3. Architectural projects
  4. Athletic events
  5. Touring and Rental market.
Industry LED display
Year of Foundation 2006
Products Commercial display, rental & staging, and data visualization
Website name www.roevisual.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China


This Chinese high-tech company looks for new ways to innovate its existing products. The firm prides itself on its wide variety of product applications. It includes business meetings and branding, transportation, command and control, and creative applications. With TUV, ROHS, CE, FCC, and ETL certifications, its goods have reached more than 85 countries. Thanks to high-grade components and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, its products are excellent.

Industry LED display
Year of Foundation 2009
Products Commercial display, rental & staging, and data visualization
Website name www.infiled.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China


LED lights, LED displays, and LED firm now manufactures traffic signs. Yaham, based in Shenzhen, designs high-quality LEDs for clients across the globe. The firm tries to ensure the effectiveness and dependability of LED visual systems. Since its start, Yaham has led as a pioneer in LED display technology, servicing over 112 nations. It is the only company to provide display systems tailored for each customer. The firm is still experimenting to improve viewing experiences for the time being.

Industry LED display, LED transportation, LED lighting
Year of Foundation 2002
Products LED lighting, LED small pitch, LED traffic
Website name www.yaham.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China


LedMan Optoelectronics Co. has been a Shenzhen-based LED display factory since 2004. In the 8K UHD market, the firm focuses on creating a complete line of goods. When it comes to LedMan’s 8K micro-LED UHD display goods, the COB LED technology sets them apart. Besides, LedMan has a significant partnership in China’s aerospace sector.

Now, LedMan functions as:

  1. Main UHD display screen
  2. Sports operator
  3. Global LED industrial chain partner
  4. High-tech benchmarking firm in China
Industry High tech LED products
Year of Foundation 2004
Products Ledman COB LED display, fixed installation LED display, LED screen parts, rental LED screen
Website name www.ledman.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China

Leyard Group

Leyard Group is a commercial LCD LED supplier. Product innovation, technical research, and creative thinking have contributed to its growth. As a result, Leyard Group has become a national leader in technological innovation. China’s Electronic Information Enterprises rank this group very high.

Industry Global audio-visual technology products
Year of Foundation 1995
Products LED digital signage, LED panel TV, LED lighting products, outdoor and indoor LED screens
Website name en.leyard.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China


This Chinese LED display manufacturer also offers display system solutions. It is a state-level firm with a 97.8 million US dollar registered capital. It focuses on product research, manufacture, sales, and post-sales support.

It is famous in building the 3D LED screen in Chengdu, China.

Industry LED display
Year of Foundation 2003
Products Commercial display, rental LED display, data visualization, and digital out-of-home (DOOH)
Website name www.liantronics.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China


Banking electronics, sports operations, and the most exemplary LED display are vital areas. Since its foundation, the firm has developed as one of its top LED display producers. Also, it takes great pride in providing various LED display solutions.

Industry LED display products, financial technology application
Year of Foundation 1993
Products Financial technology, LED application, Intelligent lighting
Website name www.aoto.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China


This firm is one of the pioneering LED display manufacturing enterprises in China. It has always concentrated its efforts on the LED display sector. As a result, it has become a leading LED application solution supplier worldwide.

Industry LED display
Year of Foundation 1992
Products Wall integrated LED display terminal and outdoor LED displays
Website name www.aqs-tech.com

LED Screen Manufacturers in China

Bottom Line

This list of the best-LED screen manufacturers in China should be simple for you to decide. But the selection criteria do not have any hard-and-fast guidelines. And people can choose the LED display brand who best meets their needs.

If you want to know more about this topic, we have compiled many LED screen suppliers in different countries. Here is an example of the USA’s top 10 LED screen providers.

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