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LED Screen Sphere

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With the innovations in LED solutions, many displays have come into existence. So, there is an increased market demand for display screens. Due to such popularity, the market is introducing creative LED display solutions. Now we have many unique designs, including sphere LED screens. In this post, we will talk about different aspects of LED sphere screens. 

What is an sphere LED display? 

Sphere LED display is a new design and creative display. It is spherical with a viewing angle of 360 degrees. Thus, it can play videos to viewers in all directions. Besides, it has some other names, which include:

  • LED ball display
  • Globe LED display
  • LED video ball

It is quite different from traditional displays. The difference from conventional displays lies in structure and electricity design.

We build a sphere LED display with different LED modules. And these modules are of different shapes and sizes. 

It is quite different from standard modular design. Moreover, it has an unmatched visual range. Due to its visibility in all directions, it is distinct among various displays. Furthermore, there is no image distortion in the LED spherical display. Thus, it is capable of gaining people’s attention promptly. 

Its most common use is in shopping malls. But, it proves to be an excellent choice for events to make them memorable and unique. Places like museums, casinos, game halls, and airports focus on such displays.

LED Screen Sphere

Features of sphere LED display:

We already have a brief introduction to the LED spherical display screen. Next, I want you to know about its outstanding features for a detailed description. The following are the features that make that display unique:

  • Extensive visual range
  • Seamless splicing
  • Non-distorted image
  • Creative shape
  • Customizable
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Multiple installation methods
  • User-friendly
  • Numerous applications
  • Various pixel pitch types

Extensive visual range:

It is the first and utmost feature of a sphere LED display. It offers 360-degree viewing effects. This feature makes it more attractive and eye-catching. Due to this, the visual range increases. 

Seamless splicing:

It adopts a trapezoid circuit design. Trapezoidal circuit design allows seamless splicing. Due to this, LED display modules have a high level of flatness. To ensure seamless splicing, we also use other shapes of modules, which include:

  • Triangle-shaped PCB
  • Round-shaped PCB

This feature ensures high refresh rates and color uniformity. Thus making the spherical LED screen an attractive product. 

Non-distorted image:

The quality of the image does not compromise in the case of a sphere LED display. And this feature makes it more valuable and increases its demand in the market.

LED Screen Sphere

Creative shape:

It offers you a uniquely shaped display. Unlike traditional LEDs, its creative shape makes it more demanding and attractive. Other LEDs have some blind spots. Spherical LEDs display images with no distortion. Its unique shape is the main feature that makes it popular among other LED displays. 


It has a fundamentally flexible design. We can customize it according to your will. The following parts are customizable:

  • Pixel pitches
  • Power supply
  • Heat dissipation
  • Sphere diameter
  • Sizes

This feature makes it a good option for customers. You can customize it as you want. Its tailored service will make it an excellent choice for your event. 

There are some standard sizes for outdoor and indoor sphere LED displays. For instance, 0.6~3 meters in diameter are popular sizes among clients. And you can quickly get what you want with our common types.

Effortless maintenance:

For any LED display, maintenance is a significant concern. In the case of a sphere display screen, maintenance is also accessible. It offers front access generally. And you can make little effort to clean it. As a result, maintenance is relatively more straightforward.

Multiple installation methods:

In this aspect, it is the same as traditional LED screens. It offers flexible installations. Below are some typical installation methods:

  • Floor standing
  • Ceiling suspension

You can adopt a suitable installation method for your event. It is flexible. Installing LED sphere displays can make your event more alluring.


It has user-friendly software, so it is easy to control. Besides, it has both modes that are synchronous and asynchronous

  • Synchronous mode with a live feed to live broadcast.
  • Asynchronous that includes Wi-fi and USB control. Plug and play the solution via a USB disk. Auto-play without a PC. 

So it is relatively easy to control. Moreover, HDMI is available for controllers and video processors. It can work 24/7.

Numerous applications:

This feature makes it more valuable. It has a range of applications. It is perfect for different events. Mostly we found its applications in the following setups:

  • Shopping malls
  • Museum
  • Front desk
  • Company decoration
  • Club
  • Stage lighting effect

Various pixel pitch types:

It is available for different pixel pitches. For example, indoor LED sphere screens can have 2mm to 5mm pixel pitches. And outdoor projects have types from 6mm to 10mm.

LED Screen Sphere

Common types and sizes of sphere LED displays: 

Various types of sphere screens are available, primarily based on their shapes. In this section, I will talk about these common types and their sizes. 

Watermelon ball screen: 

We can say it is the earliest circular LED display in the market. In this screen, we arrange the printed circuit boards PCBs in a watermelon shape. As a result, this ball screen has a direct-viewing structure. And this type of sphere display does not need many kinds of PCBs. 

This watermelon-shaped screen offers excellent creativity and flexibility to display different contents. Many luxurious hotels, malls, and events use this type of display to attract people. For example, you can efficiently show the globe map on this screen in 3D dimensions. But you can only show it in 2D effects on an average rectangular screen. 

But, this watermelon ball screen also has a displaying disadvantage. Its north and south pole cannot show images properly. It means it is difficult to view the top and bottom areas of the screen. As a result, it can lead to severe distortion or less utilization. This problem happens because pixels show in circles at the north and south poles of the screen. 

LED Screen Sphere

Triangle ball screen: 

This type of sphere screen uses plane triangle printed circuit boards PCBs. And there are various kinds of PCBs needed for this ball screen. Due to its display and shape, we also call it a football screen. The north and south poles can display the content normally on this screen. Thus, it eliminates the issue that the watermelon ball screen has. 

But the triangle ball screen has the following shortcomings: 

  • There are many kinds of PCBs needed for this ball screen. 
  • The pixel pitch of this screen cannot be too small. 
  • It also needs complex software programming. 

LED Screen Sphere

Six sides ball screen: 

This type of sphere screen consists of quadrangle printed circuit boards PCBs. It requires fewer kinds of PCBs than the triangle ball screen. Besides, it is also quite similar to a plane screen in pixel configuration. This ball screen is easy to install and disassemble. 

You can use one video source to play one type of content. Or you can use six video sources and play six different types of content. In short, this ball screen is better than the above ones. 

Let me explain the shape of this ball screen with an example. For instance, we have a 1.5m diameter LED sphere. First, we split this sphere into six planes of the same size. And then, we split each plane into four panels with the same dimension. As a result, we have 24 panels in this 1.5m diameter LED sphere. In the end, we assemble these panels into a six-sided ball screen. 

LED Screen Sphere

Trapezoid LED display: 

This type of sphere screen has a trapezoidal LED display module. It has clear and continuous visuals through the seamless connection of modules. It has indoor and outdoor types:

Indoor LED sphere screen: 

The sphere screen can play content with a 360-degree viewing angle. It is a type of creative LED display. The indoor sphere screen includes the following types: 

  • P2
  • P2.5
  • P3
  • P4
  • P5 

Outdoor LED sphere screen: 

This type of sphere screen works on the same principle as an indoor sphere screen. But it has some extra protective features installed due to its outdoor use. It is waterproof, dustproof, and immune to weather changes. The outdoor sphere screen consists of the following types: 

  • P6
  • P8
  • P10

LED Screen Sphere

Transparent LED sphere: 

This type of sphere screen has the following features: 

  • Highly transparent
  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • Suitable for hanging installation due to lightweight
  • Diameter: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, and so on

LED Screen Sphere

Things to know when buying the sphere LED display: 

Knowing a product is of paramount importance when buying it. In this section, I will give you a few tips when purchasing an sphere LED display. 

  • First, you decide what size and shape of sphere screen you need. Sphere screens are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, you can have a hemisphere or entire sphere screen. 
  • Typically, there are two scenarios for using an LED screen. You can use it indoors (under a roof) or outdoors (in an open environment). It would help if you decided whether you need an indoor or outdoor sphere screen.
  • Then you decide on the installation method. How do you want to install your screen? It helps when you are selecting the type of LED sphere screen. 
  • Viewing distance is essential to consider while buying any LED screen. Besides, it helps to determine the pixel pitch and resolution needed for the screen. 
  • You can consider the module’s design, especially for the steel structure. It decides the flatness of the screen and the fixation of the modules. If you choose an additional module design, you have to pay more. It will be cost-effective if you select from one of the existing modules. 

Standard installation methods for LED sphere screens: 

Hanging installation: 

You can hang your sphere screen from the ceiling with a chain. There is a pothook in it that facilitates this installation. Moreover, the inner frame also supports hanging installation. 

Base mounting: 

You can mount your sphere screen on a pole from the bottom. The bar supports the inner structure of the screen. 

LED Screen Sphere

Applications of sphere LED display:

Sphere LED display, due to its unique design, is trendy. It gains much vogue, so have a range of applications. You can install it at many events to make your event meaningful. So here are some applications which we commonly administer:

  • Museum
  • Science and technology museum
  • Exhibition hall
  • Outdoor spherical video advertising
  • Clubs and stage lighting 


Installation of spherical LED displays in museum halls is standard nowadays. It gives people a visually stunning impact. You can play the development history of the museum on it. You are providing your place with an extraordinary look via it. You can also play other videos based on a series of cultures. In short, you can add extra charm to your museum by installing such LED screens. 

Science and technology museum:

You can install it at the entrance of the science and technology museum. You can play specific content related to science. Content could be various celestial bodies and physical phenomena. Science museums can get many benefits via spherical LED displays. Visitors are like traveling when watching mysterious, vast spaces. It is because you are making the pictures spiffy. 

Exhibition hall:

It combines various technologies to make it more alluring. Its 360-degree viewing angle at exhibition halls makes it more tempting. People will captivate by witnessing such a seamless multi-dimensional display. It uses high-tech to display the dynamic of the exhibition hall.

Outdoor spherical video advertising:

Advertisement has always been the main application of every type of LED screen. So, in this case, advertisement is at the next level. Its unique design can attract more people. So promoting your brand is more accessible. Its use is widespread in star-rated hotels. Moreover, you may find its applications in the following areas:

  • Large open spaces
  • Railway stations
  • Shopping malls
  • Ports

It brings more potential customers. Thus, promoting your brand via this source is the best option. 

LED Screen Sphere

Clubs and stage lighting effects:

You can install spherical LED displays in clubs and stages. Installation of such LEDs will ultimately make your event superlative. So people prefer to make it their choice on different occasions. 


Sphere LED display is the way forward for creative displays. Moreover, such screens give us a whole set of new applications. Thus, we can achieve a new level of creativity with these screens.

I have covered most aspects of LED sphere screens in this article. What are their features, applications, and installation methods?

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