LED Screen for Exhibitions and Trade Shows: A Full Guide

LED Screen for Exhibition

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Exhibitions or trade shows are a great way to showcase your products or business. But the success of your exhibition largely depends on how well you can allure your audience. LED screens have become an essential tool for many exhibitions and trade shows. They provide an attractive, engaging, and effective way to communicate with visitors. This post will discuss all the aspects of LED screens used for exhibitions and trade shows.

What is an exhibition LED display?

Exhibition LED displays are digital booth displays used by different companies. Besides, these companies use trade displays to exhibit their newest products. Let us have a brief discussion about what types of these displays are.

It would help if you had something different to boost your business when you compete. These types of displays play a significant role in increasing your sales. Getting people’s attention is the primary concern in any trade show. You can quickly achieve this goal via LED display booths.

You can play informative videos to get the attention of the audience. In this way, you can easily communicate with your target customers.

Your creativity can increase your demand in the market. All you need is to deliver your ideas to your customers with a creative vision via LED display. These video walls will engage the audience and bring them visual impact. People are going to remember you and your products if you perform effectively.

Your performance at a trade show depends on how many customers you engage. Even in a crowded place, bright screens can showcase your products. Besides, you can incorporate creative solutions to make people remember your brand.

LED Screen for Exhibition

Advantages of exhibition stand LED display:

With the wide range of usage trade, LED screens offer a variety of advantages.

  • Brand image
  • Maximum engagement
  • Endless layout options
  • Interactive features
  • Innovative design

Brand image:

Modern business plans to become a brand are of significant interest. If you have established a brand, it is of utmost concern to make it appreciative. To maintain its value, you need to go with the modern world. All you need is to choose things that appeal to current customers.

Nothing could be more appealing to someone than technology. Everything with innovative technology can gain the interest of people. It is the Era of screens. You can witness its usage from small mobile screens to large video walls. Therefore, it is the best idea to incorporate technology into your exhibition stand. It would automatically increase the value of your exhibition stand. As a result, your brand will change automatically in demand.

Audiovisual stands are fantastic for brand image. Using LED screen exhibition stand will give value to your brand. It shows you are a business that embraces the most modern form of technology and media. It not only provides value but also makes it unique. Uniqueness will make it more memorable than other setups of the competitors.

LED Screen for Exhibition

Maximum engagement:

People have different goals to achieve from trade shows. Achieving goals depends upon the number of customers you can attract. These audio-video displays offer maximum engagement. These bright displays are appealing enough to attract potential customers. Colorful displays give the best opportunity to promote your brands.

Endless layout options:

For a trade show, your primary concern is the layout. Neglecting the importance of a practical design would be a huge mistake. The plan will get the first impression when a customer passes by. You can gain the customers’ confidence by creating a good layout.

So here is the best advantage of exhibition LED displays: endless layout options. You can use a vast array of components to craft perfect audiovisual layouts. It will look fantastic and be accessible to all visitors. LED video wall tiles are available in the following forms:

  • Flat
  • Edged
  • Curved
  • Corner and floor variations

Such different options allow you to design an incredible layout.

Interactive features:

These LED displays are efficient enough to gain the interest of the customers. Suppose you have attracted a passerby, then it is a great job. But it would help if you had put much more effort. All you can gain is through LED displays. They not only attract customers but also maintain their interest.

Suppose you can keep the interest of the passerby. In that case, there is no hurdle in achieving your utmost goals. LED displays help you in this regard. You can maintain the interest of passersby through interactive features.

Your chances of success will ultimately increase via using such setups. Audiovisual stands allow you to create the perfect environment. Such an atmosphere suits the need of the customers. You will be successful if you have many satisfied customers.

Innovative design:

Another significant advantage of using an LED screen is its innovative design. Technology has become an essential part of every industry in this digital age. In every field, you need technology to make it worthwhile. As a result, every industry has a strong basis of technology that makes them successful.

If you have technology as a part of your business, there will be more possibility of success. And I must say you need technology in the form of LED for your business.

It would be best to have something unique and creative for your business. You can get this from audiovisual displays. They offer innovative and unique features. Also, it is available in different formats, like curved and flat.

You can create different setups. Moreover, with time there is innovation in the designs of screens. Thus, you can create unconventional exhibition stand layouts of your choice.

LED Screen for Exhibition

Why should you use video marketing in your exhibitions and trade shows?

Here is the list of reasons which will force you to use them:

  • Motion attention effect
  • Distinguishing yourself from others
  • Supporting sales
  • Stay time will prolong.
  • Make visitors stick around.
  • Lowering threshold

The motion attention effect:

It would be more engaging than static billboards. The human brain reacts to movement. Movements are of different types. It could be any change or even danger. It is the reason we are more perspective of movement than static content. So using videos on your displays will make people more attentive. It would ultimately promote your brand.

Distinguishing yourself from others:

It would make them more noticeable, as LED video walls can elevate your stands. In addition, it would be distinguishable from other exhibition stands. Your ultimate goal is to attract customers to your trade show or exhibition. You can easily accomplish it if you use video marketing.

Supporting sales:

Video content can help and support your sales. At the same time, the conversation would help in promoting your product. For example, while swiping on touch screens salesperson can show product information. Other important points like:

  • Applications of the products
  • Case studies
  • Reviews of customers

You can easily display such information by using video content. Thus, it will promote your worth in the market.

Stay time will prolong:

Visitors will stay at your stand long if you use video content. You prolong the stay time by offering video content instead of static pictures. The longer they remain at your booth, the more opportunities to build relationships. In the market, you can become successful if you have strong relationships. Satisfaction of customers is the priority. Such satisfactions are possible if you have enough time to explain your product.

Make visitors stick around:

Using video content make visitors stick around. If you use good content, it will be appealing to the customers. It would have a long-lasting impact on the mind of customers. Your brand will go to last in their memories.

Video content to lower the threshold:

Every stand needs one or more threshold lowers. These are the elements that convince the doubting customers. To gain customers’ confidence we need some ingredients. So here is the video content, which works as a threshold-lowering agent. People stand to watch content, and you have a chance to minimize their doubts.

LED Screen for Exhibition

LED screen types in exhibition stand:

This section will see what displays we can use in exhibitions or trade shows. The trade shows offer a host of business opportunities. You can grab these opportunities with the right type of display.

Large format LED video walls:

Large-size video walls have become a staple of every trade show or exhibition. Almost every brand uses these walls at every available place in the trade show. These walls display informative and visually appealing videos of the products.

Brands run their ads on these walls continuously. They offer high resolution, vibrant colors, and a chance to run product videos. We can use these LED video walls as a large-size stage background. You can also hang them from ceilings or mount them on walls.

LED floor display:

It is a personalized LED display explicitly designed for the floor. Such displays will give your trade show booth a digital and modern look.

LED screen standee:

You would often have seen flex standees showing information or slogans. These screen standees are digital forms of flex standees. Brands prefer screen standees when there is insufficient booth space. Though they occupy less space, they produce the same results.

Take a walk in a trade show. You will see advertising standees installed near the booths. These LED screen standees are lightweight, portable, and easy to install anywhere. Furthermore, a variety of screen standees is available for you to select.

LED Screen for Exhibition

Trade booth banners:

Sometimes you may need more budget but still, want your trade show to attract people. In such conditions, you can go for trade booth banners. LED banners are simple to display solutions and use in a trade show. They will make your booth stand visible to potential customers. They can do so by delivering vibrant and lively messages.

Creative trade show displays:

Big companies often opt for customized LED booth displays. If your budget can allow it, I recommend you go for a personalized screen. It will enable you to display your content according to your will. A standard rectangular shape display may stand unnoticed in a sea of screens. But a customized large and irregular shape display will catch the eyes.

Isn’t the display screens a necessity for any trade shows? Continue reading, and you will learn the tips to create great content for these displays.

LED Screen for Exhibition

Tips for creating content for trade show LED screen:

LED displays will not simply work themselves to improve your trade show booths. You will have to create engaging and captivating content to attract people. Display screens are undoubtedly essential, but good content is also necessary. Sine qua non means a necessary thing. With unique content, you can achieve your goal. But how can you create such content which will be striking?

In this section, I will give tips on how to create good content.

Live presentations:

Most companies or brands have good speakers at their trade shows or exhibitions. This speaker gives voice to your products. If you have such a speaker with you, make sure his presentation is on an LED screen. People pay more attention to the voices of human beings than any robotic voice.

Product videos:

Good content must include the product or service videos that you offer. But you should make sure these product videos are brief. They should briefly show and explain the product details. But if you go into too many details, it can become toxic. Too much scientific detail will sound boring to people. Moreover, if you present all the points in the video, the customer will leave and not come to your booth.


A bit of entertainment is just like a necessary evil in every type of content. Funny, emotional, or entertaining content will make your customer smile. And that is all you should aim to achieve.

Case studies and testimonials:

Case studies or testimonials are a great way of building trust with customers. In this way, you can impose your brand’s authority over others. Thus, I recommend including case studies and testimonials in your content.

Videos about the company:

Your content can also include information about your company or brand. For example, it can briefly introduce your brand, how it started, and what it has achieved. What companies have you worked with, and what projects have you completed?

Do’s and Don’ts while creating content:

Short and precise:

Your content should be precise because no one has time to stand and view lengthy videos. Thus, the information should be in bullet form. Product descriptions should be short and can include images in place of videos.

Clear message:

The content should have a clear and to-the-point message about your brand. It would help to consider what your potential customer should know about your products or brand. And then create content that precisely displays this information.


Only a few people can hear all the scientific details of the products. Thus, your content should be in a storytelling format. When you tell a story, it increases curiosity in the brain. A similar situation is with telling information about products. People will want to hear more when you suggest your products in a story form.


It would help if you threw incentives in your trade show display content. It will lower the threshold of attracting people. For example, you can tell about discounts, special deals, or other incentives.


You should ensure that your content has a proper structure and a story. Without an outline, things will get mixed. For example, in the beginning, you can tell about people’s problems. Then, in the middle of the content video, you can say the solution to the problem you offer. Ultimately, you can tell how your solution is better than others.


In my view, subtitles are a must for such content. People of different nationalities may be coming to your trade show or exhibition. The language of your content may not be the mother tongue of many of these people. Thus, some may need help understanding what you say in the video. Subtitles are a perfect solution to this problem.

LED Screen for Exhibition


Exhibitions and trade shows are a way of expanding your business. They are perfect for advertising the company and telling the world what you offer. If your exhibitions go well, it may raise your brand from local to international. And a perfect way to showcase your products is through LED screens.

The display screens are a must now for trade shows and exhibitions. If you want to get LED display solutions for your exhibition stand, visit Dreamway Technology.

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